DIY Skateboarding Helmet Tutorial

Skateboarding helmets are essential gears for you to have when you go for a ride using your board. If it ever comes to a point in your life where you want to build your very own skateboarding helmet, you just have to continue reading.

Making your very own Skateboarding helmet may not be as easy as you may think. It requires tons of expertise and heavy machinery to make one. However, if you are just trying to make one, the result of your own doing shouldn’t surprise you.

Why Make Your Own Skateboarding Helmet? 

Making your helmet is a cheaper way to have a helmet. However, it may not work as great as some that are sold in stores. So, if you want to take it a shot, we highly recommend doing the cardboard helmet. Remember that helmets have a very intricate design, from a rock-hard shell to a soft lining to make your head comfortable.

Why the Cardboard Helmet?

Take note that we are doing a DIY version of the helmet; they would never really come close to the actual things. But if you insist on doing so, the best thing you can do has a cardboard helmet. All the requirements needed can be bought in a local store anyways. It is safe to assume that if you want to create your very own helmet, you won’t be investing in heavy machinery, am I right?

The concept of cardboard paper is based on a specific liner that can be a great alternative to the traditional ones. The liner is a cardboard paper infused with a polymer that can boost water resistance. The typical liners are usually foam-based or cushion-based; however – the cardboard paper we provide is lighter when compared to those two.

Steps on How to Make a DIY Skateboard Helmet

This simple guide we are going to make is not as near as the quality of the ones sold in skate stores, but you get the idea. Still, you can make your very own DIY skateboarding by following these steps:

Step 1: Before you start making your own, get 5 accurate measurements of your head—either horizontal, diagonal, and all sorts.

Step 2: After measuring, cut out two strips of cardboard paper for each of those measurements. Make sure that one strip is pointy, and the other one is curved gradually.

Step 3: Combined each pair of strips by using a glue or any adhesive in your preference

Step 4: Cut out a small cardboard box shaped according to how narrow or wide those gaps would he.

Step 5: Once you are done cutting out those box-shaped cardboards, it is time to glue them together. Emphasize the other side of the tips.

Step 6: Cover other openings by using your spare cardboard strips.

Step 7: Once it has taken the shape of a helmet, glue a paper-mâché all over it so they can become as one. This will help with the overall foundation of the helmet

Step 8: Then, color your skateboard according to your liking.

Step 9: Attach your self-made straps according to your desired position. Make sure to attach it by using strong adhesives or with some tailoring techniques.

Step 10: Apply epoxy to strengthen the overall durability of the helmet. Put importance on the tiny gaps of the cardboard trips you just combined.

Final Words

Making your very own DIY skateboarding helmets in the comforts of your own home might seem impossible, but with our simple steps, they are attainable. However, don’t expect them to be as close as the real deal because making a skateboarding helmet requires high-quality materials and machinery.

At the end of the day, we highly recommend using the traditional ones that are sold in skate stores. You wouldn’t want to risk your head with some serious head injuries because of a cheaply-made helmet.

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