How do you do a rock to fakie on a skateboard

How to Do a Rock to Fakie on a Skateboard: A Step-by-Step Guide

Skateboarding is an interesting sport that features a number of techniques. Just like with any other sport, learning these techniques will bring you satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment. Whether you are learning to do tricks such as kickflip, ollie, or others, you can accomplish your goal with enough technical skill and practice. This is also the same if you like to improve your skills in doing a Rock to Fakie. How do you do a Rock to Fakie on a skateboard? A Rock to Fakie is considered as a basic lip trick that poses a challenge as you need to roll out backwards while doing a transition. You may feel a bit awkward at first, but you will learn to love it when you get the hang of it. A Rock to Fakie is one of the basics that you need to learn so that you can get into the best position for other fakie techniques.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1 – Approach the Quarter Pipe

To start doing a Rock to Fakie, start an approach to a quarter pipe. It is best to do so with enough speed as it will the front truck to come over the coping. At the same time, it will ensure that the back truck will stay in position. 

Step 2 – Put Pressure on Your Back

The moment that the front truck finishes the quarter, try pushing out the front foot, pressing down the board’s front on the platform. While doing this, you can position your body leaning back. 

Step 3 – Transfer Weight to the Forward

After a little while, gravity starts doing its job, pulling you right back to the quarter. When this moment happens, you can start easing the weight from the front leg, allowing your front truck to leave the Rock position. This is accomplished as you press down the back truck on the quarter pipe. 

Step 4 – Move the Weight Back

Make sure not to put the front truck down a bit early. This will only result to a hang up, and ending up with a fall down. 

Step 5 – Balance Your Weight and Reverse

As you start to roll out backwards while doing the transition, keep your steady balance to avoid the possibility of falling off the board. 

Step 6 – Learn Some Challenges and Variations

A number of problems involving Rock to Fakie often has something to do with the skaters not spending a good amount of time getting used to riding simply. As such, it is very important to make sure that you feel comfortable as you ride around, knowing how to ride a ramp. If you are unable to do this, do a simple kick-turn, or ride back down, it may do you well to get comfortable with this first. 

Another challenge that you may have to encounter is when you are riding up the ramp. get the trucks over the edge, with trucks getting stuck and fall. This may hurt. This usually happens when you barely get the trucks over the coping and you fail to transfer your weight instantly.

To get past this, you can get the trucks away right through the edge, making sure that you focus on making a real rock forward. Afterward, as you work on your rocking back, it will become easier for the front trucks to easily pop back through the edge. After the technique is completed, you can start learning to add a few tweaks and techniques. 

You can try other variations as well. For example, you can ride up the ramp, rocking to your regular stance. This is similar to the Rock to Fakie. The trick switch can also be done, mixing some switching as practice from time to time, keeping your brain and muscles from feeling lazy. After you are finally comfortable with the Rock to Fakie technique, you can also try other options including the Rock and Rolls, and the Axle Stalls, if you are even braver. 

Step 7 – Learn Some Safety Tips

Note that with every technique that you have to learn, including learn to Rock to Fakie, there are risks involved. As such, make sure to take the needed precautions to make sure that you are safe with every move. 

  • Wear Pads and a Helmet

If you are a beginner in learning this trick, tripping or falling is part of the entire procedure. When choosing the right safety equipment, make sure that you have the right pads that can help breaking the fall. Among the things that you need to prepare includes elbow pads, knee pads, and a helmet. 

  • Familiarize and Follow the Rules

Every skate park comes with a full list of rules that ensures the enjoyment and safety of everyone. Make sure to do your share, reading the rules out and following them each time you skate at a specific park. 

  • Observe Other Skaters

This is particularly applicable if you are trying out a Rock to Fakie at a new skate park. Make sure to observe other skaters, and the surroundings as well. This will help avoid collisions and other accidents. Skaters usually take turns in skating, especially if the park is filled with people and busy. Observe when the skaters take turns so that you can get familiar with the flow and order, and then claim a spot so that you can also take your turn. 


Rock to Fakie is something that you need to learn as it is considered as a foundation to other transition techniques. How do you do a Rock to Fakie? The steps mentioned above highlights the things that you need to do to accomplish the technique. Take note of the safety tips as well, as this will help make sure that you can enjoy performing the Rock to Fakie while making sure that you are safe all the time. Why not start pushing the level a tad higher and try out something more challenging? Why not share some of your mastered skills in the comment section below!

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