How much do skateboard parts cost

How Much Do Skateboard Parts Cost?

Some people think that skateboarding is such an expensive sports activity to pursue. Aside from buying a skateboard, you still must allocate some amount to purchase parts and accessories needed to make the most of your every ride. Skateboards and parts should not be ultimately expensive but realize that if you don’t invest much, you might end up without an inferior setup and a quite frustrating ride. So, how much does a decent skateboard cost? How much do skateboard parts cost? 

Breaking Down Skateboarding Cost 

The skateboard cost often depends on the parts you have chosen and the quality. High-quality parts add up to the overall cost of the skateboard. Added costs might come from protective gear, shoes, apparel, and more. 

Purchasing a skateboard is just only the beginning. But note that buying cheap parts could only lead to having to replace them more often resulting to additional expenses. Extra costs are frequently overlooked and can add up depending on the chosen style. 

It is all about investing in the right skateboarding parts suited to your budget. You don’t really have to spend all your money on skateboards and parts because there are still reasonably priced options that you can get. 

Knowing Skateboard Parts’ Cost 

Those asking how much skateboard parts cost know that there is really no definite price tag for all parts. Prices differ based on several factors such as brand, materials used, and more. The following are the possible price ranges you can expect to pay. 

Skateboard Decks 

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Skateboard decks are one of the crucial parts of the setup. These skateboard parts come in different materials, widths, and lengths with specific designs that can aid the skaters with their tricks. In many instances, the deck’s width does not affect the price but is somewhat affected by the graphics and brands. Skateboard decks’ cost ranges from $30 to $65. 

Skateboard Trucks 

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Skateboard trucks are one of the most expensive parts of your skateboarding setup. It’s somehow deceiving when you look at skateboard truck prices because they are sold individually. If you are building a skateboard, you obviously should buy a set. Prices of trucks vary depending on the weight, brand, and profile. 

For many skaters, particularly beginners, getting reasonably priced trucks can be an excellent way to go. But if you are searching for a high-performance board, get something like the hollow trucks. This can be a significant upgrade that will make your board feel more solid. 

Skateboard trucks are now being sold at $50 to $120 for one set. These trucks are not really made of tactile metal, so they are lighter, making tricks easier. Nevertheless, you should be prepared to pay a higher price if you choose to invest in a standard truck.

Skateboard Wheels 

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Skateboard wheels are also incredibly crucial parts to invest in if you want an enjoyable skateboard experience. If you’re planning to cruise across the town without performing tricks, the skateboard wheels you will choose will differ drastically if you want to skate on the street. 

So, how much do skateboard parts cost, specifically the skateboard wheels? The price of wheels depends on the materials used in making the wheels and the brand. Some wheels have plastic centers to enhance rolling speeds, while other skateboard wheels have more urethane hardness for improved performance. For the majority of skaters, getting in-between wheels is all they need. 

Skateboard wheels are offered from $15 to $50, but the wheels at $30 tend to balance durability and cost. Going cheaper will give you a less durable skateboard wheel, which is also vulnerable to flat spots. On the other hand, more expensive wheels can guarantee better durability, sliding ability, and grip. 

Skateboard Bearings 

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Bearings are found within the wheels allowing them to spin. Skateboard bearings range in performance. Bearings are offered at $10 to $70, but some costs can go over $150, especially high-end ones. The difference between expensive and cheap bearings is how smooth the bearings calls rotate against the inner and outer bearing race while under load. 

For instance, the ceramic bearings; roll faster with minimal friction while maintaining their speed under the landing trick’s weight. The standard steel bearings have more friction, so top speeds are harder to reach. Unless you are planning to shred the bowl or bomb hills at intense speed, you do not need ultimately expensive skateboard bearings. Just go for long-lasting and reliable ones. 


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Hardware is bolts and nuts to attach the trucks to the deck. Some people say that hardware is insignificant, but this is an important part of the setup. The price of skateboard hardware varies depending on the type and color. All hardware is almost the same, so you can just purchase whatever you prefer best. 

Nuts and bolts come between $2 and S6. It would be best to opt for the ones with plastic rings inside so that these will not come loose every time you ride. As much as possible, don’t buy independent hardware or those with low quality, and make sure that you purchase from a reputable hardware store. 

Now that you know how much doe skateboard parts cost, you must focus on buying the parts you need. Aside from a trusted hardware store, you can purchase from reliable skate shops and online stores. They offer a wide range of skateboarding parts at reasonable prices. Committing to a reputable seller will ensure that you will end up with a successful and satisfying skateboarding parts purchase. 


Premium quality skateboard parts are crucial to ensure the best and safest skateboarding experience. Make sure that the parts you plan to purchase have guaranteed quality and durability and of course good value for your money. Take time to know the prices of every part and know what you are getting. 

Getting the best skateboard parts can also guarantee that your skateboard will serve you for the longest years. Prices of skateboard parts vary, so be extra careful in choosing parts so that your hard-earned money won’t be wasted. 

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