Commuter Longboard

How to Choose the Best Commuter Longboard For You

A lot of skaters are a fan of using their longboard whether going to school, work, or any places nearby as means of their transportation. It has become even popular nowadays due to the fun and excitement it brings to many riders. Additionally, it adds up to their daily routine for the sake of physical fitness enhancement.

When it comes to using longboard when commuting, it normally requires coasting simultaneously low to a flat surface with a firm and calm positioning while sliding down along the extent of an open road or sidewalks. One whose physically fit, commuting using a longboard is one of the best sports or venture in the new era. 

However, before even understanding how to effectively do it, knowing how to choose the best commuter longboard for you can help you through. 

What are the tips? 

In choosing the best longboard for commuting, one should consider the portability, pushability, comfort, and stability. 


One of the essential things to consider when choosing the best longboard for commuting is its portability. Using a longboard for commuting doesn’t mean that you need to use it all the way. There will be a time that you need to carry it and eventually get back on. Having a portable longboard can help you do the things you need to do, especially when you have to get in the store, attend a class, or work. 

A smaller longboard is typically lighter than those larger ones. Yet, when it comes to distance capacity, longer boards are better. In this case, if you look for a longboard for commuting, it is best if it is handy and easily carried. 


For a better and nicer commuting experience, you must opt to have a longboard that can be easily pushed. Especially if you are looking for good speed and mileage, pushable longboards can do the job. It is said to be pushable if the longboard has a low riding deck followed by good bearings and large wheels. 


Who doesn’t want comfort when commuting? Of course, everyone desires to have a great and comfortable experience when longboarding. Longboards with soft wheels can help you go through the pavement smoothly without the challenges from sidewalk irregularities and cracks. Just as discussed above, having good bearing can help you have a sleeker ride as it can reduce such friction. 


Lastly will be stability. In commuting, you do not want to get in trouble from an uncontrollable wave and glide. With that, you should make sure that your longboard has great stability. You can start by having a board that is measured up to 40 inches. If you prefer, you can have it even longer. You can also consider tight trucks. 


Using a longboard in commuting is surely enticing. By understanding the factors to consider in choosing the best longboard, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of your journey in short distances while doing some errands. 

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