Craziest Electric Skateboard Tricks You Should Try

10 Craziest Electric Skateboard Tricks You Should Try

One thing that needs to be understood about using an electric skateboard is that there’s so much more than you can expect with getting the best experience than just rolling, pushing, balancing, pushing, turning, and stopping. In fact, you will only be able to feel the real thrill when you learn some crazy tricks using your electric skateboard.

This is a dream come true for skateboarders. This is the level when your skill starts to explode and learn the ability to perform some of the most awesome tricks on your board. These tricks typically depend on different factors including your riding style.

Since some of the tricks are difficult to take, it needs patience, practice, and the right electric skateboard. In this article, you will learn about the 10 craziest electric skateboard tricks that you should try.

  1. Axle Stall

This trick requires some other skills. First, it is important to have the right amount of speed to start with. Then, ride up a mini ramp. As you get close towards the top of the ramp, turn into the backside in order to set the axles of your electric skateboard on the coping of the ramp.

Once you have done that, you need to take a pause, leaning back into the ramp before you start turning your lead shoulder and ride away. All of these need to be done in just a split of a second, and this is where the skill is accomplished.

  1. Tick-tack

After you have already felt the balance and comfort on your electric skateboard, along with the increasing speeds, the next crazy trick that you need to learn is “tick-tacking”. The moment that you have already built a comfortable balance whenever you stand on your board, and move on the wheels, then the tick-tack will come naturally come. This is an amazing approach in electric skateboarding, which will additionally improve your sense of agility and balance while skateboarding.

  1. Kick-flip

If you are not yet comfortable with using your board, the kick-flip trick is one of the easiest to start with. The trick involves lifting up the wheels of the board up to 18- degrees from the ground. This can be performed by reclining on the skateboard in order to raise its nose. This need to be done either on the ground, or a ramp, and this will also provide you accurate and quick turn. This trick is the ideal trick to start learning easier tricks before moving to the more complex ones.

  1. Ollie


If you have not tried doing the Ollie yet, you cannot say that you have already started skateboarding. Experts usually say that they learned to perform the Ollie first. This is a pretty straightforward trick which usually involves lifting your body up while the skateboard is on the ground. When doing this famous trick, there is a need to bend your knees before lifting your body, making sure that the tail of the board gets in contact with the ground first.

When you land, do so as you jumped by absorbing the shock, while the knees are bent. Among the things that you need to learn along the way is good timing skills, including accurate foot placement, especially if you want to perform the trick accurately. Gradually start by doing some small jumps. Then you can move to try longer and higher jumps later on.

  1. Heelflip Trick


This stick is pretty much similar to kickflip, though kick-flip is usually done in the opposite direction. For this trick, you can use your back foot in order to raise the nose of the skateboard. Start in an Ollie position, using your back foot in order to lift the face of the skateboard from the ground while jumping.

While still up in the air, put your front foot on the board nose, flicking the board of the back heel. Once the board has flipped, use your feet in holding the board as you land. After mastering this trick, you can try more complex tricks including double and triple heelflips.

  1. Pop Shove It 360 Trick

This trick is accomplished by raising your front up slightly on the board, and slowly scooping the tail of the board using your back front. If this is properly done, you can get the board to spin 180 degrees while up in the air, just like other tricks. Just like other tricks, it is very important to be careful and accurate. When done incorrectly, the board might be overspun.

  1. Inward Heel Flip

This trick is a result of combining the Heel Flip and the Backside Pop Shove It. This inward heelflip is similar to the hardflip trick, and a mirrored copy as well. To perform this trick, place your front foot like you do when performing the Ollie, but close towards the edge of the board.

As you put your front foot on the side, place it in a diagonal way, similar when you slide as you do a heelflip trick. It is very important to learn how to use your back foot for this trick. Set it up like you do when doing a usual heelflip trick, but geared towards the tail edge. While doing this trick, however, you might want to put a little bit of angle on your foot.

  1. No Comply

This trick is considered as an old one. It was invented back in the 80s. This stick is typically performed on the flat ground, such as a parking lot or a skate park. In this trick, you can pop the board in the air using your back knee as you place your front foot on the ground for a moment. It is a cool trick, and not a difficult one. Once you learned this trick, you can learn several other variations of this trick that you can try out.

  1. Blunt Fakie

This trick may not be for you if consider yourself as a complete newbie in electric skateboarding. This trick is similar to a Rock Fakie. To perform this trick, go straight up to a coping into the tail and then pop it back in fakie. This trick is amazing but requires the need to be careful at the same time.

  1. Board Slide



This trick is often called as the Railside trick of skateboarding. In order to perform this amazing rick, there is a need to slide towards the center of the skateboard in between the wheels. This trick is called as such because it is usually performed on the rails, or even on a narrow smooth raised surface such as rails.

This trick is quite impressive to see, giving you a real thrill when doing electric skateboarding. However, this trick can be quite risky for beginners. Therefore, caution is needed to accomplish this trick.


The electric skateboard tricks mentioned above are just some of the craziest ones out there. Anybody can try them really. For the more complicated ones, having experience is recommended in order to avoid possible accidents. It is suggested to master these tricks, starting with the easier ones first, before even thinking of moving to the more sophisticated moves. If all possible, rather than learning the tricks on your own, have a trainer, or somebody experienced to help you out.

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