How to Build a Skateboard Half Pipe

How to Build a Skateboard Half Pipe?

Most of the skaters take the task of making their own skateboarding half pipe. When making any skateboard ramp, you need to spend money. Halfpipe is one of the most famous items for a skate that is used for any level rider. 

Many skaters love to ride in half-pipes as they just simply practice it, even those who begin to ride a skateboard. Making your own half-pipe can be quite difficult, so be careful about doing it so that the money you used for purchasing materials and tools will not be wasted.

Tools Needed

  • 2 miter saws (for wood and metal)
  • Electric drills (better if use the cordless one)
  • Table saw
  • Jig saw
  • Skill saw
  • Clamps
  • Chalk line or pencil

Materials Needed

  • Multiple sheets of thick plywood about ¼”
  • 2x4s
  • 2x3s
  • Stainless screw
  • Metal tube

Steps on How to Build a Skateboard Half Pipe

  1. The formation of the halfpipe is like the cross-section of the swimming pool that we commonly see as it has two concave ramps that are topped with the copings and deck, then face each other across to a flat tranny. You will first need the 4’ wide decks. You also need the full-sized guide of the quarter pipe so that you use it to mark all the end areas with the same size. ¼” plywood is preferable to use.
  1. The next procedure is to use the guide to make the two end panels each of the quarter pipes. Use the two-layer 1.9 cm plywood that you laminate together. In laminating, pour the wood glue into the paint tray using the roller, roll about a thin layer of glue on the exterior layer of the plywood. Put the top layer down the glue turning 90 degrees. Next is to line up the edges and screw the two layers with thread wood screws. The glue needs to spend all night until it is fully set. Using the guide, mark out all the end panels then cut them using the circular saw or jigsaw.
  1. Use the guide for making transitional support. Either it is a single layer of the ¾” plywood, or you scabbed it together using the 2 materials. Keep the scab plates two inches each away from the edges. You can now cut many 2x4s into 0.9m length, make sure that you all cut them in an identical length.
  1. Afterward, line the flat edge of the 2x4s with the edge of the end panels and screw them in end panels for at least a few inches away from each other. Screw the other side end to the middle panel so that you still use the same spacing. Wobble the 2x4s between the middle panels; this will let you screw them. You may use many panels as needed to get the length you want. You can use the other end panel into the opposite end. It needed to narrow the bottom of the 2×4 so it would fit into the ground. You can frame under the platform so that the ramp can withstand heavy weights and even hard landings. It is up to the setup if you may anchor the backside part of the platform to support beams that fall with footings.
  1. Lastly, you need to install the riding surface. The plywood that you are going to use needs to be flexible enough. Try to run the two layers in the same direction. Make sure to stumble the end joints for an added strength. Then screw it to the 2x4s.


Following the steps above, you’ll be able to make a skateboard half-pipe. Prepare all the tools and materials you need and set time off from work or school to build one. In this way, you can show off your skateboarding skills to everyone.

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