Biggest Skateboarding Competitions in the World

9 Biggest Skateboarding Competitions in the World

Skateboard riders have been vastly growing in numbers and their communities have to be organized for better and safe practices while keeping the spirit of brotherhood and competitiveness to be in a higher notch. With this, they have developed sporting and competitions that gives focus on the excellence of their use and riding experience. Come and join us as we check the 9 Biggest Skateboarding Competitions of the World!

The Biggest Competitions

World Skate Park Open

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One of the most sought-after competitions flocked by the international communities of skateboarders, the World Skate Park Open aims to showcase the best of the best skateboarders to gather in a big skatepark and strive to aim for the topmost rank of greatest and boldest skateboard exhibitions that amazes and astounds spectators.

Aside from the intensity of competition, another thing to be considered in this game is the prize that may reach up to more than a hundred thousand dollars and special deals from sporting companies with retailing sets of equipment for skateboarders. It is open for men and women of limited age brackets with top-caliber experiences.

Not to mention its connection with the Olympic Skateboarding Qualification of International Olympic Committee just like its current schedule for the Tokyo Olympiad in 2020 where their winners will automatically gain a slot for the most prestigious sporting event in the history of mankind.

Street League Skateboarding

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Next in our list is one of the largest sporting leagues in the world- the SLS or Street League Skateboarding of the United States. The league started in 2010 and has grown into 25 most promising skateboarders that seek to bring home the most expensive bacon of all the sporting competitions for skateboarders in the world.

Unlike the World Skate Park Open, SLS has different skate parks carefully designed by the California Skateparks scattered across the US and is flocked by skateboarders and enthusiasts. The public has never been failed to go crazy with the great and dangerous stunts and tricks are done by the professional skateboarders molded and fortified by their experiences with different boards that they have used.

It now runs for its 9th year and continues to inspire all skateboarders around the globe to strive harder to craft their skills for the best and be close with the other skateboarders in their areas.

Dew Tour

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Sponsored by Mountain Dew and The Enthusiast Network (TEN), Dew Tour is an extreme sporting event for Skateboarders and other thrilling sports whose stunts and tricks have gone almost out of this world while effectively defying gravity and producing high-speed flawless tricks.

The event was announced in 2004 and held its first competition in 2005 through having a tour across the United States with different key cities as their venues for different sporting events. In 2006, the organizers have given up some sports and reduced to Skateboarding and BMX exhibitions.

The event is covered by the NBC since its first year and continues to gain more digital audience because of the uniqueness of the competition every year, unlike the other sporting events which have been considered as the mainstream of sports branding.


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Considered as one of the oldest sporting events for Skateboarding, X-Games was introduced in 1994 through ESPN and ABC.

The previous sporting events has introduced over 20 Summer and Winter Sporting events that showcase different physical and mechanical disciplines. Due to its increasing popularity within the United States and its neighboring countries, X-Games has introduced additional sporting events that attracts more enthusiasts throughout the globe, rising to further prominence and is now considered as one of the five biggest extreme sporting events with the world, with skateboarding as one of its toughest and most awaited events of all time.

Despite its popularity, its winners are not entitled to any Olympic admission for the bigger global competition due to its liberal rules including the elimination of mandatory drug testing to all of its participants which is a key factor in deterring those who dope to enhance their abilities in their respective sporting disciplines.

Mystic Sk8 Cup

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Mystic Sk8 Cup started as a local competition in Prague, Cech Republic and rose to prominence because of its uniqueness in building or innovating new and existing skateparks every year that inspires its participants to keep on improving their routines and enhancing their crafts as well.

The said competition is open for men and women with a grand prize of exceeding $50,000. This event by the Czechs are also known to roll off with a great concert for its participants and partygoers, as well as giving their local tourism to show off the beautiful heritage of their communities which has been known to be one of the best and oldest European settlements in Europe to remain intact despite the World Wars 1 and 2.

Mystic Sk8 Cup is sponsored by several European companies and has been taking place for the past 25 years. Continuously growing, its participants are not only limited within the European Union but with the Americas, Asia, and Oceania as well.

Copenhagen Open

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Another great European Skateboard Championship, Copenhagen is an annual boarding event in the heart of Denmark’s capital with its participants coming from Europe and the United States.

Started in 2007, the Skateboard Open has successfully drawn crowds across Europe, creating its organizers an idea of creating more venues in and out of Copenhagen, starting with multiple locations within Denmark- from city squares to vacant lots and abandoned warehouses going out to the neighboring countries such as the Netherlands and Germany.

Last year, the competition started in Copenhagen, moving to Amsterdam and going to Berlin for its final leg. The big open lasted for 10 days and primarily showed its support for the Skateboarders and the cultural backgrounds of the countries where they came for.

The competition is open to all veteran, professional, and amateur skateboarders of different races, of two sexes.

Tampa Pro

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Aside from the other skateboarding competitions happening in the United States, Tampa Pro is one of the hippest events solely intended for skateboarding. Starting from Tampa, Florida, the competition eventually grows larger year after year, to the extent that the organizers have to create skateboarding schools for their supporters and enthusiasts as well as information campaigns in using skateboards responsibly.

Tampa Pro runs on its 25th year and never fails to draw a bigger crowd and gain warm receptions from the public. Unlike the other skating events, Tampa Pro has been primarily based in Florida and almost does not move its competitions out of Florida.

The competition is open to men and women of legal ages and has different competition seasons for their different categories. Its partner companies are composed of sporting materials provider, famous shoemakers, and energy drinks.


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Make way for the pride of Australian Skateboard legacy, the Bowl-a-Rama! This Aussie competition has been running for 13 years and never fails to draw attention from the Veteran, Professional and Amateur Skateboarders who flock to Australia to challenge, defend, and enjoy the freedom of skateboarding in the said area.

The great Australian event is regularly held in Bondi Park, New South Wales every First Quarter of the Year with its partners and sponsors hailing from different regions of Australia, primarily from Sydney.

Like the other competitions, Bowl-a-Rama is open for both genders with different categories specially designed and allotted for them.

Winners can take home up to AUD 5,000 and may represent the country with the upcoming Olympiads of every 4 years.

Vans Park Series Pro Tour World Championships

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Special skateboarding sponsored by Vans Company, this Skateboard Series Tour started in Utah and has reached Europe’s Paris. This world tour began in 2016 and continues to draw attention to the rest of the International Skateboarding Community due to the strength of the companies sponsoring the said new event, together with the other innovative companies and government agencies of the United States.

Aside from these profiles, this is one of the first tours to have been completely covered by the Social Media Platforms since its inception in 2016, the time when Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other sites have been booming in the entire world.

Apart from the coverage, the much-awaited part of this tour is the Regional Championships where the best of the best boarders compete for their slot shoulder by shoulder and prove their worth for the championship title that comes with exciting rewards from Vans.

Fly your boards in the sky!

Defying gravity is not as easy as counting 1 to 100. It needs effort, time, and too much patience just to perfect the astounding tricks in front of the spectators in different competitions held in honor of the spirit of free skateboarding across the globe.

These events prove us that skateboarding is not your just an ordinary street dirt anymore- it is now a prestigious community filled with dynamic and great people, united with their love and hope for the spirit of artistry, innovation, and great international missions.

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