DIY Knee Pads

DIY Knee Pads – Comprehensive Tutorial

Knee pads are useful in providing comfort and protection while you are doing some works with your knees. Gardeners, in particular, are using knee pads to secure their clothing while they are down in the dirt. Wearing knee pads will protect the fragile knee joint from the stones.

Knee pads can be bought from any hardware or nearby home improvement store. However, if you want to come up with your DIY knee pads, you can easily create one by simply utilizing some of the available things in your house.

Sample Steps in Making DIY Knee Pads

Some people may think that it is not practical to do DIY knee pads. However, if you have available materials in your house that can be relevant in making your DIY knee pads, then you can come up with good knee protection without spending too much. Here is a sample method of making a DIY knee pad:

Step 1: Find unused athletic socks in your house and fold them in thirds longitudinally. However, if the socks are quite lengthy, then fold them into two, then fold into another half to create a 4-layer pad. The more folding you do, the more comfortable your knee pads can be.

Step 2: Put the folded sock on the lower part of the knee joint – just right beneath the knee cap. Know that the proper positioning of the sock is essential to make sure that it can provide the best service possible.

Step 3: Interlace the plastic grocery bag around the folded sock and the knee. Tighten your knee to confirm the convenience. You may consider interlacing the bag if needed. 

Step 4: Throw the bag once the work is completed. Wash the athletic socks.

Other Materials You Can Use in DIY Knee Pads

You may want to use new fabric to make your DIY knee pads or get that pack of chunk fabric if you like. This is a brilliant opportunity to utilize some of those chunks. Even if you consider buying new fabric, you will not require more than one yard to make your DIY knee pads, and you will have your selection of the fillers. 

Hence, no matter what you desire with regards to the ease of your knees, you can easily make your DIY knee pads. Check your home for other available pieces of stuff that you can use in customizing your knee pads. Why spend the materials of your DIY knee pads if you have something available in your home?

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Benefits of DIY Knee Pads

DIY knee pads give you the advantage of designing your knee pad that gives you the maximum comfort possible. Wearing knee pads is necessary for knee protection. Based on statistics, around 60 percent of knee fractures lead from the weathering of the knee.

Here are the lists of the benefits of DIY knee pads:

  • Protection – As mentioned, a good DIY knee pad will help reduce the injury in the knee, inhibiting patellar rupture. The use of a knee pad will also shield you from being infiltrated by sharp objects. You will never know when and where there can be sharp objects while doing your work. You won’t easily get hurt if you wear DIY knee pads.
  • DIY knee pads are adaptable – DIY knee pads are not only applicable for work. They can also be worn in various sports such as basketball and football, although you just have to make sure that your design is appropriate to your usage. 
  •  Money-saving – Eventually, DIY knee pads will help you save money. The amount of money you spent in making your DIY knee pads is quite very minimal when contrasted to how much you will spend on medication in the event you get knee injury. A knee injury can be serious and may also lead to high expenses. You will not want to experience such injury, so it is always better to wear protective gear.
  •  Confidence – If you ensure the quality of your DIY knee pad, you do not have to worry about the possibility of injuring your knees if you need to kneel on the ground for an extensive time. Wearing DIY knee pads will help you improve your efficiency at work.


There are numerous knee pad options in the market nowadays. However, if you want to utilize some pieces of stuff in your house to make your knee pads, then there should be no reason for you not to do it considering the easy procedures involved in the making.

To secure your knee from the harm caused by sudden accidents, wearing knee pads is important. Work conveniently and fluently without any apprehension by including this accessory in your garment list. With the DIY knee pads, you get to design the most suitable knee pads for yourself plus the advantage that you can utilize your unused items at home.

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