Different Types of Skateboard Wheels

What You Need to Know About the Different Types of Skateboard Wheels

Every skater might have few skate decks in their life, but more than a dozen wheels already changed from time to time. This is because this part of your skateboard is the most abused one; thus, it tends to get damaged quickly. 

As much as skateboards have many types, its wheels come in different varieties as well. Skaters must know these differences since every wheel type has its characteristics, which will influence the overall performance of your skateboard. 

So, what are the different types of skateboard wheels? Check these out.

Street Wheels 

Generally, the ideal skateboard wheels for streets are those that are hard with durometer ranging from 99 to 101A. These types of wheels will help you achieve your greatest tricks easily. Ideally, street wheels have a diameter somewhere in 49 to 53mm. These small diameters make them suitable to use in the streets as they are lightweight and more responsive. With wheels having a larger diameter, it might get stuck upon grinding. Since soft wheels provide more bounce, it is indeed not suitable for street skateboarding. 

Cruising Wheels

An opposite of street wheels, cruising wheels are soft. These wheels give you a smooth ride with a size ranging from more than 60mm. When you cruise, smaller wheels are not the ideal choice. This is because these wheels accelerate quickly yet, they do not roll as well. With that, larger wheels are a better choice for cruising. You may use rising pads to avoid the wheels hitting the bottom part of the board. 

Ramp Wheels 

When you ride your skateboard in mini ramps, your chosen ramp wheels should have at least a durometer between 96A and 101A or even 82B. Most ramp wheels must have a diameter of 53 to 55mm. These wheels still allow you to skateboard in streets and even in transitions. 

Vert Wheels 

If you love vert skateboarding, you must choose the right wheels for you. Larger diameter wheels are ideal for this type since it gives a strong grip, thus preventing you from sliding when you don’t want to. Vert Wheel’s durometers are ranging from 96A to 101A. 

In choosing wheels for vert skateboarding, you must choose those who are round-lipped and with a smooth structure. Also, these wheels should have a large contact patch. 

Types of Wheels According to Size 

It is important for every skater, whether already a pro or still a beginner, to have basic ideas on choosing the right skateboard wheels to choose. As one of the most important parts of the skateboard, the wheels will also determine the success and how fun your ride will be. Thus, the size of the wheel is also an important factor to consider. 

Basically, just like any other wheels, skateboard wheels come in a variation of sizes from small to large. Small wheels are ideal for a slow ride, which makes it more suitable for technical and street skating. 

On the other hand, large wheels will help you ride faster. Large wheels are ideal to use for transportation as increased diameter will give speed and balance all in one. 

As there are many types of wheels you can use for your skateboard, it is necessary to choose the right one. Wheels are a vital part of your skateboards, and in any way or the other, the right type of wheel will help you achieve a fun skating.

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