Best Skateboard Wheels for Street (2021 Review)

The quality and the size of the skateboard wheels matter a lot. If the wheels are too hard, the ride will be fast, and a little bumpy, and the wheels will tend to slide slightly to let the board re-align to the direction of your travel. Meanwhile, soft wheels will roll over any hazardous objects such as cracks, pebbles, and uneven surfaces. Soft wheels will provide faster and more efficient movement on rough streets and on asphalt.

Naturally, larger wheels are faster but accelerate slower while smaller wheels are slower. The best skateboard wheels for street riding should be tough and should be able to cruise easily. And of course, the size and kind of skateboard wheels also depend on the deck size and shape. And if you’re looking for a new set of skateboard wheels ideal for street use let us help you find the right set with five of the best.

Consider the following when looking for the best skateboard wheels for street riding.

Reviews of the Best Skateboard Wheels for Street Use

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

(Best Overall)

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels are made for burning rubber. But it’s not made of rubber at all. This is from high quality urethane, which is a material that’s not too hard and not too soft. It has a classic design and is a reliable wheel made for riding on rough and uneven surfaces.

This skateboard wheel has the classic logo on one side so you can flaunt your friends you’re using Spitfire Bighead wheels. These wheels have a 99a durometer hardness, which is the best combination of grip, slide, and speed.

The Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels are sold in sets. You can’t buy only one wheel to replace a single damaged wheel. And these 54mm diameter wheels come in different colors to customize your board. You can choose from white and orange (50mm), royal blue and white (51mm), red and white (52mm) light green and white (53mm), and purple and white (54mm) color combinations. These wheels are also available in blue (57mm), green (59mm), and red (63mm) colors and sizes.  

Key Features

  • These wheels are made from very durable urethane.
  • Urethane wheels are grippy and can roll over obstacles like cracks, small holes, pebbles, and sand.
  • Available with the classic logo to show off your stylish and durable wheels.
  • It comes with a 99a durometer that offers the best grip, slide, and speeds.
  • These are available in different colors and color combinations.
  • These come in sizes 50 to 63mm.
  • You’ll get these wheels in a set of four.


  • Diameter of 50mm to 63mm available
  • Durometer of 99a
  • Available in different colors
  • Made of pure urethane
  • Wheels are sold in sets of four
  • With the fun Bighead classic logo and graphics on one side


  • Made from pure urethane for a good grip
  • With proper bearings, are fast and easy to slide
  • You’ll get four wheels in a set
  • With just the right hardness to tackle rough and uneven roads
  • With the classic logo to boost your style
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • You can’t buy only one wheel
  • The classic graphic will come off eventually

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels

(2nd Choice)

Powell Peralta has re-issued the Rat Bones Skateboard Wheels. This wheel came in the original shape and size of the Rat Bones and was manufactured according to the same formula that riders trust. The Rat Bones was a Rollerbones brand, and not many skateboard accessories shops are selling these today. It is lighter compared to Cubics wheels and the Mini Cubics, which were actually phased out due to the popularity of this wheel.

The Rat Bones has a hardness of 90a, which is just the right blend of soft/hard wheels. This comes with a smooth surface with a Rat Bone shape. It’s made from the same formula, which makes it perfect for cruising on the streets and even on skate parks.

The Rat Bones wheel has a 60mm diameter with a width of 44mm. These re-issue wheels are bare (no bearings) and are available in lovely royal blue color. This is available only in one size.

Key Features

  • These are hard wheels, perfect for riding on the street, skate parks, and on your driveway.
  • It is made from the all-original wheel urethane formula.
  • Available in striking royal blue color
  • This is a very smooth set of wheels. Great for cruising and moving anywhere.
  • With a classic Rat Bone shape. This wheel glides effortlessly.


  • Wheel diameter is 60mm
  • Wheel width is 44mm
  • Wheel hardness: 90a
  • Wheel formula is natural, the original formula
  • Smooth wheel surface
  • Rat Bone wheel shape
  • Available in royal blue color
  • Available in packs of 4
  • No wheel core


  • Wheels are made from the all-original formula
  • This set is hard and ready to roll
  • This set comes in easy to see blue color
  • With a smooth wheel surface to conquer any road surface
  • Wheels are just the right diameter and width for cruising/street boards


  • No wheel core
  • Comes in a set, you can’t purchase only one wheel

Santa Cruz Skateboards Slimeballs Skateboard Wheels

(3rd Choice)

The Santa Cruz Skateboards Slimeballs wheels are smooth and perfect to ride on any kind of city road. It has a nice, smooth surface available in 7 different colors and color combinations with green, blue, black pink, blue neon pink, pink, yellow and white with the cool original Slimeball design on one side.

The Slimeballs skateboard wheels come with the classic skateboard cruiser wheel shape. You can use risers to set these up, and you’ll have a cruiser skateboard with a cool profile. And when it comes to hardness, the Slimeballs are 97a rated; therefore, these are not too soft and not too hard. You can carry on riding on different terrains in rough or smooth street surfaces.

Key Features

  • These wheels are smooth and nice, ready to hit any kind of road surface.
  • These come with a classic shape and are ready to set on a traditional or modern-style skateboard deck.
  • Available in seven different colors and color combinations. You can choose any color that will suit your style.
  • You can use risers to create the best street cruiser board.
  • With a colorful and cool wheel design or decal. 


  • Wheel diameter: 60mm
  • Wheel hardness: 78a
  • Shape: classic cruiser
  • Available in seven different colors and color combinations


  • These wheels are smooth to ride
  • These are nice-looking and colorful
  • You can choose from different colors and color combinations
  • These wheels are smooth and soft
  • You can set the wheels with risers
  • Will give you the best cruising experience
  • Ideal for soft or rough terrain


  • Complaints that the wheels are too soft
  • Complaints that the wheels are too slow

Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard

The Ricta Wheels Teal Cloud is ideal for people who want to skate fast and smooth. It is a wheel that will get you through rough spots or when you’re looking for a smoother and more comfortable ride. The wheels are urethane with a 78a hardness rating. It has a classic shape that’s versatile and perfect on the skate park or on the street.

The Ricta Wheels are smooth with a slightly shiny coat along the riding surface that’s grippy on the surface that hits the road. Don’t worry, this grippy coating will soon wear off, and you will soon have a smooth and fast ride.

This has a durometer 78a, which is one of the most common in cruiser wheels. This is a wheel that’s perfect for cornering, or you can roll over sand, pebbles, cracks, and other similar size obstructions on the road. If you want, you can install these with risers which are perfect for cruising around the town.

Key Features

  • These wheels come with a medium shape which will match all types and size of boards.
  • These are versatile wheels ideal for park and street skating.
  • These are smooth wheels with a shiny coating that are initially grippy, but this will wear off soon.
  •  This wheel has the most common hardness level in cruiser wheels.
  • These wheels provide a good grip for easy rolling and cornering. You can rollover small and simple obstructions on the road. 
  • These wheels will let you move over small rocks, cracks, and other similar obstructions.


  • Wheel diameter: 52mm
  • Wheel width: 31.8mm
  • Contact patch: 19.4mm
  • Wheel surface: smooth surface
  • Wheel hardness: 78a durometer
  • Medium wheel profile
  • Available in a set of four wheels
  • Available in six different colors: Blue, Black/White 92a, White/Blue 78a, White/Red 86a, and Purple


  • With a medium profile that’s perfect on any size and shape of the board
  • With a smooth surface with a shiny coat
  • Very tough yet flexible
  • Ideal for the skate park and street skating


  • Complaints about color
  • Complaints about sizes

Sector 9 Nine Ball 70Mm 78A

The Sector 9 Nine Ball is a stunning urethane skateboard wheel made for enhanced control on the road and speeds. It has a hardness level of 78a, not too hard or not too soft because it’s made from top-shelf high quality urethane. The formula for making the Nine Ball is a tested secret from Sector 9, and these have made these wheels perfect for city riding and cruising.

What’s great about Sector 9 is that it comes with a center-set core and a 38mm contact patch. This wheel is green, smooth, and easy to use. It will fit most boards and will be ready to roll once these have been properly installed.

Key Features

  • These wheels are made from top-shelf, high-quality urethane.
  • These were made using a time-tested formula
  • It has a set center core and a contact patch, so it’s easy to connect to your trucks.
  • With a cool design, available only in lime green Nine Ball color.
  • These are lightweight wheels that are fast and easy.


  • Wheel size: 70mm
  • Wheel hardness: 78a
  • Wheel weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Wheels are made from urethane
  • With a center core
  • Contact patch: 38mm
  • Lime green color


  • These wheels are very grippy
  • You can ride on any kind of road (rough or smooth)
  • Provides enhanced control
  • Easy to install and use on any kind of board
  • With ready contact patch
  • Available in lively green color


  • Complaints that the color is incorrect
  • Complaints that it’s too hard

Best Skateboard Wheels for Street Buying Guide and FAQ

Although skateboard wheels look the same, there are qualities that set them apart. Skateboard wheels vary in size, diameter, hardness, and the type of material used. Some wheels are perfect for city riding, while some are ready to ride on a skate park. It’s important that you get the best and the most suitable wheels for your kind of skateboard; otherwise, your ride, safety, and performance will be affected.

What to Look for When Buying Skateboard Wheels for Street Use?

Remember the following when purchasing street skateboard wheels

Size of wheels

The most common value that’s used in measuring skateboard wheels is the diameter. This is measured in millimeters or mm and has a range of 50 to 75mm. The lower the diameter, the smaller the skateboard wheel.

The diameter of the wheel is directly related to how fast you can accelerate and how efficient you can turn. Smaller skateboard wheels are slow, while larger wheels are fast. Smaller wheels are closer to the ground and hence are easier to control. Smaller wheels are perfect for street riding and technical skating. For a beginner or for someone who commutes with his board. The higher the diameter, you’ll be able to cruise better or use the board for vertical skating.

  • 50 to 53 mm wheels – are slower wheels, ideal for tricks and street skating, skate parks, and in skating bowls.
  • 54 to 59 mm wheels – these are average wheel sizes for first-time users, larger riders, and skating on skate parks, skating bowls, streets, and vertical ramps.
  • 60 mm and above wheels – ideal for specialty riders, for longboards, old or old-school boards, dirt boards, downhill skating, and for rough surfaces and for higher speeds.
  • The material used

Polyurethane or urethane is wheels are the best. This material is strong, durable, and will eat up smooth or rough, tough, or easy roads. PU is preferred because it may be available in different colors. Some PU or urethane wheels are see-through wheels, while some are made from an opaque urethane formula.

The hardness of the wheels

Most skateboard wheels have a hardness level of 78 to 100 on the Durometer A scale. Soft wheels come with 78a to 87a hardness rating, and these are perfect for all kinds of rough surfaces like roads and sidewalks. This can overcome common obstacles like pebbles, cracks, and rocks.

Bare wheels

Bare or blank wheels are usually white with no center components. These are also mostly generic wheels that you use to replace only the wheel part of the skateboard and save the bearing s and truck assembly. Bare wheels are less expensive and are often available in sets of four or more.  

Wheel shape and smoothness

Aside from wheel sizes, skateboard wheels are also available in different shapes or sometimes called “cuts.” The most common ones are wide lip, narrow lip, or cruiser shape. The narrow lip wheels are for skateboards that are lighter and have less friction. Wider lips are for heavier skateboards while cruiser type shaped wheels are for commuters and beginner skateboard users. Cruisers have better grip and have rounded lips. But to get the best of both worlds, choose regular wide lip wheels because these are sturdy and very balanced.

Ready to install wheels

Ready to install wheels are the opposite of bare wheels as these are ready to use. These come with the wheel components you need, such as bearings, washers, and covers. You can buy ready to install wheels in different sizes, shapes, colors, and hardness.

Color and design

Because skateboard wheels are available in different colors and designs, you can match your board or deck color or design with the right set of wheels. You can choose from plan retro wheels, opaque wheels, see-through wheels, or wheels with LED lights. You can customize your skateboard according to your preferred style or design.


The brand of the wheels mater most as well. Top brands like Spitfire and Santa Cruz have made a name in skateboard wheels because these are very tough, reliable, and are available in different specs. Most high-profile skaters recognize these brands and prefer them over other names.  And although these wheels are far more expensive than other brands, most users consider these good value wheels.


Are larger skateboard wheels better for street use?

Larger skateboard wheels are better for cruising and for overcoming regular road and street obstacles. If you want to move faster and conquer these obstacles on the street, then larger skateboard wheels are best for you.

Are softer skateboard wheels better for street use?

Softer wheels at 75a durometer are made for riding on rough or uneven roads. These will eat up cracks, bumps, and small rocks, plus you’ll get a smoother and more relaxing ride rather than a very hard wheel.

Are hard skateboard wheels better on the road?

Harder skateboard wheels are ideal for picking up speeds. However, this type of wheel may not do well with riding on the street because these will be too stiff to handle different obstacles. You will also be likely to have difficulty carving or turning with very hard wheels rather than use a semi-soft wheel with medium size.

How often do your change your skateboard wheels?

The answer to this depends on how often you use your skateboard and for what type of activity. Skateboards used in stunts, tricks, and everyday commutes should be changed and maintained at least every other month. For users that hardly use their boards, replacing the wheels may be done twice a year or less. But if you see severe chipping or large broken chunks of wheel material falling off the wheel, then you must replace this right away before you use your skateboard again.

What is durometer?

The durometer A scale is used by skateboard wheel manufacturers to rate the hardness of the wheel. 100 is the highest rating, and a higher number means that the wheel is very hard. The average durometer reading is 99a. If the hardness rating is not stated by the manufacturer, check it out from the product’s official site.

What are skateboard risers, and do you really need them?

A riser pad or a riser is a piece of hard plastic that’s placed between the deck and the truck. This will help increase the height of the board and also to prevent something that’s called a wheel bite. Risers come in different sizes, or you can use two risers to improve the height of a skateboard.


After reviewing the top five skateboard wheels for street use, we consider the Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels as the best one. And we have several reasons why we selected this skateboard wheels. First, it is made from high-quality urethane, which is one of the most durable materials for skateboard wheels.  

The Spitfire Bighead Skateboard is 54mm diameter wheels come in different colors to further customize your skateboard board. Each color corresponds to a particular diameter. White and orange at 50mm diameter, royal blue and white at 51mm, red and white at 52mm, light green and white at 53mm and purple and white at 54mm diameter. These versatile wheels are also in blue with 57mm, green at 59mm, and red at 63mm diameter. Overall, these are the most flexible, easy to use skateboard wheels that will do well with street riding and cruising.

We recommend the Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels for all users who want to ride on the street. And if you think that the Spitfire Bighead brand of skateboard wheels is the best for your street skateboard, check this out from this link.