biking vs skateboarding

Biking vs Skateboarding: Which Sport is Better?

Are you into extreme sports? Then perhaps you are familiar with bikes and skateboards. Bikes and skateboards started as a past time or hobby, and bikes, in particular, were created for transportation purposes. But as they both become very popular, they have also become popular sports involving mostly teenagers. 

Biking or BMX (bicycle motocross) and skateboarding are almost similar. These two are rival sports involving freestyle tricks, and they often make use of verts and transitions at skate parks. If you are a beginner to this sport, you might ask your self, which among the two is the better sport.

What is skateboarding? 

Skateboarding is a risky and extreme sport that requires riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. A skateboard is usually made of a specialized maple plywood deck. Coated with polyurethane for durability and smoothness, and it has wheels that are attached to its underside by a pair of trucks. Skateboarding as a sport involves tricks done on verts and transitions that can be found on skate parks. Skateboards are also known as a means of transportation for short-distance travel.

What is Biking or Bike Motocross?

BMX or bike motocross is an extreme or off-road sport that involves the use of BMX bikes or off-road sportbikes. This sport involves racing or stunt riding. BMX riders usually do their stunts on vents and transitions that are similar to what skaters have and also on a race track.

Skateboarding vs Biking: Which sport is better?

To start with, both sports are extreme sports and need you to be extra careful and stay safe at all times.

  • Skateboarding is a fun sport, especially if you get to learn tricks like jumping over gaps, grinding rails and ledges, going down sketch hills, riding skate park verts and transitions, or cruising at a great speed. These are also possible with biking, but they can be more extreme than skateboarding. Freestyle riding can give you more adrenaline rush with its extreme tricks using speed and versatility.
  • Bikes cost more compared to skateboards. An average BMX bike can cost you around $250 – $ 750 dollars, and custom bikes can be more expensive, while a great quality skateboard can cost you between $100-$200. Skateboards do not also require so much maintenance compared to BMX or bikes. 
  • For most people learning how to ride a bike is easier compared to skateboarding, which requires a lot of balancing skills. Skateboarding can be hard to learn from the start as you need to stand on the moving board, find your balance and foot break. While on biking, you just have to know the basics and find your balance. After a few weeks can start learning tricks. 
  • When it comes to safety, though both sports are very risky, biking is more dangerous compared to skateboard, especially when tricks and stunts are being performed like diving into a pipe or getting off the dirt jump. This is because of the fact that the bailing is harder on a bike compared to a skateboard because bikes have bigger parts, which can hurt if the rider crashes.

Both skateboarding and biking are extreme sports that will give you strong adrenaline rushes. What you need to consider in choosing which among the two is the better sport, well it depends on how much fun and risk are you willing to take to get into the sport.

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