How to Build a Wakeboard Boat

How to Build a Wakeboard Boat

Wakeboarding boats are quite different compared to other kinds of boats. It has a wakeboard tower used to pull the surfer 2 meters away from the water surface. This boat has water inside that helps to create big wakes behind the boat. A Wakeboard boat comes with special tools that help to produce a bigger wake. But how do you build a wakeboard boat?

Opting for a wakeboard boat to ride will help you make the right kind of wakes and let you perform aerial tricks while you are jumping from side to side. Most of this kind of boat has a rudder to help navigate the rear part of the boat, making it easier to quickly turn the boat.

The high-quality structure of a wakeboard boat has a VDrive or the one with an engine place in the rear part of the boat. VDrive is mentioned as an inboard boat, yet other wakeboard boats have an engine in the boat’s middle part. Inboard engine boat such as wakeboard boat is commonly less expensive and recreational to use in different outdoor activities. Having a wakeboard boat will quickly get a larger wake that helps you cut through the turbulent water effortlessly.

What You’ll Need

For WakeBoard Boat

Here are the materials you’ll need to build a wakeboard boat:

  • Plywood
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Wood Flour
  • Cable Ties
  • Paint Brushes (to apply epoxy)

For Spinning Motor

Here are the things you’ll need to build the spinning motor:

  • Steering wheel
  • 1x steering wheel mount to hold the pole that connects to the wheel
  • Pillow block bearing
  • 12 mm Pole
  • Shaft collar and shaft support
  • PVC Pipe

Step-By-Step Guide In Building A Wakeboard Boat

Here are a few steps in making your wakeboard boat:

1. Lay Out a Hull Shape

The first thing you need to do is to lay out a hull shape using a CAD or computer-aided design. To make it more stable and easily push a slight amount of water, design your boat into an impartially flat bottom. This will cause a good design for your wakeboard boat and makes it faster to move. CAD drawings are ideal to use as they can show the real hull figure and the amount of water oust to use. This will also let you determine the boat’s weight and the amount it can hold to drift.

2. Print Design

Print your design from the CAD file into its actual size to use for tracing the plywood. Attach the printouts into the plywood and trace them into shape using a jigsaw. Cut the few pieces into two sheets at once as you can use them later on each side of the wakeboard boat.

3. Stitch all the cutouts using a drill

Make a small hole on edge and held them together using cable ties for now, as you can bend the plywood into shape easily once you start to work with the boat gradually.

4. Connect All Cable Ties

Using an epoxy resin combined with wood flour, fill the stitch connecting all the cable ties. Once the epoxy is dried out, removed the cable ties one by one. Using more epoxy combined with wood flour, fill all the rest of the wood where the cable ties are laid.

5. Varnish

Placed a strip of fiberglass cloth into the cable tie holes and varnish the fiberglass using solid epoxy.

6. Use Electric Spinning Motor

Use an electric spinning motor to power the wakeboard boat. As it is a do-it-yourself wakeboard boat, using an electric spinning motor is ideal as it can easily fit inboard.

7. Scrape

Scrape the inner part of the boat using a loop scraper. Make a spot where you can place the electric spinning motor down the boat. Make sure that the battery box can fit into the motor shaft frame.

8. Mark

Make a mark in the center of the hull and place a weighted object for you to know the right-center to place the hole for the spinning motor.

9. Make A Divider

Make a divider for the compartment of the battery and motor. To make it like a real wakeboard boat, cover the compartment using a seat cushion for added comfort while riding into it. You can fill the under-seat with foam to just absorb it once the water gets into the boat.

10. Work On The Other Side

The next step is to work with the other side of the boat. Smooth the edges of the boat using a block plane. Use more amount of epoxy to fill any holes outside the boat.

11. Add Epoxy Resin

Scrape the bottom of the boat to make it smoother before you place a large sheet of fiberglass. Add more amount of epoxy resin through the entire hull. As it begins to set, make a small batch of epoxy and spread it out. This will penetrate the glass, making the boat more durable. Continue to apply more epoxy batches and scrape it until it hardened.

For Spinning Motor

1. Create A PVC Boat Base

Using a PVC pipe with a length longer than the spinning motor’s outer measurement, put the PVC pipe in the base part of the boat. Secure the pipe to avoid the water from entering outside the boat.

2. Expand

Place the spinning motor through the PVC pipe, making it expand more inches beyond the PVC.

3. Ad More Length

The cables will fasten to the swingarm. Make sure not to hit the bow. The steering wheel’s amount required to be welded and add some more length to cut it off.

4. Scrape

Fill the deck piece with epoxy. Once it is hardened, make another scraping method to make it smoother.

5. Fiberglass

Fiberglass the top part of the boat and allow it to cure for about 3 to 5 days before test it out with water.


You’ve learned how to build a wakeboard boat. Making your wakeboard boat is quite tricky, but it is fun to do, especially when you love wakeboarding. A good wakeboard is required to oust more water to give you a bigger wake while wakeboarding.

Buying your wakeboard boat seems to be luxurious as it has a high price that can make you think why not making your wakeboard boat. Also, if you love wakeboarding, having a wakeboarding boat gives you much fun and allows you to do different tricks with the wakes.

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