How to Build a Skimboard Pool

How to Build a Skimboard Pool?

Finding the perfect place to go skimboarding can be arduous sometimes. Not every natural body of water is suitable for the best ride. Some get inaccessible, especially when it’s summer. Others may not feel like it. In the end, you can’t do any skimboarding. However, don’t let this fact spoil your party. Lucky you, there are other ways for you to bring the fun right into your yard. With a few items required, building your skimboard pool will be a fun experience.

Knowing how to build a skimboard pool is surprisingly easy. It might not look like it, but you can make one with the use of several things. You can make use of your extra space for a skimboard pool and have fun all summer. This way, you won’t have to travel or go to different beaches and rivers just to go skimboarding. Start learning how to build a skimboard pool, and the first step is to plan well. Let’s show you how.

What Do you Need?

There is no need to acquire new items for your skimboard pool. You may have some of them at home already. These various items are cheap and easy to find. Though, you might want to watch your water bill after a day of skimboarding. You may need lots of water to keep your skimboarding pool in shape. You will need the following pieces to get started.

Pool noodles

Pool noodles come in different sizes and lengths. You can get any, but you might want to consider getting the bigger and longer ones. These pool noodles will keep your water from spilling off your pool, so we need them to be intact and durable for the long run.

The number of pool noodles depends on the size of your skimboard pool. Usually, the skimboard pool is long and wide. So, keep in mind the measurements of your skimboard pool before buying pool noodles.

Plastic sheeting wrap (6 mil) / Used tarpaulin

You will need a plastic sheeting wrap that’s thick enough to hold water without tearing up easily. It might be expensive, depending on the size and brand you want. But if you desire to save, get your old and big tarpaulins in the storage area. These can be the most convenient skimboard pool you can use without spending too much dime. The idea is to have a solid and thick sheet for your skimboard pool.

Duct tape

To help you secure your pool noodles on the edges of the sheeting wrap or used tarpaulin, you will need your reliable duct tape. You might need a ring or two in case you require more to secure your skimboard pool in place.


You can decide if you want running water on your skimboard pool or have it stagnant and safe inside the skimboard pool. If you are aiming for a downhill skimboard pool, running water might be a good idea. However, if it’s in your backyard, you can supply the amount of water needed to fill the pool and constantly fill in again once too much gets spilled out.


Of course, you will need your trusted skimboard to test the quality of your homemade skimboard pool.

These are the different tools you need to start learning how to make a skimboard pool. Once everything is ready, you can now begin to set your plan into reality.

How to Build a Skimboard Pool?

Now, you will discover how to build a skimboard pool. To begin, initiate your project and get your items available. Ask for aid from friends or family since this might take a lengthier period.

1. Lay the tarpaulin or sheet wrap on the ground


Now that you know the size of your skimboard pool and the number of tarpaulins or sheet wrap you need, then lay them out flat on your backyard. The shape of the skimboard pool is usually a straight and long rectangle. Position and spread out the tarpaulins or your plastic sheeting wrap.  You can fold your plastic sheeting wrap once so you can have a double and sturdier sheet.

2. Put the plastic noodles on all sides


Next, take the plastic noodles out and tape them on the edges. Put a plastic noodle underneath the tarpaulin. Then, roll the tarpaulin around the plastic noodle and secure it with tape. Do the same until all the outer later gets strapped with plastic noodles.

3. Fill the pool with water


Once done, you can notice that the edges are higher than the center of the skimboard pool. Make sure the edges stay that way to avoid any water from spilling off.

Now, you can put water inside the skimboard and test if there are sides where the water might spill out. Secure those sides with an added pool noodles and duct tape.

4. Test your Skimboard


Once the skimboard pool is full of water, you can now test it using your skimboard. Enjoy your first ride.

Learning how to build a skimboard pool is as easy as any mundane task in your everyday life. Now, you get to enjoy your skimboard pool all by yourself any time and day.


Now you know how easy and convenient it is to build your skimboard pool. Knowing how to build a skimboard pool is a no-brainer. You can make one with just a few items. The homemade skimboard pool is better if you don’t want to practice on crowded beaches or ponds. Plus, you don’t need to travel or get out to have fun. You can do it at home with your homemade skimboard pool. Once done, you can put it in the storage and set it up again once you feel like skimboarding again. You can even let it stay in your backyard. Make sure to take all the water out to prevent any mosquitos from laying eggs there.

Have you tried building a skimboard pool in your backyard? Tell us about your experiences in the comment section.

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