How do you dress like a skater boy

How to Dress Like a Skater Boy: The Ultimate Guide

How do you dress like a skater boy? Anyone who’s into skating has to look the part. But don’t underestimate the skater boy style. This style is comfortable as it allows you to move freely and safely whether you’re on the street or at the skate park. The skater boy style is also functional, with every article of clothing with a purpose.

Finally, the skater look spells style. It’s all about wearing the best energetic style clothing and footwear available. So let’s find out what it takes to dress up like a cool skater boy in this guide.

How to Dress Like a Skater Boy

To make it easier to copy a skater boy’s style, we have divided this guide according to the most essential style aspects: clothing, footwear, accessories, hair, and attitude. Clothing is about regular skater clothing and tournament/practice clothing. Footwear is what skaters wear as they use their boards.

Accessories refer to jewelry, eyewear, headgear, safety accessories, and bags. Hairstyle refers to the trendiest hairstyles, colors, and accessories. Finally, skater attitude is how skateboarders carry themselves in public, how they relate with their peers, and how they behave in general.

The Skater Boy Clothing

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Let’s start with skater boy outfits while training or competing. Outfits are primarily loose, comfortable, and easy to wear. No irritating laces, hooks, and buttons that can become loose, open, and dangle as they ride or perform.

Skaters would rather wear plain T-shirts rather than buttoned shirts because these are more comfortable and more versatile. Also, cotton shirts are the best option as these are the easiest to care for. At most, a skater will become dirty and sweaty at the end of the day. With cotton shirts, all they need to do is toss this in the laundry.

Skaters need to wear loose pants or shorts. These allow skaters to move and ride freely, especially while jumping, twisting, and landing. Pants and shorts are available in various fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and other mixed materials.

Another name for skater pants and shorts is cargo pants. This kind of clothing is excellent for skaters because it comes with zippered pockets where they can keep small things like their phones, keys, and money. Because these pockets are zippered, their contents won’t spill out during practice or an event.

Now when it comes to street fashion, skater boys wear anything that they find cool. They prefer sports jackets, hoodies, button-down shirts, and long-sleeved shirts. Colors vary, but most prefer to use darker hues like blues, browns, and blacks. A lot of skaters love shirts with edgy designs, but some will gladly wear simple patterns and designs.

Skater clothing is available in many online shops. It’s hard to find this type of clothing in actual stores, so skateboarders prefer to shop for their stuff online. Here are some tips to get that skater boy clothing style.

  • Prefer function over style, especially when selecting skating appropriate clothing.
  • Avoid heavy materials and garments that can accumulate sweat.
  • After a tiring and sweaty day, remove and clean your clothing at once.
  • Wear clothing with only a few pieces as these are more comfortable and less complicated to wear.
  • Always prefer zippered pockets but remember to carry only a few necessary items with you when you ride.

The Skater Boy Footwear

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Skaters need comfortable footwear, the kind that works best on pavement or in a skate park. SkateboardersHQ mentioned that there that there is nothing like the right skateboarding shoes. The skateboarding site said that it depends on the skater’s preference.

When it comes to form and function, skateboard shoe materials like suede and leather are the best choices for the skater shoes upper. These materials are very flexible and will move with you as you perform tricks and stunts. Suede and leather are also very durable and thus, will last regular skaters’ wear and tear.

Meanwhile, the soles should be rubber, with a good grip, so it’s easier and safer to ride a skateboard. Some skater shoes come with strings, while some with straps. This is your choice, whatever feels comfortable when you skate. Some tips for finding the right skateboard shoes.

  • Choose from vulcanized soles or cupsoles. Vulcanized soles provide better heel support and improved protection. However, there is less skateboard feel. Cupsoles have multiple layers, so these are bigger and offer less skateboard feel.
  • Choose from high, mid, and low tops. Low tops are very comfortable but will only provide minimum ankle support. On the other hand, high tops provide the most protection but may not be as comfortable as low tops.
  • Check for improved cushioning to avoid blisters and other injuries.
  • Choose skater shoes with the best outsole tread grip and pattern. Select from a waffle sole, herringbone tread, or a combination of both designs.
  • Prefer shoes with toe caps if you want to perform kickflips.
  • Always go for shoes with double or triple stitches to avoid wearing them down.
  • Choose shoes with durable laces or use lace protectors.
  • Buy shoes according to your type of feet: wide feet, narrow feet, large feet, tiny feet, etc.

The Skater Boy Accessories

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Wearing the right skateboard boy accessories will help you blend in. Most skaters prefer to ride with music, and hence, a headphone or earbuds are indispensable. Skaters prefer to use wireless gear, so they don’t need to worry about wires that can affect their movements.

Skaters love bling but only when they’re chilling. Before their ride, they prefer to remove their jewelry to avoid accidents. But when they’re out with friends, expect necklaces with pendants, earrings, bracelets, watches, and other body jewelry.

Some skaters love to get tattoos and piercings to symbolize their freedom and their fun and edgy lifestyle. You may opt to get a tattoo but think of the best design to avoid regrets.

You may consider safety gear and equipment as skater accessories too. Safety equipment includes helmets, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and others. We strongly recommend that you use good quality safety gear whether you’re in practice or when you’re in an event. Some tips for choosing the proper safety gear.

  • When you’re buying a skateboard helmet, determine your head size to get a snug fit. Use a tailor’s tape to get the most comfortable size.
  • Choose from classic helmets or full cut helmets. Classic helmets come with cuts for your ears, while full cut helmets cover your ears.
  • Always go for certified helmets. These come with a harder interior made of foam which transfers any impact away from your head.
  • Get the correct measurements before buying skateboard pads. For knee pads, you can choose from standard or sleeve pads. Standard pads offer the most protection, while sleeve pads are smaller and are designed to be worn under your clothing.
  • Choose protective gloves with thicker padding, plastic pucks, and abrasion-resistant materials.

The Skater Boy Hairstyle

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You can’t complete the skater boy look without the correct hairstyle. It was easy to detect skaters back in the days with their long and carefree hair. But these days, skaters are posing cleaner and slicker haircuts. There are some exceptions, but most with shorter cuts agree that this style makes them younger and edgier. Some hairstyles to consider to look like an expert skater.

Long bangs

Long bangs are messy but true to the looks of a skater boy. In fact, this hairstyle works for almost all extreme sports like surfing, snowboarding, and jet skiing, This is a layered cut with bangs parted to the sides. 

Quiff hairstyle

The quiff looks too neat for a skater, but apparently, many riders are loving it. Many pair the quiff with a disconnected cut, an undercut, or a cut known as the fade.

Casual hairstyle

A casual skater hairstyle hides the fact that you’re a serious office guy in the morning and yet a wild rider at the park at night. This cut is short, while a textured fringe is added to highlight the front.

Spiky hairstyle

The spiky hair needs no introduction. Skaters with any kind of short haircut can create this style by using generous amounts of hair styling products.

Mohawk hairstyle

The Mohawk makes you look like an edgy skater and not just a skater boy. We recommend liberty spikes to intimidate the competition.

The French crop hairstyle

Many skaters wear the French crop because it’s comfortable to wear. This cut has extended bangs cut straight across your forehead.  Use light styling products to highlight the back of your hair.

Long dreadlocks hairstyle

Dreadlocks represent a skating subculture that’s respected no matter skaters go. But to get the best dreadlocks, have a stylist help you out.

Layered haircut

Layered cuts with men are for those with thin hair. Additional layers improve hair volume, while you can always add bangs to complete the look.

Angular fringe haircut

The angular fringe haircut is trending, and it’s one of the coolest hairstyles for skater boys at the park. The cut has a very short back, while the bangs are loose and textured at the front.

Thick and textured haircut

The thick and textured cut is low-maintenance and is one of the easiest to style. Just toss your hair up with some light hair products, and you’re ready to go.

Curly hairstyle

Don’t hide your natural curls; flaunt them! You can have your curly hair longer, up to the chin length, or you can crop these short if you want.

Afro hairstyle

Have your hair styled in afro to be the most impressive skater at the park. But alongside an afro cut is having your facial hair cut and trimmed as well.

Shag hairstyle

For men with very thick hair, you may try the shag. This is a low-maintenance hairstyle that works for helmet-wearing athletes.

90s skater hairstyle

One of your legendary skateboarder idols may have worn a 90s skater hairstyle. This style was widely popular during the 90s and makes a comeback, especially among the younger generation.

The induction haircut

This is a very short haircut, almost similar to a bald cut. The induction cut will remove all hair that may block you from landing that trick, but you need to maintain this cut almost every day.

Asymmetrical haircut

Again, this haircut has extended bangs but has an asymmetrical cut style. The back is very short, but the front is styled in such a way that the bangs are parted to one side of the head.

Crewcut hairstyle

This is a low-maintenance military cut that’s popular in the skate park and for all types of skaters. The crew cut removes all obstructions so you can land tricks perfectly at the park or on the street.

Undercut hairstyle

This is a Mohawk without the extensive edge. The undercut comes with almost all mod skater styles. It is easy to maintain and will always make you look perfect.

Suave hairstyle

For moderately curly hair, your tresses will be on the sides, covering your ears. You’ll have bangs buzzed at a medium length, and it’s best to style it lightly with some gel or pomade.

Side tossed haircut

Rock a side-tossed haircut, and you’ll be the most stylish skater boy in the park. This is an effortless look and perfect for skaters with medium to long hair.

Comb-over hairstyle

Comb-over styles are for men with short hair. Simply tousle your hair a bit and place these to the side. Brush with some products, and you’re ready to roll.

The Skater Boy Attitude

You can wear skater outfits, footwear, and accessories and rock a skater do, but you’ll never be one without the right attitude. Although many relate skateboarding to negative attributes, skaters are not like that. Skaters possess an attitude that says anything is possible. They believe that they were born to ride, and this is what fuels them to become great in what they do.

Skateboarders have the attitude that there is no competition. They embrace their uniqueness and express their creativity by becoming the best in their class. Skaters are creative and accept their individuality.

Finally, all skateboarders agree that skating is fun. No matter what they wear, skating is something that they enjoy with their friends and with their team. Skateboarding was made to be a fun sport, and if they are not having any fun, they are not doing the right thing.

Final Words

Dressing like a skater boy involves wearing the proper clothing, footwear, accessories, and safety gear. It’s also about wearing the right haircut and hairstyle. Skateboarding is also about the right attitude. It’s about creativity, believing in your skills, and having fun.

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