How to Assemble a Skateboard

How to Assemble a Skateboard: Complete Guide

Assembling your own skateboard is not a complicated task, yet it requires enough time and understanding. A lot of skateboarders love to put together their skateboard parts for them to have a hands-on look at each of its components. 

This article helps in assembling your skateboard even in the comfort of your home. Take time to read and carefully follow the instructions for a better result. 

What do you need? 

Before heading on to the first step, make sure that you have the required materials. These materials must be in good quality since every component influences the overall performance of your skateboard. You may choose your own brand as long as it is trustworthy and in good condition.

1 gripped deck 

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It is better to choose the deck already gripped. However, if your deck is not yet gripped, you may refer to additional instructions on this process. 

Two trucks with a hardware 

Every truck consists of four trucks and four nuts. All of them should fit the breastplate and gives security to the deck. It must also have four axles and washers, as well as two locknuts. All in all, your hardware should have a total of eight screws and their corresponding nuts, four locknuts, and eight axle washers. For assembling, always check one by one and count all your hardware for an accuracy purpose. 

You may buy hardware in a local shop or online. There are many variations in price and quality so, make sure to buy wisely. 

four wheels

Make sure that all the wheels are the same, avoid mixing and matching because wheels are one of the biggest and most important components of your skateboard. 

eight bearings

Since two bearings will fit on each wheel, all in all, there are eight bearings.  

Skate tools 

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Your skate tools should include a wrench that has a 3/8” adjustment. Your tool must also have a screwdriver. Experts suggest the use of all-purpose skate tools. 

What do you need to do? 

After gathering all the materials you need, follow the given instructions below. 

1) Truck mounting 

  • For the newly gripped deck, your first step should be poking the screwholes of the deck with the use of screwdrivers. 
  • Put all the eight screws in the holes you made and flip the board. 
  • Through the breastplate, slip the trucks unto the screws. 
  • Properly place the trucks and make sure that the kingpin and bushing are facing inward, toward the other. 
  • Attach nuts to the crews and let it hold the trucks loosely into place until you can tighten them securely. 

2) Putting the bearing into the wheels 

This step is quite difficult, and it requires manpower. You can also use a tool called bearing press, but if you knew how to it by yourself, the tool is not necessary. 

  • As a start, flip your skateboard on its side and slide a bearing in one of the axles. This step requires extra precaution and care because bearings are very delicate. 
  • On the top part of the bearing, slide a spacer. (This can be optional because not all bearings come with spacer). 
  • Push the bearing unto the wheel’s socket with the use of overhead pressure. 
  • As you see, the bearings slipping into place, get the wheel and slide on unto another. 
  • Flip the wheel, over the bearing flip into the axle, then push it into the right place. When it’s done, three more wheels to go, and you’re almost there. 

Just a little note, hard wheels or those with higher durometers are more difficult to fit compared to softer wheels. 

3) Attaching the wheels into the trucks 

Now that the four wheels already have two bearings on each of them, the next step is to attach them to the trucks. 

  • Set the skate side view 
  • Put the first washer, to be followed by the wheel, and followed by the second washer. Always put in mind that the last piece to put is the lock nut since it tightens and secures the whole set-up of the wheel. 
  • After attaching the wheels on the first side, flip it to another side and repeat the process.

When you’re done with the above process, your board is now rideable. However, before trying out, make sure that no more pieces of materials are lying on the ground. Keep the surrounding of your set-up clean for you to see clearly if there are small pieces you might have forgotten to put. 

Always double-checked your newly assembles skateboard before trying it out.  

As you see, it is not a hard task to assemble your skateboard. Now, it’s time for you to try your newest board and enjoy it.

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