Countries with the Most Number of Electric Skateboard Users

Top 9 Countries with the Most Number of Electric Skateboard Users

Skateboarding is a popular sports activity in the whole world. However, if you talk about electric skateboards, you will find it popular and legal only in a few countries.

Therefore, if you are a skateboard user who plans to switch to an electric skateboard, then you should find out first if that will be a good move. Here are the top 9 countries with more electric skateboard users:


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This country has made the electric skateboards legal by recognizing them as similar to the bicycles. Riders should bear in mind that their skateboards should run at a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour. Also, the laws implemented about using electric skateboards in the country requires them to install some tools in their skateboards.

To become legal in Norway, electric skateboards should have taillights, headlights, and a horn designed for signaling other vehicles. Also, their skateboards should display a measurable braking power of the allowed minimum. In some instances, an exception can be granted when some tools can’t fit properly.

However, the good news is riders in the country don’t have to buy an insurance policy for their electric skateboards. They don’t even need to register their wheeled devices. Also, they don’t have to pay for any admission fee so that they can use their skateboards on the public roads.

United States

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Electric skateboards are so popular, especially in the United States. However, its use is legal only in the following states:


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The electric skateboard riders living in California have access to a more progressive law in terms of electric skateboards. The California Law AB-604 section 3 article 7 permits the electric skateboard users to ride and take the public bicycle streets including the roads. They can do so for as long as they wear a helmet. Also, the users must be at least 16 years old, and their skateboards should be properly equipped.

The California law also stated that being properly equipped is installing reflectors and a headlight to electric skateboards. Also, the law defines an electric skateboard as a wheeled device that comes with a propulsion system of fewer than 1000 watts and a maximum speed rate of 20 miles/hour. 60 inches is the maximum length while 18 inches is the maximum width.


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The House of Representatives in Michigan passed the legislation that will allow the electric skateboard users to go on the roads taken by cars and bikes. The bill includes the stipulation that the running speed of electric skateboards should be only up to 25 mph. The measure still needs the approval of the Senate before it can finally become a law.


In January 2017, the electric skateboard owners in Singapore are allowed to use their wheeled devices on cycle paths and footpaths. However, they need to watch and maintain their speed. For the footpath, the maximum running speed for riding an electric skateboard will be 15 kilometers per hour. For the cycle paths, skaters can increase the speed to 25 kilometers per hour.

Riding a motorized skateboard in the streets in Singapore is punishable. Therefore, riders steer clear of the byways and highways. Also, they need to ensure their electric skateboards are not more than 700 mm wide. For the weight, their wheeled devices should weigh not more than 20 kilograms.


Sweden also placed the electric skateboards under a similar category with the bicycles. It gives the skaters equal rights with the bicycle riders with exceptions about the speed limits.


The road rules implemented in Australia recognize the electric and non-electric skateboards as wheeled devices for recreation. It puts the electric skateboards under a similar category with the rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, and some other devices featuring a motor.

The skateboarders in the country are categorized as pedestrians. It means the electric skateboarders can’t ride and pass through the one-way streets with more marked lanes, streets with median floorings or any street with posted speed rate limit exceeding 50 kilometers/hour.

At least, the riders can cross the forbidden streets when it is the shortest way to the reverse side. Therefore, if riders are trying to have a spot on the reverse side of a street with a 60 km per hour speed limit, riders can ride on their skateboard all over it. Never do it when the lights are off since the electric skateboards can be used only during the daylight periods in Australia.


Belgium comes with the same principle regarding electric skateboards. In this country, these skateboards are of the same classification as the Segways. It allows the riders to use similar locations as the bicycles, yet with just a maximum speed limit of 25 kilometers per hour.


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Finland thinks of electric skateboards in the same manner with pedestrians, for as long as the speed doesn’t exceed 1kW while the maximum speed is always at 15 kilometers per hour or even lower. Meaning, there are no requisites for registration or insurance of electric skateboards.

If you like to go quicker, Finland lets the electric skateboard riders to be categorized as bicycles. Still, there’s a 1kW limit. However, the legal speed limit is 25 kilometers per hour. No requirements for registration, insurance, or whatsoever. However, riders should equip their electric skateboards with reflectors, lights, and a horn.

Finland is extremely progressive that the country allows the electric skateboards to run in over 1kW power and speed of more than 25 kilometers per hour.


In some countries such as Germany where the electric skateboards are offered as recreational sports tools instead of a vehicle, there are several private properties where riders can take their skates.


This country conducted a test period for the possible new law which will let the electric skateboards on the public streets. When everything is okay, this can be good news for electric skateboard users in Denmark. As of now, Deutschland works on the draft that can cater to light electric vehicles like electric skateboards and allow them to hit the public roads. Everyone is looking for the approval of the proposed law.


Electric skateboards have been the latest addition to the personal transportation category. Given those wheeled devices that arrived before them, it must be just a matter of time before they’re fully addressed in the laws that govern their use.

On the positive note, electric skateboards will be legal to buy and use in each country. As the public started to accept and embrace them for personal transportation, it helped in pushing for faster legal reform.

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