How Much Does a Skateboard Cost?

A skateboard is typically made of maple board. It has a polyurethane cover and is propelled if you push it with one of your feet while the other stays on the board. The cost of a skateboard depends on the brand, type, and quality.

How Much is a Skateboard?

Before you start shopping around, you should know first even a little about the common prices of a skateboard. This way, you can be sure that your budget will be enough for one. You can get a skateboard in two ways: buy a complete skateboard or choose a custom-made version.

If you choose to purchase a complete skateboard, take note that the average cost for it is between $50 and $200. If you prefer a skateboard from a more reputable brand, then its price may be as much as $300 or even more.

Still, you’ll feel that the price is just okay because when you say a full-packaged skateboard, that will mean it already includes a pre-assembled gear. That will also mean you can start using the skateboard as soon as you open the box.

On the other hand, a custom skateboard is the one made out of your specifications. Typically, the cost of a customized skateboard ranges between $90 to $500.

It more expensive compared to the full-packaged choice. That’s because you’re getting a complete set of materials so that you can start building your skateboard. You will be making your skateboard from scratch by using the materials and sizes of the parts that are up to your expectations.

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To provide you an idea on how much one will likely spend in making a skateboard on his own, here is a list of the common prices of each important parts:

  • Deck – it’s undoubtedly the most crucial part of a custom skateboard. It pertains to the board in which you’ll stand when carrying out your most favorite skateboarding trick. If you’re serious in making a customized skateboard, then you will likely spend $30 to $45 for its deck.
  • Truck – don’t ever think about skimping on the trucks of your customized skateboard because it’s a crucial component to ensure the smoothness of your ride. The trucks usually cost $15 to $30.
  • Wheels – the wheels are among the most important components of your custom-made skateboard. The rest of it will be useless without them. The cost of wheels for a skateboard may vary depending on 3 things: the formula, shape, and size. However, on average, the skateboard wheels cost roughly $15 to $35.
  • Bearings – these are the crucial components of a skateboard, particularly when you want your skateboard to roll without the need to push it constantly. Such a thing is helpful if you like street skating. When it comes to the bearings, the price may range from $18 to $140.
  • Hardware – it normally consists of the bolts and locknuts which are important in connecting the truck to a deck. If you purchase the hardware, expect its price to be good for a set of 8. Every set costs roughly $4 to $10.

Skateboard’s Overview

A skateboard, if purchased from a retailer, will include wheels, a deck, or even graphics. The graphics could be optional but when chosen, it will be embedded on your board.

A skateboard deck is available in different widths, such as the full size (7.5” and higher), mid-size (7.3”), mini (7”), and micro (6.5”). For instance, full size will be designed for people whose heights are 5 feet and above. The mid-size is intended for persons whose heights are between 54 and 60 inches.

Kinds of Skateboards

  • Cruiser – a cruiser has a kicktail that makes it simple to maneuver across the streets. Its main purpose is to cruise around.
  • Shortboard – the shortboard would be the shortest form. This is best for doing different skateboarding tricks.
  • Old-school board – an old-school board should have kicktails and a flat nose. This type would be asymmetrical with a broader nose compared to other kinds. This skateboard will sit lower to the pavement with bigger wheels. It should be the right option for people who like to ride pools or ramps.
  • Longboard – last but not least is the longboard. It is longer than the average skateboard. This board is intended for downhill racing with the symmetrical shape.

Extra Costs in Building or Buying a Skateboard

Adding graphics to the existing skateboard costs $1 to $10 for every decal. The cost of a decal depends on whether you are buying a stock or customized decal.

Though it is optional, experts might suggest that you allocate some budget for a pair of sneakers that you will use exclusively for skateboarding. A nice pair of skateboarding sneakers cost roughly $50 to $100. If you buy a skateboard deck separately, then the wheels would be an extra cost. experts suggest gripping your skateboard before you ride to give it the extra “grip” it needs.

Tips for Saving Money When Buying a Skateboard


  • Choose Blank Gears and Decks

The blank gears and decks for a skateboard consist of wheels and decks made without the company’s logo or name. Take note that these components are typically generic. They are often available in one color.

However, if you wish to save money, then these blank decks and gears will be your best options. They are much affordable than the branded ones.

  • Avail discounts

Keep an eye on some brands of skateboards because they are some cases in which they provide discounts. Check those companies to avail any discounts available, particularly during some special occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Those are great times to buy a skateboard as you will likely be able to find and take advantage of big discounts.

  • Know Your Specific Needs

Before you begin shopping for the greatest skateboard, you need to figure out what you need. Do you like to own a skateboard to learn skateboarding tricks? Are you thinking of using it for transportation?

Try figuring out the purpose of a skateboard to your life. This way, you will not end up wasting your hard-earned money in purchasing a skateboard or building a customized type that doesn’t suit your needs.

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