can you wakesurf behind a jet ski

Can You Wakesurf Behind A Jet Ski? – Everything You Need to Know

It’s tough to remember, but maybe you have seen someone do it, have heard someone do it, or may have thought about it. You then started guessing if it’s possible. Wakesurfing on a jet ski might be an excellent idea. But can you wakesurf behind a jet ski? Luckily, a lot of people have thought the same thing and tried to use a jet ski.  Most of their answers are the same. 

Finding a good boat for your wakesurfing weekend might be a little too difficult. You are itching to go to the water and have a pleasant time, but no boat is available. The means to get on the water can be remarkably troublesome to have. However, there are a lot of ways to have fun. We get creative as we can to improve things and try to make them work. That’s why when boats are not the best options, a jet ski might perhaps do the same job. Besides, a powerful jet ski can create the same waves as the boat can. Let’s start asking. 

Can you Wakesurf Behind a Jet Ski? 

Now, for the most anticipated question. Can you wakesurf behind a jet ski? Apparently, yes. It is possible. You can wakesurf behind a jet ski, but there are a few reminders you have to take heart. It won’t be easy. Yet, if you are up for the challenge, then it is worth the try. 

Those who have tried wakesurfing behind a jet ski lived to tell the tale of how it should be and offered several tips to make the experience worthwhile. Wakesurfing might feel different on the first try, but once you get used to the surf made by the jet ski, it’s easier to get moving. First, you have to find out the items you must prepare and what you need to start the fun of wakesurfing behind a jet ski. 

What You Need 

Same as wakesurfing behind a boat, you likewise need some equipment to start. The same gears you need whether you are wakesurfing behind a boat or a jet ski. You will need them to let your ride be safe. 

Of course, you will need your trusted wakesurf and your swimsuit. Wearing the right swimsuit will help you get comfortable. Rash guards and other wet suits are also good choices. They protect you well, and they’ll feel warm when the water is a little chilly.  You can wear anything as long as they feel comfortable under a life jacket. Wearing a life jacket is recommended mainly for beginner wakesurfer. It will help you float, and you can easily catch yourself from a fall without any worries about sinking in the water. 

The wakesurf rope is another necessary tool. It’s easy to find this. Almost all surf shops have these types of the tow rope. Since this is wake surfing, you will eventually let go of that surf rope after a moment. Still, surf rope is essential since they are your support when getting up or keeping balance.

How to Wakesurf Behind a Jet Ski 

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The main difference between a boat and a jet ski is the size of the wake produced. A boat gives a larger wake that makes it easier for the rider to wake surf. However, this may not be the case with the jet ski. The wakes are smaller, but they can be adjusted when the speed gets altered. But when wakesurfing, a fast ride isn’t ideal. The tendency is, you won’t be able to keep up with the wake and the speed of the jet ski. Instead, a rate 

of 10 miles per hour or shorter applies best. 

Your set-up must include three people:  the wakesurfer, the jet ski driver, and a middle man observer in between. The middle man will allow good communication between a rider and the driver. Thus, the middle man signals when the rider is ready, and the driver takes the engine to life. This observer is responsible for the signal and the rope. Whatever happens, the onboard observer is responsible for sending the messages between the two to keep all safe and having fun at the same time. 

To start wakesurfing, get into the water and take hold of the rope. Set your feet ready on the surfboard. Getting into an accurate position will help you stand up easier.  It might be hard for beginners to stand up, but try to follow the proper way of putting your heel on the wakesurf and digging them on the surfboard to help hoist yourself up into a standing position. When done, give a signal that you are ready. Once the jet ski starts moving, relax and let the tug boosts you up into a stand position. The driver will set the jets to ski at your agreed speed. Once you’re ready, let go of the rope and ride the wake. 

Once you fall, wait for the jet ski to pick you up again. Repeat the process of standing up the surfboard and riding the wakesurf against the wake the jet ski left behind.


Wakesurfing behind a jet ski is fun as well. You’d get the same exhilarating feeling you always do when doing water sports. It may not be the same as wakesurfing behind a boat, but it still gives the same entertainment. Wakesurfing won’t get any less fun whether you are behind a jet ski or a boat. Having the chance to wake surf behind a jet ski is a welcome alternative, notably when boats aren’t available at hand. 

So, the next time you have a jet ski available, take a ride and try wakesurfing. You’ll never imagine the fun until you are already at the moment. Summer is the perfect time to make waves on the lake or sea near you. 

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