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20 Different Skateboard Shapes to Choose From

Skateboards are not just available in popsicle shapes. New shaped decks were launched in recent years as new forms of street skateboards and park skateboards. These new skate decks were initially created for transition skaters who want to enjoy street and park skating. Let’s check out 20 well-known different skateboard shapes, how these are used, and whether these could best suit the way you ride. 

The Top 20 Board Shapes 

Street Skateboards – Popsicle Shape Streets and Skateparks

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Street Skateboards are flat skateboards which is why its commonly used on streets, highways, and skate parks. These boards have thinner and lighter skateboard decks, smaller than a longboard. Street boards have the classic popsicle deck shape, with smaller and harder wheels to allow you to move comfortably over concrete.

Cruiser Skateboards – Softer and Larger Skateboard Wheels

Cruiser skateboards are medium-sized boards that have softer and larger wheels. These boards are mostly used for cruising around and over soft surfaces. This type of skateboard is a hit among female skateboarders and also for kids and novice skaters because it’s easier to handle and use. 

Mini Cruiser Skateboards – Hybrid Skateboard for Small Shoe Size

The mini cruiser is a cruiser and street skateboard hybrid. It has thin, short decks and narrow decks with big and soft wheels. Mini cruisers are very light and thus, easier to carry anywhere. This is best for street skaters and also for cruising and of course, it’s one of the good size skateboards among kids, beginners, and female skateboarders. 

Old School Skateboards – Old Fashioned Design and Shape

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Old school skateboards or old school street decks have a wider skateboard deck, larger wheels, and are bigger than other skateboards when compared. Almost all old school boards are heavy-duty and very sturdy. The design is mostly old-fashioned with very minimal colors. Old-school skateboards or old school pool decks are for casual skaters and for collectors who love a good buy.

Double Kick Popsicle Skateboards – Double Kicks With Unique Deck Structures

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This type of skateboard shape comes with a double kick from both ends. The skateboard decks are bigger and wider and come with very strong wheels and a symmetrical shape. Double kick popsicle boards have the correct deck width for trick performers and professional skaters. This is not a good match for females and kids. 

Step Kick Skateboards – Bigger and Wider Skateboard Decks

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Step Kick skateboards are also called kicks. These have bigger and much wider skate decks and large, strong wheels. This type of skateboard is designed for highly professional skaters and not for beginner riders. 

Classic Longboards – Longer and Wider Standard Deck Shape

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The classic longboard comes with a longer and wider deck or skate deck. large and strong wheels and with a nose and tail that have different shapes. This type of skateboard is best for all ages and also for people who want to use a skateboard for long-distance commuting and cruising.

Downhill Longboards/Skateboards – Lower and Faster Wider Boards

Downhill skateboards or longboard skateboards are lower and closer to the ground. These have larger wheels and can reach speeds up to 45 miles an hour. It’s best for racers and professional skateboarders and it’s not for cruising and for performing different flip tricks. 

Twin Tip Longboards – Best Boards for Racers and Pros

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Twin tips come with symmetrically shaped noses and tails. These have a longer skateboard deck and larger wheels. Twin tipped shaped boards are best for racers and professional skaters engaged in technical skating. This is not for casual skaters or beginner users. 

Freestyle Longboards/Skateboards – Very Flexible Narrow Boards

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Freestyle longboards or skateboards are positioned very close to the ground and come with small to medium-sized wheels. These are very flexible boards, the right skateboard deck for trick performers, freestyle riders, street skaters, and females and young skaters. 

ATS – All Terrain Skateboards – For Off-Road and Street Skaters

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All-Terrain skateboards are ideal for off-road and on-street skating. These have very strong skateboard decks and costly hardware. These bulky boards are for street skaters and cruisers and also for adults and youngsters. AT skateboards are not for kids or very young riders. 

Electric Skateboards – Heavy But Best for All-Around Rides

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No need to push, as electric skateboards are battery-operated with a durable motor that can run 15+ miles. These boards are very heavy because of the motor and battery. This is best for cruisers, skaters, and all-around city rides. Electric boards are not for performing flip tricks.

Rip Sticks Caster Boards – Casual Skating

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Rip sticks are two decks with PU wheels. These skateboards come with a tilted axis and have a simple mechanism. Rip sticks are best for casual skaters, cruisers, young skaters, and kits. It is not for heavy skaters.

Rip sticks are new school street decks because of their weird design with similar deck width and nose and tail. This unique shaped board is best for street skating

Carve/Carver Skateboards – Strongest Skateboard Trucks Available

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Carve skateboards are the best for surfers and carvers as they have very strong and firm trucks. These boards have softer wheels that allow skaters to skate and surf. These are best for kids and youngsters. It is the top choice for skateparks, grails, and skate bowls.

Most decks of carve skateboards are wider. Wide boards will allow you to perform transition skating but it’s not the perfect transition board.

Onewheel Boards – Very Heavy and Durable

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One-wheels are skateboard decks with a single large wheel and are considered a sub-type of electric skateboards. The skateboard deck is very heavy and the wheel is very durable. It’s for skaters, cruisers, and people who are always on the go. 

One-wheel boards may be good for an occasional street session. You can go at high speeds but only on flat ground with this board.

Nickel/Penny Boards – Plastic and Perfect

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Nickel or penny boards have plastic decks and in fact, almost all of their parts are made from plastic. It has a lightweight skate deck, very portable, and flexible. It’s for kids, beginners, females, cruisers, and people looking for an economical skateboard to ride.

Penny boards may not be great to perform tricks and are not for transition skaters but it works for skaters with a simple riding style. This could be the first skateboard for a kid too.

Egg Boards Skateboards – Weird Board Shape Not for Beginners

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These skateboards have egg-shaped decks, wide deck width, and are mostly lightweight from 15 to 25 pounds. These have wooden decks and are ideal for kids, cruisers, females, and girl skaters. But because of its complex  board shape, it is not a good board for beginners. 

An egg board has a wide kick tail and a wider board body. You can hardly tell the deck’s nose as it has one of the weirdest skateboard designs.

Slalom Skateboards – Lightweight and Perfect for Pros

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Slalom skateboards come with a tipped nose, flat tail and are very lightweight. Slalom boards are also available with mini-sized skateboard decks and are very popular among slalom-style skaters, professional skaters, and cruisers. Landing tricks are easier with a slalom skateboard.

Vert Skateboards – Strong Wheels Great for Vert Skating

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Vert skateboards have shorter skateboard decks and very strong wheels, great for vertical skating. Vert skateboards are great for cruising, vertical skating, and all-around riding along streets and rough surfaces. You can boost your own speed with this kind of board.

Pool or Bowl Skateboards – Best for Professionals

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School pool or bowl skateboards come with a wider skateboard deck size, larger wheels, and strong construction making them the best for pools and skate bowls. Some of the popular boards that are best for this type of skating are old-school skateboards, school pool decks, and vert skateboards. 


So which of these different skateboard shapes works best for you? Assess your needs, your level of expertise, and your budget when searching for the right skateboard and you’ll surely find the right one.

What do you think about our list? Did we forget any skateboard shape? Tell us in the comments section below. Also, like and share this article with someone who’s looking for the right skateboard to fit their needs. 

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