DIY Elbow Pads

DIY Elbow Pads Step-by-Step Guide

Wearing elbow pads will help you protect your elbow against soreness and injury. They are particularly useful for people who engage in sports that include sliding or diving. Certain work activities also include extensive cocking of the elbow. Hence, using the cushioning protection through an elbow pad is important to help avoid injury.

Elbow pads can be bought from different stores. There are several designs and sizes to choose from, so you can easily find your choice of item. However, some people prefer to make their DIY elbow pads. The good thing about DIY elbow pads is that you can personally design and structure your garment based on your preferences and desires.

How to Make DIY Elbow Pads

So, how to make the DIY elbow pads? Well, this task can be quite detailed, so you will have to pay attention to every single step. It may not be an easy thing to do because of the intricate specifications, but one can easily do it if he or she follows the steps.

To help you design your DIY elbow pads, you need to secure the materials. After gathering the materials, proceed with the assembly.

What are the Materials Needed? 

Making your DIY elbow pads may involve several materials. The good thing about it is that you can utilize some things in your house to complete the items below. If not, you may also buy it from the stores. So, what are the materials needed in making your DIY elbow pads? Here the things you need to secure:

  1. Wool sweater
  2. Dense foam
  3. Iron
  4. 36 gauge felting needle
  5. 3 inches heart cookie cutter
  6. Wool roving
  7. Scotch tape

Steps in Making your DIY Elbow Pads 

After you have collected the necessary materials, follow the step-by-step guide to learn how to make your DIY elbow pads by using a sweater. The discussion is made detailed to make sure that you will get everything right. Below are the steps to take:

  1. Check the width versus length. Use a ruler or a measuring tape to get the measurement of the sleeve. You will have to determine how big your elbow pad will be – width versus length. Your pad must not be bigger than the back width of the sleeve and the desired length. Record your desired measurements.
  2. Put on the wool sweater
  3. Put the scotch tape below the elbow
  4. Take off the sweater and tuck in the foam block in the sleeve. Make sure that it is lined up to the elbow area.
  5. Place the cookie cutter on top of the elbow area just right over the tape.
  6. Load the cutter with a little bunch of wool roving and lay evenly. 
  7. Position the needle upright and punch wool many times into the fabric until such time that its surface is almost even and flat. Remember to be careful when doing this to prevent yourself from getting an injury because of the use of a needle.
  8. Take out the cutter as well as the needle and smoothen any uneven portions as necessary.
  9. Prepare the iron and set it to the wool setting.
  10. Cautiously peel away and take out the foam block inserted in the sleeve.
  11. Dredge patch with some water and iron it until it gets smoothen.

Why Make DIY Elbow Pads?

Making DIY elbow pads gives you the advantage of wearing something you are most comfortable with. You get to improve your artistic side and materialize your thoughts. But aside from this, DIY elbow pads will help you relieve the pain triggered by stiff muscle tension. 

If the muscles are not stressed, they happen to get sufficient rest that is necessary for their prosperity. Allowing your elbow to be free from any unpleasant movement will give it time to rest accordingly. Wearing elbow pads will facilitate this benefit to your elbow.


If you are an athlete, particularly a volleyball player, hockey player, skateboarder, skier, wrestler, or cyclist, then you should make sure to wear elbow pads for the protection of your elbow. Even the soldiers are wearing these garments to protect them in case of a strike or fall. However, although elbow pads can be helpful in alleviating elbow pains, it is always recommended to consult a physician in the event the pain does not subside and the pain ranges from moderate to severe.

DIY elbow pads can give you the pleasure of wearing a design that suits your personality and characteristic. With the steps elaborated above, you should be able to create a beautiful elbow pad. With the DIY elbow pads, you do not have to spend a lot because you can be resourceful in terms of completing the materials. Just follow the steps above, and you are good to go. Good luck!

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