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Skateboard Movies Every Skateboarder Must Watch

Seeing someone with the same interest as you and how that person conquers challenges and excels afterward won’t fail to amuse you. It will influence you even though it’s just shown in a film.

Skateboarding culture has become known and conspicuous since the 1970s. The construction of skate parks where professional skateboards display their skills to impress the audience is the starting button.

It spreads like wildfire until it begins to appear in fashion, language, music, and choices. So it’s not a surprise if there are tons of movies about skateboarding that you must watch if you are a fan of this sport.

Street Dreams, 2009

The leading role of this movie is played by Paul Rodriguez. Derrick Cabrera is a skateboarder who is deprived of respect that he expects from the people around him. 

However, Cabrera is a very passionate skateboarder. He instead uses negativity as a motivation to continue harnessing and improving his skills. 

The movie shows he was a nobody and a laughing stock at first and his journey in becoming a champion that made many people in awe. But it didn’t go easy as he had to overcome difficult obstacles.

You will love to see how a skateboarder defeated obstacles before one can get sponsorship. It also shows the competitiveness in the world of skateboarding.

Wassup Rockers, 2005

This movie depicts the ineradicable connection between skateboarding and punk rock. Both of them are regarded as elements of an underground lifestyle and fashion.

The leading characters belong to a group of Salvadoran American and Guatemalan American teenagers who are fond of  Ramones, an English punk rock band. They reside in Los Angeles.

The main focus of the movie is their growing up experience. The main characters keep on enjoying skateboarding while they deal with the issue of racism and the constant violence in the neighborhood.

Thrashin’, 1986

If you are familiar with West Side Story, you know the basic plot of this movie.  It discloses the skateboarding culture in America around the ’80s. Fashion and music industries are also associated with it.

There’s an intense rivalry between two skateboarding gangs. It gets more complex as a member falls in love with a sister of one of the members of the rival gang.

You will see some of the best American skateboarders at that time. You will be impressed to see their skills, so does with the movie. 

Mis90s, 2018

Skateboarder, named Sunny Suljic, plays the role of Stevie, a young kid who is amazed at a skateboarding gang. It’s the directorial debut of Jonah Hill, an acclaimed actor.

It shows the friendship that was formed because of skateboarding. Stevie bought a skateboard to join the gang. 

He doesn’t only indulge in the thrill of skateboarding but with alcohol, pot, and sex as well. His skateboarding activities made him prone to accidents. 

It heightens the worries of his mother and elder brother. Film critics give praise to the direction and writing of Hill. 

The characters in the movie are fascinating, that you would be deeply concerned with their plight.

Skate Kitchen, 2018

It’s a teen drama directed by Crystal Moselle. The leading star is a skater called Camille, and it is played by Rachelle Vinberg. 

Her mother started to not allow her to skate after a serious injury she got from skateboarding. As expected, she finds it difficult to dispatch her connection with the sports as she infatuated with it and its culture.

Luckily, she met a group of girls who love skateboarding like herself. She developed a good relationship with them at first.

Misunderstanding takes place, and it leads to a quarrel. It’s a movie that you would like as the happenings between the skater girls are brought into a foray. 

You will see scenes where the girls are on the move with their skateboards as they pass by traffic. They also compete with their male counterparts.

Paranoid Park, 2017

It is one of the best movies that promote skateboarding, and it is in the genre of thriller and drama. It is directed by a well-praised director, Gus Van Sant.

Young skateboarding called Alex accidentally killed a security guard. The victim caught him hopping on freight trains. 

He tried to keep the skateboard that he used for the crime. But the police recovered it. 

The story revolves around the nonsense life of a teenager who wants to be a pro, as well as how he copes with his guilt after the accident. It also heavily shows skateboarding.

The director of this film has the ability to invoke a sense of dread apprehension. He also did well in crafting the scenes with fantastic scenes and music. So viewers have intense and poignant viewing experiences.

Kids, 1995

It is the most controversial skateboarding of all time, as it is an eye-opener. It portrays the vivid yet dark underbelly of the skateboarding culture.

It shows the negative outcome of cultures that develop on the street like skateboarding.  It shows the plague of urban youth.

The story is focused on the youngster named Terry, who is quite disturbed. He’s wasted as he indulges in sex, booze, and drugs recklessly.

He likes having sex with virgin girls, but he conceals the truth that he is HIV positive. He has an encounter with a girl named Jenny.

A massive disaster has exploded on the point that Jenny found that she has HIV. She only had sex with Terry. Therefore, she knows who is to blame.

Gleaming the Cube, 1989

It is valued as one of the most influential skateboarding movies. Christian Slater plays the role of the 16-year-old skateboarder named Brian Kelly.

Brian doesn’t see eye to eye with his parents when it comes to his love of skateboarding. Only his adoptive brother, Vinh, supports him.

Vihn died while he was investigating an arms-dealing racket. Brian chose to seek justice on his own hands as he used his skating skills to chase the criminals. 

The story happens in the 1980s. You will be amazed at the skateboarding scenes since the movie includes superstar skateboarders like Lance Mountain, Mike McGill, and Mark Rogowski.

The Search for Animal Chin, 1986

It’s an iconic and most successful skateboarding film as it’s all about fun, so every skateboard will love it. It’s the first-ever film that features the plot rather than shows the skills of pro skaters.

This movie is all about the journey of the legendary Bones Brigade. The members are Lance Mountain, Mike McGill, Steve Caballero, Tommy Guerrero, and Tony Hawk.

These guys look for a master skateboarding named Animal Chin. 

You will see the most iconic skate ramp that displays the only vert spine that was made in history. Unfortunately, it got destroyed three days after the filming was done.

Dogtown and Z-Boys, 2001

It’s a documentary film directed by Stacy Peralta, who is a legendary skateboarder from California. The story is an autobiography of the director and his well-known skateboarding team called the Z-boys.

It shows archive footage on how skaters push beyond their limits. They go on a dry pool caused by drought all over Venice Beach, California.

The daring acts and stunts shown in this movie are the ones that molded the present skateboarding state. You should not miss watching it if you are interested in the history of this sport.

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