Easy Skateboard Tricks for Beginners

Skateboarding is more thrilling if you know at least a skateboarding move or two.

If you are a beginner, then you might be wondering what skateboarding trick will suit you as a novice. Well, there are several beginner tricks that every novice can learn and master.

These tricks are easy to do, but you need time to be a pro in doing them. Practice regularly. That is very important not just for your performance but most particularly for your safety. Just don’t rush and don’t give up.

Here are skateboarding tricks easy for beginners like you

180 Ollie – Front Side and Back Side

The front side and the backside ollie are two of the first skateboard rotations that you’ll learn when you’re just working with basic skateboard tricks. These are similar to the ollie but you want your shoulders and your hips to take the deck and to follow you.

The front side and the backside ollies enhance the feet, hips, and shoulders so that everything is well coordinated. These are also the foundation of some of the most popular skateboard tricks. It is common for skateboarders to find it hard to learn these skateboard tricks on flat ground. But you can always start practicing with a pyramid to prevent too much rotation and to increase hang time.

50-50 Grind Front Side

Now that you know how to do the frontside and backside ollies, you may now start moving over curbs and ledges. The 50-50 frontside grind, is when both the trucks are pressed on the edge of a ledge or a curb.

To perform the 50-50 frontside grind, place the wheels at the toe side on the coping. While you move at an angle, shift your hips so you can perform a 10-degree rotation. After turning, lock the trucks at the back so that the one at the front follows.

Axle Stall

One of the basic ramp tricks, you will ride up a mini ramp with just the right speed. As you get closer to the top, rotate backside then set the axles on the coping. After that, stop and while you lean back to the ramp, turn your leading shoulder then ride away.

Back Side Boardslide

Another beginner trick that you must master before moving on to more difficult skateboard tricks is the backside boardslide. It involves sliding over a rail using your deck in the middle as your body is facing the end of the rail. This is considered the easiest rail trick and also the safest one. Almost all riders learn the backside boardslide before other rail skateboard tricks.

Start with an ollie and a frontside 180. Remain on top of the board and then bend from your knees to prevent slipping. Train well to perfect this basic trick.

Backside Feeble Grind

Another beginner skateboarding trick is the backside feeble grind. This is performed on a flat bar and round railings. Grind the bar or ledge using the back truck placed on the rail heel part. The front truck will hang out because of this position. To effectively perform this stunt, stand with more weight placed on your back heel.

Bean Plant

To do the bean plant, take off using the front foot and then pop the tail. Hold the nose of the board with your front hand with the thumb over the grip. Return to your board afterward. This is a skateboard tricks for beginners you should learn well beforehand.


To perform the Biebelheimer, throw the board grip side down and then jump on it when it flips. For this trick, you need extra-durable boards. First, throw the board several times to see how it moves. Find the right time to jump back in.

Blunt Fakie

It is a trick for the mini pipe. Here, your skateboard will go up to the coping and the rest for a while by using the rear trucks.

Board Slide

You’ll perform this trick by riding up to the railings or to anything where your board can glide. Use your chest and toes in doing this stunt.

Bomb Drop

Grab the nose of the board using your front hand and then, hump into your board. As you hold the board, give it a swing. Practice until you can do this naturally. You must learn to land on the bolts as landing in the middle will break the deck.


Another beginner trick is boneless. To land a boneless, hold the outer side of the skateboard, the area near the front wheels, and then jump back on the deck above the back wheels. The stunt should be performed effortlessly so practice until you get it.


The caveman is one of the easy beginner skateboard tricks to learn but it takes constant practice. Hold the skateboard’s nose using the front hand and then put your thumb over the deck. Move a few steps and then move from the ground with the back foot. Get off the board and then land on the area above the bolts. There are many variations of this technique so once you’ve mastered the caveman, you can proceed with more advanced skateboard tricks.


The drop-in is a novice trick and is essential when you’re learning transition skating. To perform this awesome trick, but the board’s tail over the coping. The wheels should be locked over the coping. Afterward, place the front foot over the front bolts while you move your body weight to the front leg. After a perfect drop in, roll away from the scene.

Fakie Big Spin

It is the combination of a big spin and a kickflip that you need to perform while in the fakie position.

Fakie Heel Flip

One of the most popular flip tricks. In performing this move, you must be able to perform a heelflip in the regular stance. Also, you should know riding fakie.

Fakie Kick Turn

The fakie kick turn is another easy to an intermediate trick where you must ride backward and then move 180-degrees. Turn your shoulders and head and afterward, push the tail. Move your body and the board will eventually follow.


The firecracker is a cool trick that requires placing pressure over the tail and then riding off from a stairway. But to practice the firecracker, it’s best to start from a curb. Once you’re more confident, you can always find a 2-step stairway to perform the firecracker.

From the top of the stairs, position with slightly angled knees and place only a small amount of pressure over the tail. Maintain your balance and avoid bending forward. Lean only a bit towards the back. This makes so much noise and thus, it’s called a firecracker.

Flip On

The flip-on is an awesome move that many skateboarders love to do. It’s simply landing on the board’s side with your feet over the wheels. It is one of the best flat ground tricks to master.

Frontside Pop Shuvit

In this move, you must scoop forward your one foot. Your board turns in the opposite direction or opposite side while you pop it.

Ghost Kickflip

In a ghost kickflip, jump off from your board and then move a few steps. From a comfortable riding position, just jump off.


This move will involve sliding along a certain object while using a skateboard truck instead of the wheels.

Heel Flip

It is an aerial trick wherein you kick out on your front and flip your skateboard at a 360-degree angle on the axis of your board.

Hippie Jump

The hippie jump is one of the basic tricks you must learn before you land an ollie. This is a way to jump minus popping your board. Start by jumping on the board and then go up. Give the deck a slight push and afterward, move up and down. Land on the deck. Practice landing properly and jumping higher.

Inward Heel Flip

It is a flip trick wherein your skateboard rotates all over the horizontal and vertical axis at the same time.

Kick Flip

In this skateboarding trick, you do an ollie and kick your foot out while flipping the board at a 360-degree angle on the axis with your toes. This will let your skateboard swirl before it lands.

Kick Turn on a Ramp

To do these advanced flip tricks, lift the front wheels by pressing slightly on the tail. Turn your head and shoulders slightly as you ride a ramp. Surely your body will follow suit.


The manual helps you keep your balance. Place your front foot on the front bolts and put the other foot on the tail. Place pressure on the tail and slightly bend the front knee. While performing the manual, keep the back knee strong and straight.

No Comply

Other tricks may seem basic, but this one is quite interesting. Here, you will be using your back knee in making your skateboard pop into the air. At the same time, you need to plant your front foot for a while on the pavement. Another version of this move is the Strawberry Milkshake No Comply.

Nollie – Nose Ollie

This is the opposite of ollie. In doing this skating trick, you push the nose of your skateboard down by using your front foot while your back foot is in the backward direction. Slid your back foot to lift your board off from the pavement. Another version of this move is the nollie shove.

Nose Manuals

The nose manual is a kind of manual trick that uses the board’s nose. Place your foot along with the pocket of the nose while the back foot is on top of the bolts at the back. Lean over the front truck as you balance using your hips. As with the manual, maintain upper body strength.

Nose Pick Up

With this skating trick take off with your back foot as you roll and pop the board using the front foot. The board’s tail will move behind and this is the time you hold the deck.

Ollie – Basic trick

It is one of the most famous skating tricks and the most important trick to prepare for more advanced moves. In this one, you kick the tail of your skateboard downward while jumping. By doing so, your skateboard will be up in the air and will land down along with your feet.

Ollie North

This ollie skating trick is a kind of ollie. However, you’re taking your front foot out on the mid-air when doing this.

Ollie Pick Up

The ollie pick up is another version of the ollie. Ride forward and pop the tail slightly. Place the back and front feet to the ground after popping your board. If you jump back into the board again, this skate trick will be the bomb drop. Start learning this ollie version early to be ready for more advanced moves.

Rail Stand

Place your feet up along the side of the board. Place pressure on the board to flip it. Once it does, your back foot should rest over the back wheels. As the board moves to transition, step on top of the wheels at the back. Assume the rail stand by bringing the front foot backwards. Remain balanced to complete the skate trick. This could be the first trick you want to teach someone who’s already mastered balancing on a board.

Rock to Fakie or the Rock & Roll

This skate trick is all about placing the front truck over at the coping. Nose stall first and then go back downwards. You can rock to fakie which is moving backward or pivoting to your stance to complete the rock & roll trick.

Shove It – Pop Shove It

During a shove it, the board slides to the ground so perform the slide by jumping off the board and jumping back on. The pop shove it, backside pop shove, and frontside pop shove are a version of the shove it. This is one of the more advanced tricks.

Staple Gun

To do the staple gun, roll to a curb and when you’re near, do an ollie but your back foot will remain on the ground. Place the board on top of the curb as you hold the front foot near the bolts and your foot to a 45-degree angle. The position looks like a split but place the front leg back to your regular stance. Take your back foot and put it on the deck to complete the trick.

Tic Tac

Tic Tac is a very easy trick where you move the front wheels from one side to another and afterward, push with your knees to build speed. Practice a few times to perform the tic tac flawlessly.

Wall Bounce

To land this trick, pop the tail slightly and jump or lean forward with the board. The board will move slowly forward and upwards in a cool way.

Ensure Your Safety While Performing Beginner and Advanced Tricks

Skateboarding injuries can happen at the most unexpected time as you try doing some tricks for beginners. The good thing is these injuries are preventable. Here are some tips to help you:

Use a Good Skateboard

A skateboard has 3 parts – the board, back, and front trucks, and wheels. Shorter decks are great for novices because they’re easier to handle and balance. A skateboard has different characteristics for all forms of riding. Be sure your skateboard can effectively support your weight.

Also, always check your skateboard before you use it. Check it for loose screws or any faulty component that can lead you to injuries while riding the board.

Wear Some Protection

Before you step on your skateboard, empty first your pockets and get rid of any sharp or hard objects. Wear protective gear including wrist guards, helmets, elbow and knee pads, and shoes.

Your helmet is very important for your head. Wear your helmet properly. Use a multi-sport or bicycle helmet.

Replace your helmet if it’s damaged, worn out, or has been in use for 5 years. You may even need to buy a replacement sooner if the maker recommends it.

Aside from the helmet, you also need to have wrist guards. They support your wrists and reduce the possibility of bone fracture in case you fall. The elbow and knee pads are also important as they lessen the severity of scrapes and cuts. They even help avoid gravel burns. Replace your grip tape regularly especially when you prefer to ride vert, flips, or ramps.

Look for a Safe Place for Skateboarding

Performing skateboarding tricks can’t be fun if you’re doing them at the right place. To keep yourself away from injuries, you must always do skateboarding and your favorite tricks. Check the surfaces before riding on your board. Always try to learn the previously mentioned skateboarding tricks on smooth surfaces. They should be free from cracks and debris like sticks and garbage.

Avoid doing the tricks in the streets. Also, don’t do them after the rain. When you’re at the skate park, always follow the rules. Stop and observe the skateboarding areas before entering. Also, don’t try doing tricks in a crowded place.

Always Ride Safely

Prevent yourself from falling as much as you can. Although, this is a normal part of skateboarding. You also need to learn how to fall properly to protect yourself against severe injuries.

One thing you can do is practice falling on the grass or soft surface. Crouch down while you fall. Land on the fleshy parts of your body, such as your back or stomach, and rollover. Don’t fall with your hands and arms.

Relax while you fall. Don’t make your body stiff.


Skateboarding tricks bring extraordinary joy to beginner skaters. While they seem exciting to do, you should not forget your safety as well. So, focus on the easiest tricks for now. The 14 skateboarding tricks listed here are worth trying.

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