DIY One Wheel Electric Skateboard

DIY One Wheel Electric Skateboard: Step-by-Step Guide

Things are confusing, and you don’t know what to do at the same time. It won’t be the scenario if you have a guide like making a DIY one wheel electric skateboard.

This article will guide you if you want to produce a single wheel electric skateboard. You can do it on your own if you get familiar with its structure.

Once you are introduced to the important parts, assembling won’t be that complicated. You would understand how the parts need to be connected for balance, creativity, and functionality of mind.

The Essential Parts in Making your Own One Wheel Electric Skateboard

Control System

The control system of this electric skateboard goes with a development board. The ATmega322  controller is mutual with this function.

ATmega322 belongs to the AVR; it’s the name of the series of Atmel processors. The operating program is called AVRStudio4.

AVRStudio4 needs to be transferred from the PC to the microcontroller. You can simply find this online by searching for it.

After you have installed and run the software on your computer, it’s ready to be transferred to the microprocessor’s memory.

Accelerometer and Gyroscope for Speed and Balance

These two things need to be solid-state. An accelerometer is the one responsible for the measurement of speed.

Gyroscope is essential in maintaining balance. You can get an IMU Combo Board, which is composed of ADXL320 and ADXRS150 for the needed accelerometer and gyroscope. 

You can also get an ADXL202JE, which is an accelerometer interface board. CRS-03 is compatible with it as it is a silicon sensing system.

The Motor

The right choice for this part is a 24 volt,420-watt motor. It is cost-efficient as it has enough weight to saddle down the board.

There are other options for this part. There are imported ones that are light but go at a high price.

There are cheaper motors that are produced by China or the United Kingdom. You can check them on eBay or other online selling platforms.

The Motor’s Controller

The function of the motor controller starts with receiving the signal from the microcontroller. This signal is used to control the supply of power from the transmission of power. The power finally goes to the motor.

A good motor for your one wheel electric skateboard should be durable. It should have the capability to handle high currents.

You can search for heavyweight combat robots online as they are produced to meet the requirements in making a skateboard. The ideal type should have an extra circuit to avoid any breakage.

You can get OSMC, but each person’s needs differ. You can search for other kinds, and you can find something that would give you your needs. 

You might find it at a low price too.


Sprocket is a kind of wheel with teeth for you to link a chain. It is necessary for you to connect with the motor’s spindle.

What you need is a sprocket with fewer teeth as it delivers smoother internal movements. You can check the products of Asuza engineering.

The company is known for making great sprockets and spindles. There are various sizes, so it means you can get the right one to build your one wheel electric skateboard together with the self-balancing capability.

Main Axel’s Sprocket 

You can find this part in large bike departments. But you can also check it out in sporting goods retail shops and online marketplace.

The main axel needs a huge sprocket, which is bolted with six bolts. The axel that acts as a support to the socket should have a small diameter.


Image Source

You can choose a 219 chain, which is quite thin, and it is usually added to European go-karts. The said chain is available within eBay and other stores. 

You can have the chains shortened to fit the one wheel skateboard. It can be done in your local bike shop.

The Right Wheel

If you want to get the right wheel for your one wheel skateboard, exhaust your resourcefulness in finding the biggest rear wheel. So you can search on Amazon, eBay, or some go-kart shops.

The rule on getting the wheel is bigger and better. Size is needed when talking about the stability of the skateboard and balance for the rider.

Kart Axle 

There’s no given exact measurement for the kart axle’s diameter. You’ll get a kart axle for $40 and make sure it can be your wheel’s hub.


These things are used to connect and support the axel.

Steel Panel

You need other’s help in forming this part. You can ask a machinist to copy the cardboard templates for the needed steel.

A hands-on approach is buying old, discarded steel sheets from metal fabrication businesses and metal sheet suppliers.  Then you can do the experiment on cutting the cardboard frame of your one wheel electric skateboard.

You need to go back to metal fabrication to let them make a duplicate of what you made in a metal sheet. You can learn it by yourself when you want to do it all alone in the future.


Of course, you need lead-acid batteries in 12 volts. They must be powered by 12 amp-hour.

You can possibly work for some combination that works for you.

Your Take in Making a One Wheel Electric Skateboard

It may be a struggle to make this thing in the aspect of balance. But as the parts are introduced in order, you can follow the numeration in preparation and connect them.

You can start at the bottom and go up. You can ask help from people or places that are connected with their parts.

It is challenging to make this thing, but once you get your feet on it, you will feel ecstatic as you’re riding one futuristic creation.

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