how do you start a skateboard team

How to Start a Skateboard Team: Tips for Aspiring Skaters

Creating a skateboard team offers a lot of opportunities. For one, it is a good way to meet different types of people who share the same interest in skateboarding. Team members are provided with a wonderful opportunity of working as a team while learning new techniques and skills. While doing so sounds easy, there are some parts that are challenging. How do you start a skateboard team? Let us take a look at the process. 

Starting a Skateboard Team – Step-by-Step Instructions

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Step 1 – Gather Information

Before setting up a skateboard team, it is best to gather as much information as much as you can. For this, you may want to talk with other skateboarders and hear their thoughts about starting a team. You may want to talk to those who already belong to a team. You would need to have a team complete with skaters with varying specialties and skills. 

For instance, you may want to invite skaters who are comfortable with doing grinding tricks, and skaters who are also good at doing aerial stunts. It is also recommended to have a team with members from different ages because certain skating games and competitions have different events according to age. 

Step 2 – Prepare a Team Name and Logo

Once you have gathered some people together, you can then work with the other members in coming up with a unique team name and logo. This is very important for easier referencing, and so that you can finally start creating the identity of your time. As you start entering skating competitions, the members of your team can register with your set name. 

On top of that, you can also use the name of the team or the logo on each of the skateboards of the member in your team. For advertising’s sake, you can even prepare some paraphernalia for the fans, such as shirts, with your team’s name and logo. 

Step 3 – Start Practicing!

You can now start practicing as a team. This will provide everybody in the team the opportunity to show their skills off. This is also an amazing way for every team member to observe the other members’ strengths, as well as their areas of improvement. 

From this point on, you can then begin deciding as a group which individual team member will be the representative of the team in which specific events. Also, members who are skilled in a certain technique can also help the other members improve in that particular area, thus enjoying an interchange of knowledge. 

Step 4 – Invite Other Members

Do not be content with the current members of your team. As time changes, the circumstances of every member may also change. This means that you can start being on the lookout for new, possible members. By adding new people into your team, a diversity will be created. By having more members to your team could also mean more publicity and exposure. If your team starts doing good, you may even start accepting sponsorships from companies and businesses. The money that you will then gain will allow you to take part in more skateboarding competitions. 

Step 5 – Participate in Competitions

As much as possible, you may want to enter as many skateboarding competitions as possible. This will allow the members of the team to experience the thrill and fun of entering competitions. Of course, there is also the opportunity of winning awards. The more winnings you will get, the more popular your team will become. 

From the experience of other teams, if there are only few skateboarding competitions in your local area, you may want to organize competitions. You can also work with local businesses and receive sponsorship for the competitions. 

Step 6 – Learn the Tricks of the Trade

When it comes to dealing with a skateboard team, there are changes that you need to deal with along the way. Therefore, it is vital to deal with changes accordingly, and learn the tricks of the trade. Some skateboarders reach out to their team members to make connections. These connections and the feeling of being comfortable will help them share techniques and skills easier. 

For a team to progress to success, a multi-disciplinary training is very important. If you are the founder of a team, you may not want to get stuck with a single skateboarding routine. All of the other skills that you will learn from other disciplines will also help you become successful in the team. 

Some members may end up leaving midway, which is why it is often best to endure and not give up in recruiting new members. This experience will be helpful enough in creating a successful skateboarding team. This may also be a huge opportunity to learn new skills from new ones added to the team, while you are strengthening the skills you already have from your current pool. 

Skills in skating is everything! It is often best to learn and be skilled with new drills, while utilizing the available resources at hand. Make sure to work on your drills as a team, even incorporating them in your warmups, thus giving your team confidence with their skating skills. 

Hone your skills by joining competitions and getting to know other teams as well. In the world of skateboarding, knowing other groups who are also enjoying the same sport will not just set you on a competitive ground, but will also give you the needed connection which will allow the members of the team to improve their skills even more. 


Just like with any other endeavor in the world of sports, work and effort is very important to achieve all of your goals, including that of starting a skateboard team. So, how do you start a skateboard team? The tips mentioned above will surely do the trick.  While there are no completely recipes for success, following the steps mentioned above will prepare you to be in the right direction, with a skateboard team in the end. 

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