Electric Skateboard Tricks for Beginners

Top 13 Electric Skateboard Tricks for Beginners

Riding an electric skateboard is not that different from riding the ordinary skateboard. However, riding a motorized board is more exciting than riding the traditional kind. It’s not hard to get a motorized skateboard running. Just one press on the remote and voila!

To add some fun, why not try some tricks that are suitable for your electric skateboard? To get you ready, you have to learn the basics for your safety.

The Basics in Riding a Motorized Skateboard

Of course, you can’t do correctly those tricks if you don’t know how to ride an electric skateboard. The very first thing you need to master is proper foot placement. In riding one, you have to keep your feet apart while standing sideways on your board. Next will be pointing your front foot outward while keeping the back foot aligned to your shoulders.

When you do, just stay relaxed and enjoy the moment. Don’t be nervous as it can cause a rider to jerk or twitch, leading you to injuries. Skateboarding should be a fun and rewarding experience. Thus, breathe deeply and just remain calm while your board is rolling. Also, focus your eyes on your surroundings for your safety.

Avoid doing abrupt and sudden stops, which can stop you from controlling the board. These things will only lead to breaking your arm. Sudden stops are mostly inevitable, but you can always give yourself some time to stop whenever you wish to.

Once you are ready to ride the board, use the remote to accelerate slowly. Getting your skateboard running at about 20 miles/hour is fun, and you will enjoy it over time. Just maintain this speed rate for now. Ride your board more often. The more often you ride, the easier it is for your body to adjust when you increase a bit the speed.

The practice is more important. Since you’re new to riding an electric skateboard, everything will surely take time. So, don’t give up if you fail to get things done right after a few tries. Just keep doing the steps. Once you start having fun riding the board, you can begin trying those tricks discussed above.

Note: for your safety, keep these things in mind:

  • Wear Your Safety Gear, Especially Your Helmet.
  • Check The Brakes Before Riding.
  • Put the Remote Control On Your Pocket.
  • Check Your Speed. Set It At The Most Ideal Rate Depending On The Area.

Prioritize your safety each time you ride. Don’t forget to check things before getting started. That’s key to having a more pleasurable and safer riding experience.

Easy Tricks to Do with Your Electric Skateboard

After you have been riding a new skateboard like an expert, you may want to learn and practice some tricks now. Wearing safety gear is highly advisable, even when doing a simple trick. So, be sure to get yourself protect before getting started.

If you’re ready, you can now start trying these easy tricks:

#1 Shuvit

Image Source: https://www.skateboardhere.com/pop-shuvit.html

Originally known as the Ty Hop, this skateboarding trick comes with all types of varieties. The name of this trick came from the popular skater, Ty Page.

How to Do it:

  • Put your front foot right on the front of your electric skateboard.
  • Put your other foot just a bit broader than midway on your deck.
  • Apply pressure on the board’s nose while you push the board out using your back foot. This will cause the skateboard to lean frontward while it swivels all over on its front truck.
  • Swivel all over at a full 180-degree angle and land back to the same pose.
  • That’s it!

#2 Tiger Claw

The Tiger Claw seems to be the most difficult dancing trick that you can do on an electric skateboard. In this trick, you need to use your hands aside from your feet. It is a highly visually appealing electric skateboarding trick.

How to Do it:

  • Try running the skateboard a bit faster than usual. Step off of your board with just one foot and use the kicktail in pushing the front of your electric skateboard to your hand.
  • Hold your electric skateboard on the uppermost edge near the nose.
  • Throw your board under while it rotates at a 180-degree angle.
  • Hop back on your deck.
  • That’s it!

#3 Ghostride Kickflip

This electric skateboard trick is a great type of the kickflip that is best to do with a longer ELBO board. When done correctly, it will be a great trick.

How to Do it:

  • While riding your electric skateboard, just hop off of it.
  • While you’re still in motion, just kick the under part of your deck. Do it hard so that you can flip your skateboard all way around. This way, your electric skateboard will land back on the wheels.
  • Hop back on then continue riding.
  • You’re done.

#4 Cross Step

Image Source: https://lushlongboards.com/how-to/basic-cross-step/

This electric skateboarding trick is a simple and fun trick that is so easy to learn. It is a bit different, as you will move up and down the skateboard while you cross your feet through one another. When you do it, you will look like dancing while you’re rolling downhill.

Cross Stepping is among the most versatile tricks that you can do with an electric skateboard. You can combine this trick along with other dancing tricks due to its dazzling and amazing effects. Cross Stepping is all about flow, style, and looking like a pro as you can.

How to Do it:

  • Get your skateboard running fast and stand with your one foot in the middle of your electric skateboard while the other on the external back edge.
  • Cross your back through the foot within the center.
  • Then, cross your center foot through the external front corner of your board.
  • Move your feet going to the starting position. Or, complete the steps 1 to 3 backward.
  • Repeat the steps over and over again.

#5 No Comply

Image Source: https://www.skatedeluxe.com/blog/en/trick-tips/skateboard/flat/how-to-no-comply/

This electric skateboarding trick is quite the same with Shuvit. So, expect that you’ll be flipping and popping your board in doing this trick.

How to Do it:

  • Begin with one foot placed in the center while the other is in the middle of the tail.
  • Be sure your foot in the center leans off the corner to make everything easier.
  • Push slantways on your skateboard’s tail to pop it up, so the board will turn at a 180-degree angle.
  • Let one of your foot glide off. It should be your center foot. Do this while keeping your other foot on the skateboard.
  • Twist your body at a 180-degree with your deck and you’re done!

#6 Stand Up Slide

You like to go downhill to reach the momentum for this trick. This is the Stand Up Slide. Rest assured this trick will be full of fun and thrill.

How to Do it:

  • Create your momentum as you go downhill.
  • Rotate your feet so they will face forward as you keep your body sideways.
  • Put your weight on your leading leg and coast for as long as you want to before you go back to your normal riding pose.
  • You did it. It’s simple, isn’t it?!

#7 Flat Top

This electric skateboarding trick is another great trick that you can master and do in no time.

How to Do it:

  • Get the remote and use it in building up your skateboard speed.
  • When you are ready, place your back foot as far as you can, reaching the tail of your board. Push.
  • Jump up as your skateboard pops.
  • Hold your electric skateboard while you’re in the air and rotate it at a 180-degree angle.
  • Land back to your skateboard to finish this trick.

#8 Walking the Plank

Walking the Plank is among the easiest trick you can do when riding an electric skateboard. It’s one of the most recommended skateboarding tricks for novice users.

This easy trick came from the surfing culture in which the surfers will walk upward and downward on their board while grating a wave. That is exactly what you will do on an electric skateboard.

How to Do it:

  • While riding, just walk up and down through your deck.
  • Do it smoothly and artistically.

You can do this skateboarding trick along with other maneuvers. You can try to do it with Cross Stepping to improve the trick’s visual appeal.

#9 Chop the Wood

This one is another basic dancing trick that you can do on an electric skateboard. It’s among the greatest tricks to learn as a beginner. In this trick, you need a bit more balance compared to what is necessary when doing the walking the plank.

How to Do it:

  • In chopping the wood, you just need to hop to one of the sides of your skateboard then extend your leg outwards – off your board and in the air before you bring your feet back to your deck.
  • When extending your leg, it will make your skateboard turn a bit.
  • When you repeat this truck while carving, you can make a sick-looking demonstration. This trick is very useful in kicking obstructions out of your way while enjoying a ride.

#10 The Lookback

This one is a stylish little trick that will surely help you amaze your friends in every move. Combining this skateboarding trick along with Cross Stepping or Walking the Plank will make some astonishing combinations with nice visual effects.

How to Do it:

  • To do this trick, shift first your body so that you will be riding at a backward angle.
  • You can step off the face of your skateboard along with your foot at the back before you pull your board back to you.
  • For as long as your skateboard goes back to you with a pull, just bring your feet back on the deck, rotate frontward, the ride away neatly.

#11 The Shanker

The Shanker is among the more complicated tricks that you can do on an electric skateboard. This trick is a nollie that goes with the 180-degree body spin. Just that!

How to Do it:

  • In learning this trick, you must learn first how to do a nollie. That trick is as similar as the ollie, except for having your feet placed on the tail side. In doing a nollie, you’ll start with your feet placed on the nose side, reversing the part of your feet in this trick.
  • In doing The Shanker, just pop your skateboard by doing a nollie and twist your body at a 180-degree angle before your board lands down.

#12 Spin Big

The Spin Big is the same as the old skateboarding trick called the Big Spin. However, this trick will involve the rider starting the maneuver with a nollie position.

How to Do it:

  • From a nollie pose, you have to pop your skateboard, turning it at a 180-degree angle.
  • As your board does a spin, rotate your body over it in a 360-degree angle. In short, your skateboard will do just a half twist while you do the full one.

You can do Spin Big several times consecutively that forms a fantastic tornado of awesomeness.

#13 G-Turn

The last but not the last is the G-Turn. This special trick is a surprising way to spin around on an electric skateboard. In doing a G-Turn, you don’t need to put your foot on the concrete and lose speed.

How to Do it:

  • In doing a G-Turn, you have to begin with a nollie pose.
  • Elevate the backend into the nose manual then perform a 360-degree turn as you do a nose manual.
  • You can amplify the trick into a 540-degree or even a 720-degree turn. Also, you can try doing the G-Turn together with any other trick.

These are the best tricks that you can do as a newbie with your motorized skateboard. For now, focus on the basics and easiest tricks listed above before moving to the slightly complicated ones. Riding an electric skateboard and doing these tricks is a new experience that you should not miss. It’s more enjoyable and exciting than riding an ordinary skateboard.

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  1. When I started skating my biggest weakness was learning how to stop and I can guarantee following this tricks taught here I am great at skating now

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