Easy Skateboard Tricks for Beginners

Skateboarding is more thrilling if you know at least a skateboarding trick or two.

If you are beginner, then you might be wondering what skateboarding trick will suit you as a novice. Well, there are several tricks that every novice can learn and master.

These tricks are easy to do, but you need time to be a pro in doing them. Practice, practice, practice. That is very important not just for your performance but most particularly for your safety. Just don’t rush and don’t give up.

Here are 14 easy skateboarding tricks suitable for beginners like you

#1. Ollie

It is one of the most famous skateboarding tricks. In this one, you kick the tail of your skateboard downward while jumping. By doing so, your skateboard will be up in the air and will land down along with your feet.

#2. Ollie North

This trick is a kind of ollie. However, you’re taking your front foot out on the mid-air when doing this.

#3. Nollie

This is the opposite of ollie. In doing this trick, you push the nose of your skateboard down by using your front foot while your back foot is in the backward direction. Slid your back foot to lift your board off from the pavement.

#4. No Comply

This one is quite interesting. Here, you will be using your back knee in making your skateboard pop into the air. At the same time, you need to plant your front foot for a while on the pavement.

#5. Heel Flip

It is an aerial skateboarding trick wherein you kick out on your front and flip your skateboard at a 360-degree angle on the axis of your board.

#6. Inward Heel Flip

It is a flip trick wherein your skateboard rotates all over the horizontal and vertical axis at the same time.

#7. Kick Flip

In this skateboarding trick, you do an ollie and kick your foot out while flipping the board at a 360-degree angle on the axis with your toes. This will let your skateboard swirl before it lands.

#8. Grinds

This skateboarding trick will involve sliding along a certain object while using a skateboard truck instead of the wheels.

#9. Blunt Fakie

It is a trick for the mini pipe. Here, your skateboard will go up to the coping and the rest for a while by using the rear trucks.

#10. Board Slide

You’ll perform this skateboarding trick through riding up to the railings or to anything where your board can glide. Use your chest and toes in doing this trick.

#11. Fakie Big Spin

It is the combination of a big spin and a kickflip that you need to perform while in the fakie position.

#12. Fakie Heel Flip

In performing this skateboarding trick, you must be able to perform a heelflip in the regular stance. Also, you should know riding fakie.

#13. Frontside Pop Shuvit

In this skateboarding trick, you must scoop forward your back foot. Your skateboard will rotate in the other direction while you pop it.

#14. Axle Stall

To do this trick, ride up a mini ramp with just the right speed. As you get closer to the top, rotate backside then set the axles on the coping. After that, stop and while you lean back to the ramp, turn your leading shoulder then ride away.

Ensure Your Safety While Performing the Best Skateboarding Tricks for Beginners

Easy Skateboard Tricks for Beginners

Skateboarding injuries can happen at the most unexpected time as you try doing some skateboarding tricks. The good thing is these injuries are preventable. Here are some tips to help you:

Use a Good Skateboard

A skateboard has 3 parts – the board, trucks, and wheels. Shorter decks are great for novices because they’re easier to handle and balance. A skateboard has different characteristics for all forms of riding. Be sure your skateboard can effectively support your weight.

Also, always check your skateboard before you use it. Check it for loose screws or any faulty component that can lead you to injuries while riding the board.

Wear Some Protection

Before you step on your skateboard, empty first your pockets and get rid of any sharp or hard objects. Wear protective gear including wrist guards, helmet, elbow and knee pads, and shoes.

Your helmet is very important for your head. Wear your helmet properly. Use a multi-sport or bicycle helmet.

Replace your helmet if it’s damaged, worn out or has been in use for 5 years. You may even need to buy a replacement sooner if the maker recommends it.

Aside from the helmet, you also need to have wrist guards. They support your wrists and reduce the possibility of bone fracture in case you fall. The elbow and knee pads are also important as they lessen the severity of scrapes and cuts. They even help avoid gravel burns.

Look for a Safe Place for Skateboarding

Performing skateboarding tricks can’t be fun if you’re doing them at the right place. To keep yourself away from injuries, you must always do skateboarding and your favorite tricks. Check the surfaces before riding on your board. Always try to learn the previously mentioned skateboarding tricks on smooth surfaces. They should be free from cracks and debris like sticks and garbage.

Avoid doing the tricks in the streets. Also, don’t do them after the rain. When you’re at the skate parks, always follow the rules. Stop and observe the skateboarding areas before entering. Also, don’t try doing skateboarding tricks in a crowded place.

Always Ride Safely

Prevent yourself from falling as much as you can. Although, this is a normal part of skateboarding. You also need to learn how to fall properly to protect yourself against severe injuries.

One thing you can do is practice falling on the grass or soft surface. Crouch down while you fall. Land on the fleshy parts of your body, such as your back or stomach and rollover. Don’t fall with your hands and arms.

Relax while you fall. Don’t make your body stiff.


Skateboarding tricks bring extraordinary joy to every skater. While they seem exciting to do, you should not forget your safety as well. So, focus on the easiest tricks for now. The 14 skateboarding tricks listed here are worth trying.


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