How Much Do Bodyboards Cost

How Much Do Bodyboards Cost?

Bodyboards are short, rectangular boards that are ridden in the ocean in the prone position. These boards do not involve fin underneath; however, bodyboarders will commonly wear fins for energy and control. Being a popular physical activity in the water, it is no doubt that even children and beginners can try riding this board in the water. 

However, when you plan to try bodyboarding and get your own bodyboard, you will naturally ask how much do bodyboards cost. Can you afford it? Is there something for you? If yes, what’s the best bodyboard for you? The good thing about bodyboards is that they come in different sizes, materials, and designs. However, because of this variation, its cost can also vary.

What Comprises the Cost of Bodyboards?

So, how much do bodyboards cost? Just like with the other stuff in the market, the cost of bodyboards is dependent on quality. Moreover, it also depends on the skill level of the rider. For bodyboards that are suitable for beginners, the average cost would be around 40 to 150 dollars. On the other hand, bodyboards for skilled-level riders can be purchased at 200 to 400 dollars. 

The cost of bodyboards is determined based on several factors. Your choice of the board, depending on your preferred size, is one of these. Other factors include materials, unique outlines, any channels, graphics, and design. You might want to check the data below if you are planning to buy a bodyboard:

  • Entry-level bodyboards that are designed for kids are sold within the range of 15 to 50 dollars.
  • For 50 to 150 dollars, you can already purchase a nice beginner board featuring an LDPE slick and EPS core.
  • At around 120 to 200 dollars, you can buy a bodyboard that features a polypro core or dow (or a combination of these two), HDPP slick, probably a single stringer, and long-lasting foam.
  • When spending around 250 to 400 dollars for a bodyboard, you can get a board designed for more efficient riding. Commonly promoted by a professional rider, bodyboards at these prices will normally integrate single or double carbon-fiber stringers, elbow grooves, deck contours, a Surlyn slick, nose bulbs, nice graphics, and a long-lasting foam.
  • You can also buy bodyboards and customize them according to your desired shape, materials, and features. Just be ready to pay an additional amount for the requests you made.

As far as the bodyboards’ cost is concerned, it should be clear that you cannot label a price on your safety. Nevertheless, it is a good thing that several brands in the market offer bodyboards in different price ranges to suit the price tag of the consumers and their level of experience. Go around the market and find the best board for you.

It may take time to find the best board with a price that best suits your budget. But if you have the patience and willingness to exert effort, you’ll eventually find it.

Why Buy the Best One?

If you love bodyboarding, investing on a board should be vital. Although it would be tempting to buy cheaper boards, you should make sure that it does not break easily and will not spoil the moment when you finally try in on the water. 

There are plenty of bodyboard brands in the market. These brands promote the strength and durability of their boards. Yes, it is practical for any user to check for a bodyboard price before buying it. However, you should never risk the quality of your board by getting a very cheap board. Extremely affordable bodyboards could nullify its purpose, which is to have fun while riding the wave. 

The best bodyboards guarantee durability, strength, and beauty. A lot of brands offer these qualities. You can also ask your friends or anyone you know familiar with bodyboards about the best bodyboard for you. If you get lucky, some of them might lead you to a fairly-priced bodyboard but with impressive features and traits. Just learn to be resourceful. Ask for advice from the seasoned riders 


You should now know how to answer the question, ‘how much do bodyboards cost?’ It isn’t something that comes at a fixed price. Since these boards are manufactured with different materials, designs, and sizes, you cannot expect to get these boards at the same cost.

Naturally, better quality means a higher price. It applies not just to bodyboards but also other products in the market. However, if you prefer to get cheaper bodyboards, you may want to consider checking the market first so you can compare existing brands, and you can make a practical assessment on which to buy. But if you can afford to buy a costly one, then why not? Expensive bodyboards are likely to offer more fun and excitement.

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