Coolest Longboarding Tricks

10 Coolest Longboarding Tricks

Longboarding has been considered as a great recreation and sporting exercise in different countries around the globe. Due to its unique features, the number of people who would like to learn more about it does not stop in growing, gaining better global attention and positive feedbacks from several civic groups.

Having been mentioned about those who want to learn more of it, let’s take a look at 10 of the Coolest Longboarding tricks that we can do easily and safely.

Knowing the Longboards

Longboards are the bigger version of Skateboards and known to perform faster, better and safer than the skateboards due to their bigger dimensions and more stable materials. Longboarding is considered as a sport and is used in different boarding competitions around the world such as longboarding exhibition, race, dance battles, and big exercising activities.

The 10 Coolest Longboarding Tricks

Walking the Plank

The basic trick of longboarding is when you step on it and you have managed to balance yourself as you slowly push the board away and begin to move down the street. Walking the Plank requires you to balance yourself on bended knees together with your arms and feet.

You also have to train yourself on pushing the board with your left and right foot alternatingly to gain better board control and to regulate your speed in a gradual basis. Another footwork to remember is the changing of your feet orientation from one side to another. This part is called cross-stepping. Mastering this basic trick means that you can do tricks to another level.


One of the most basic tricks that you can do is to shift your board up and down to regulate its speed, making you move like dancing together with your board while riding down the road.

Your board should sway as you move. This movement increases the regulation on the wheels to avoid the Overspeed, contrary to the straight movement and may immediately hit you directly if the board’s speed is left uncontrolled.

To master this movement, a beginner must spend some hours to achieve this trick completely. It must gain the confidence to control the board and drive it sideways to distribute the brake on 4 wheels for effective speed regulation.


Another trick to make is to lift your longboard’s nose slowly from the ground and move on two wheels. This requires better and quicker body coordination to find your balancing spot as you maneuver to the streets. Aside from creating this balance, you must also check the wheels of your board to avoid any harm or injuries that may happen as you try to do the said trick.

Manual takes hours of practice before handling the trick efficiently and without any unnecessary movements from you to retain your balance.


Manual and wheelie are almost the same but the difference is that wheelie requires you to stand with your 2 front tires and lift the tail from the ground. If you have already mastered the manual, then you can do wheelies flawlessly and without any struggle to lift your board up as you drive down the road.

Remember that you must be running on your top speed before performing the said trick.

Tiger Claw

One of the classic longboard movements is the Tiger Claw. It is the trick that requires you to move and pick your board, rotate it and hand it down on the ground and keep on moving.

To achieve this trick, a rider should stand near the tail of the board with another foot on its middle board slightly angled. The speed of the board must be a bit slower to raise the nose of your board and flip it sideward, making the position of the board rotated 360 degrees before landing on the ground. The first position of the board must be the same as its second position before continuing the ride.

Rotating the board immediately is badly important and your thumb should be powerful enough to handle the grip and weight of the board, compared with the rest of your fingers while doing this trick.

Boneless 180

This smooth track is intended for people who need to complete the ground movements before defying the moments of going in the air with their boards and astound the people with their tricks.

Boneless 180 is a combination of classic movements Indy Grab and Foot Plant. To make this trick, one must be standing near the center of the board. After moving the board, crouch and grab the side of the board, imitating the Indy Grab style and place your other foot on the ground parallel with the board. The rider’s foot standing on the ground will be the force that pushes the board up, together with the hand used to grab the board.

After grabbing, jump with a rotation of a hundred and eighty degrees and land smoothly on the board with your two feet in the middle of the board and continue driving to decrease the impact on your body.


After learning the basics, you can now take things to a higher level. Ollie is one of the most important tricks that every longboard enthusiast does. It is the trick that pulls off your board above the ground making you feel like floating before the spectators.

To perform this trick, one must be able to balance and control the speed of the board before pulling it off with your foot and bend your knees as you rise from the ground and safely landing back to the ground.

This trick is a stepping stone in knowing more tricks. Take note that this trick is one of the most used movements by every street border in their performances, defying speed and gravity.


Now that you have learned Ollie, why don’t you do it while flipping your board sideward? It sounds difficult but this trick is worthy of your time and sacrifice! Kickflip is a combination of Ollie and flipping the board, creating a beautifully intense and gravity-defying stunt which riders do for impressive movements.

The secret in doing this trick cleanly is flipping the board and catching it completely before landing on the ground and proceed on riding your longboard. This is not as hard as you think and can take only 2 to 3 days before achieving the trick safely.


One of the toughest tricks to perform while riding on a longboard is the melon. This movement needs you to do the Ollie while holding the side of your board up air and landing smoothly on the ground without having trouble on balancing and sustaining injuries.

To perform this trick, one must get ready to do an Ollie and quickly hold a side of the board and pulling the board nearer to you, making the spectators see what’s underneath your board. However, another challenge is to release the board and bring it back to its upright position moments before landing on the ground.

Melon takes days of patient practice and determination to make the trick successfully done and complete.

The 360

Of all the tricks that you can do, 360 is considered to be one of the hardest movements while doing an Ollie, if not the hardest among them all.

360 requires perfect timing, great balancing, and immediate reaction for the rider. To make this trick, one must do an Ollie and flip the board with a foot and continue riding smoothly.

One must be patient and courageous enough to perform this trick because it will require the utmost understanding and persistence throughout the times that a rider will practice. It needs up to a week before mastering the 360. Also, be reminded that the rider must wear complete safety gear to minimize the impact and injuries that it may sustain because of falling from the board a lot of times.

Drive Safely!

Longboards are designed to boost the recreation that we humans can do in our free time. It should be used with proper safety and knowledge to avoid injuries that may be sustained by the riders.

For beginners, before anything else, they should have bought some safety gear to reduce the impact of falling on the ground during their practices, even to those who are already well-experienced using longboards.

As soon as you have complied with this important reminder, you can now start boarding safely and perform the easiest tricks. Everything starts in their humble beginnings, so must you. Longboarding should not be primarily used in impressing people but on releasing your negative thoughts and knowing other people who are using their boards as well.

Be patient and determined in knowing these tricks. Be inspired by what other longboard riders are doing- know them more and befriend them. Be a part of a peaceful community whose aim is to express themselves through artistic movements that they create with their boards!

Drive safely and enjoy the art of defying speed and gravity!

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