Best Skateboard YouTube Channels

What Are the Best Skateboard YouTube Channels to Watch?

A lot of people truly love skateboarding though not everyone can do it. Aside from being an amazing sport, skateboarding is also an entertainment everyone enjoys and loves watching. 

Today, there are many YouTube channels about skateboarding offering entertainment, latest news, tips, and any other thing you will know about in this great and extreme sport. 

Braille Skateboarding

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This famous skateboarding channel with millions of viewers and followers hails number one in any other list. Featuring everything you want about skateboarding, in the Braille skateboarding channel, you will learn the different” how-tos” in skating as well as skills you can learn and use by yourself. 

It is a full-pledged skateboarding channel with brand and business which do not just limit on entertainment but also in different products like boards, apparel, etc. 

RIDE Channel 

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RIDE Channel is an authentic skating channel that offers a wide variety of shows that provide information, tricks, how-tos, interviews, tours, and news about the sport. It also features big names in the industry and promotes major skateboard events. 

Being one of the biggest channels in the skateboarding world, you will never run out of entertainment and information with RIDE Channel. It offers many shows daily, including 30 original shows you will enjoy. 

Trasher Magazine 

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Having millions of viewers and followers, Trasher Magazine might not need a presentation anymore. It is a famous YouTube channel about skateboarding that offers shows, music, photos, news, videos, events, and much more cool stuff you can watch anytime. No wonder, Trasher Magazine is one of the common names in the world of skateboarding. 

Andrew Shrock

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A relatable channel with lots of entertainment is what Andrew Shrock offers. Andrew Shrock is a famous man in the arena of skateboarding, as he shows off his skills and styles. He also features his family and friends with vlogs, random hi-jinx, skating videos, and a lot more. It is a great channel to learn many things about skateboarding with a real-life day to day experience. 


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“Respect the past and create the future” is what the nikeskateboarding YouTube channel believes. With three videos uploaded every week, the nikeskateboarding channel offers you shows to not just give you entertainment but also ideas and skills about skating. 

Everyone knows that when Nike opens its doors in making shoes for sport, skateboarding has bee its mainstream. This Oregon-based brand will not fail you when it comes to featuring skateboarding videos even during those old ones shot during the 90s. 

Red Bull

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Though this channel not only focuses on skateboarding, all its videos about this sport are worth watching for. Red Bull features international and local events as well as both professional stunts or private skate park events. 

Metro Skateboarding 

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While most skateboarding channels merely focus on the greatness of skateboarding stunts and tricks, Metro Skateboarding offers more. As it goes out of the box, this YouTube channel also shows off underground skating compilation from the viewer’s submission. A real source of entertainment and real-life experience, Metro Skateboarding has gained millions of views and subscribers in the world of skateboarding. 

Transworld Skateboarding 

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Transworld Skateboarding or TWS was once the longest-skating magazine before it closed down in March 2019. Despite that, its YouTube channel continues to offer great videos updated regularly. 

With the help of many YouTube channels, it is now easier to watch and be on the latest trend and news about skateboarding anywhere and anytime. More than entertainment, these channels also give news and events which many skateboarding lovers like.

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