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How to Freestyle on Your Longboard

One of the vigorously active longboard styles you can do is freestyling. One with a winding and spinning tricks followed by board flipping, freestyle longboarding is such an enjoyable one to know. Yet, unlike the traditional styles, doing a freestyle is very fashionable but less aggressive. 

Compared to what they call free riding, doing a freestyle is extremely technical and is done on a flat surface. It is seldom done with the use of stairways and street curbs. Sometimes, freestyle longboarding is executed in the skateparks and streets with other skateboarders. Meanwhile, there are different types of longboards needed when used in a park and pool.   

In freestyle longboarding, one should have a firm balance, quickness motion, and great body control. It includes board flipping and kicking while jumping off and on in various stances. 

In this article, we will be talking about how to freestyle on your longboard. 

How to do freestyle longboarding?

Start with stretching

As freestyle longboarding can greatly affect the body and is somehow difficult, the impact it can influence the body can greatly be significant, especially in the feet, joints, ankles, knees, and ligaments. Most frequently, it can cause sprains and twist. By understanding the how-to in doing the freestyle, this hardcore can be very much prevented in many ways. 

One of the things to consider before doing the freestyle is by doing a warm-up and stretching. By doing this, you can be able to set your mind and your body. 

Begin with an easy technique

Just like every beginner, you should start by familiarizing the easy techniques. As soon as you are able to know-how the easy techniques, you can move forward to another technique until you are capable of doing the hard ones. 

One of the easy techniques suggested is the basic pivoting, shove-it, nose manual, tiger claw, and caveman. 

In basic pivoting, the deal is a 180 degrees turn on the front trucks. You can start by placing the front foot down to the nose and the back foot in the middle of the board. As soon as you placed your feet in a proper position, you can start by turning your frame. Then, you can somewhat move the weight to the front foot. By doing this, you will be able to elevate the rear wheels away from the ground. 

When it comes to shove-it, you can start by placing your feet on proper position. The front foot should be placed on the front hardware, and the back foot should be on the edge of the tail. Just a quick note, you should ensure that the toe of the back foot should be slightly out from the tail. The grounds for this technique is to make the board spin into 180 degrees parallel to the ground without changing the body position.  

Same as the other techniques. By being able to familiarize the feet placement and thorough practice, you will be able to know how to do freestyle longboarding. 

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