Cruiser Wheels vs. Skateboard Wheels

Cruiser Wheels vs. Skateboard Wheels: A Complete Comparison

Most people think that anything made with a wooden plank is a skateboard. Well, there are actually many differences in their variety and type.

When it comes to their wheels, skateboards and cruisers also have differences. As a lover of any boarding sport, you must have the basic idea and knowledge about what makes the cruiser wheel different from the skateboard wheel. 

The Difference Between Cruiser and Skateboard

While some do not mind about the differences between cruiser and skateboard, here’s a brief comparison between the two.  

Skateboarding has many types in which cruising is one of these types. Skateboarding under this category is all about traveling as fast as possible in ramps or skate parks, or even urban areas. In this type of cruising, no tricks are applied by the rider as long as possible without touching or even stopping surfaces. 

Aside from their shapes, there is also a difference between where these boards are more suitable to use. While skateboards have lesser momentum, cruisers are more suitable to ride in rough surfaces. 

The Difference Between Cruiser Wheels and Skateboard Wheels

Cruiser wheels or also called soft wheels to have a diameter of about 54 to 60mm and a durometer of 78 to 90A. This wheel gives a smooth ride because it’s a soft type of wheel though it is usually bigger. Aside from large size, cruisers prefer the rubbery type of wheel because it is usually used for transportation. Built to fit in a deck and to roll fast on different surfaces, cruiser wheels are more suitable to get around all through the town. 

On the other hand, since there are many types of skateboarding, wheels in this general category also come in different types. Skateboard wheels, on the other hand, come in many sizes skaters can choose from. This is because when choosing a wheel, the type of skateboarding you will use and the surfaces are the factors that you might also consider. In skateboard wheels, you can use those that are ideal to use in street style skateboarding. Thus, these wheels usually measure between 49 to 53mm.

If cruising wheels are soft type, skateboard wheels must very hard. In fact, most of these wheels have a durometer ranging from 99A to 101A. This is because, in skateboarding, wheels that provide with lesser bounce are the ideal. 

 Cruising wheels have specific types and variety; skateboarding will depend on the type of skateboarding the rider will use. For example, Vert skateboarding requires wheels larger in size with wider decks. As this type is quite extreme, wheels that offer stability are an excellent choice. 

While there are many types of wheels available to use, a lot of skaters ask what the best choice is.  Your chosen wheels must depend on the type of skateboarding you want to use. Different variety of wheels give different capabilities when used; thus, choose what suits your capabilities and preferences. 

As cruising is just part of the many types of skateboarding, cruiser wheels are also part of the many types of skateboarding wheels. In the end, aside from the type of wheels, the quality and the suitability will also matter.

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