5 Best Skateboard Decks of 2021 (Detailed Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

The skateboard deck is the most crucial part of a skateboard. It is just right to be meticulous when choosing the right deck. Don’t worry though, as we have prepared a list of the best skateboard decks that will fit your budget and your preferences.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks

Made of combined bamboo and maple, the Bamboo Skateboard which is considered to be one of the best skateboard deck brands, comes in a series of decks that highlight flexibility and strength in enduring complex skating tricks. (Check Latest Price)

Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck: This skateboard deck is a lightweight and affordable deck that is designed to support heavier skaters and it also works in any skating skill levels. (Check Price On Amazon)

The Powell-Peralta FlightTM Decks work best for pro skaters who are willing to invest in thinner and superior quality decks. (Check Price On Amazon)

Comprehensive Review & Comparison of the Best Skateboard Decks

■ Affordable
■ Durable
■ Lightweight

■ Flexible

■ Customizable
■ Good for both pros & Beginners
■ Heavy Duty

■ Best Budget

■ Durable Construction
■ Thinner
■ Greater Snap & Rebound

■ Last Longer

■ Cost-efficient
■ Customizable
■ Collective quality

■ Random topsheets

■ Affordable
■ High-quality
■ Many color choices

■ Customizable

Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Decks

(Best Overall)

Furthermore, it is available in several sizes – 8.25 inches x 32 inches; 31.75 inches x 8 inches; or 7.75 inches x 31.5 inches. For its wheelbase, you can have 14 to 14.5 inches based on the size.

The Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Decks are available in the following styles: Nebula, Forest, Cloud, Power, Slash, Geometricity, and Diamond. If you want some more options, you can also consider Camo, Circle, Green Fish, Mountain, Seal, Moso, Sunset and more.

They highlight beachy-themed graphics like volcanoes, surfers and sunsets. These are ideal for skaters who are very passionate about free riding and even carving.

On the other hand, the longboards are perfect for cruising and downhill raising at a fast speed. This brand is for those who are ready to take their skating skills to the next level.

Bamboo is located at Oceanside, CA and a well-renowned eco-friendly skateboard business in the country. This company manufactures longboards and skateboards that are made of bamboo which are from well-managed forests.

In addition to these features, the Bamboo Skateboard decks are trusted decks on the market. This is because of its uniqueness for several reasons.

First, the beginners, they will receive a specialized grip tape. This grip tape is used to attached to the board surface to enhance aesthetics and adherence.

Second, the designs of this deck are quite unique, a vital factor in considering the affordability of its price.

Third, this Bamboo skateboard deck is made of 6-ply Bamboo as well as maple wood. It provides a state-of-the-art and long-lasting performance.

It is one of the major reasons why this Graphic Skateboard deck is considered as a great alternative to maple. This combination of two excellent materials in one deck is designed to help you maintain strength while you boost sustainability.

The bamboos are light materials that offer exceptional pop. This is stronger and works better in absorbing shock than those traditional maple decks.

In addition to these qualities, the bamboo boards offer considerable flexibility. This way, the chances of breaking them under pressure is less. The bamboo offers longevity that lasts for several weeks and months longer regardless of how hard you skate.

Another helpful benefit that these graphics decks offer is that it can let you perform more flexible and more complex riding tricks. With this type of deck, you can hit a half pipe with no breakage, hitting rails, and jumping down stair sets.

What I appreciate most about this deck from Bamboo Skateboards is its quality. It lasts longer and more durable than other known decks. In addition to this feature, it is made with vibrant colors and eye-catching designs.

One greater feature I like is that it offers more pop. I am a skater who checks on pop and it is good to discover a deck like Bamboo.

Lastly, Bamboo Skateboards graphic decks are nature-friendly. They are composed of the best quality bamboo, a form of sustainable material. Bamboo decks are not only high in quality, but they reduce maple.

The information about the Bamboo Graphic Skateboard Deck is backed by data. The Graphic decks, along with other Bamboo skateboards, have been through several tests. They have been proven as the most durable boards today on the market.


  • Works well for different riding skill levels
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple colors and sizes
  • Affordable
  • flexible


  • may snap after a month of usage

Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck

(2nd Choice)

For those who are looking for a plain and simple deck, you have Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck. With its minimalist design, you get an affordable and convenient cost.

This naked board comes in 7.75-inch and 8-inch sizes. The makers of this board have used 7-ply maple and strong types of bamboo materials. It features a steep concave style with its tail and nose raised. This model has been introduced by manufacturers in China and comes in various colors.

Since it is quite affordable, it will be easier for aspiring skaters who have a low budget to buy a starter kit like the Blank Skateboard Deck. Most of us want a cheap skateboard deck especially if it is their first time trying the product or the service.

This Blank Deck is cheaper than other decks with designs. It is due to the reason that the company will not consider cost as a main factor for the designer once it is sold. Thus, you will get a professional and quality deck for less.

On the other hand, this Warning Skateboard Deck is a very common option as a replacement board or for some art projects. If you are looking for a way to express your creativity on a skateboard art, you may use this board as a blank canvas.

You can decorate it as you desired. Generally, skaters are also known to be creative people. With the blank deck warning skateboard decks, you do not have to spend time removing the lacquer to remove their graphics. As a result, you can save much time and energy in preparing the deck before drawing, painting or decorating it.

Another reason why we appreciate Blank Deck Warning is that it is great as a woodworking project. A huge percentage of this blank deck market is the wooden materials that make it viable for any cool project.

This Blank Deck Warning Skateboard Deck offers a smooth ride and a comfortable feel under your feet. It can be used by skaters with different skill levels.

It also allows you to perform skating tricks easily while you achieve enhanced maneuverability. This Blank Deck Warning skateboard deck features a steep concave. This means that you can perform hard turns and ollies.

What I like the most about this skateboard deck model is that it is a deck for all ages. It is also very easy to pinpoint the head and the tail. Plus, it is also durable and strong.

There are various sizes to choose from and each size is designed for a riding skill level of the skater to achieve extra comfort.


  • Heavy duty
  • Useful for both pros and beginners
  • Customizable
  • Best budget


  • Issues on color inconsistencies/stained color

Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck

(3rd Choice)

The Powell-Peralta decks are made out of high-strength fiberglass, hard rock maple from the USA and AirLam (with epoxy resin).  All the graphics have been developed in-house using non-solvent based paints and inks for eco-friendly productions.

It also has a deck nose measurement of 6.56 inches, 14.75 inches wheelbase, and 6.56 inches deck tail. Today, the brand has been well loved by a lot of pro skaters.

These decks generally have thinner and stronger features than a 7-ply. Within 1 to 2 hours, you get to feel it in because it helps you perform many riding tricks that are hard to do in regular 7-ply decks.

Furthermore, these skateboard decks are known for allowing the skaters to extend to their limits. They can help you perform tricks easier, flip faster, and reach higher.

This model has been tested and backed by their elite team of pro skaters to guarantee superb quality. These decks come in various sizes and designs. If you prefer decks measuring around 8.25 inches, the choices are McClain Pro Model – Pilot, Caballero Dragon Ball 243, and the Blair Pro Model – Bushido. There is also 8.45 inches which are Andy Heron Skull.

If you prefer 9-inch and 9.13-inch skateboards, there are Caballero Dragon Ball 216 and Andy Heron Skull respectively. Furthermore, you can have 9.2-inch Caballero Ban This Flight 192 and 9.26-inch Cobra 192.

Lastly, if you are looking for a wider deck, you can have the Shape 280 or the Ripper 280. Both of these decks measure 9.7 inches in width.

As per the manufacturer, there are some improvements made in it. It has become 25 percent thinner, 10 percent lighter, and 10 percent lighter. Plus, it has been made 200 percent stronger and 10 times longer-lasting pop.

Some are available in a mild radial concave shape. These are made of 2-ply fiberglass and 5-ply maple with epoxy for additional durability.

All Powell Peralta Flight skateboard decks undergo a tough test before introducing them to the market. In a strength and durability test video showed by its team, it demonstrates how tough this board when facing the hardest objects. It also educates the skaters regarding flight deck construction’s durability, performance, and strength.


  • thinner
  • last longer
  • greater snap and rebound


  • a bit expensive

Skateboard Collective Blank Skateboard Deck

The development process of this skateboard deck focuses on quality lamination using hard-rock Canadian maple. This way, Skateboard Collective assures retaining the POP and stiffness of the deck.

Aside from being an ideal skateboard deck for all skaters, it is also available in random colorful top sheets. These top sheets from Skateboard Collective give your deck a style wherever you are. It is made of 7 layers of maple which is designed for a sturdy base.

It has a natural bottom that offers a space for you to completely customize it with any artwork, brand swage or desired colors. You can use spray-paints and other materials to come to your desired skateboard graphics.

Other techniques that can be applied in this include ink marbling, wood staining, and wood-burning. You may use a unique combination of patterns and colors to make it brand new and fascinating. These graphics are both vintage and trendy which are perfect for all ages.

This deck comes in 9 inches of shovelnose options and 8.5 inches pointed noise variation. Since the bottom of it is blank, you can add artworks, colors and brand stickers. Moreover, it is also budget-friendly, especially for beginner skaters.

The Skateboard Collective blank deck is created out of cold-pressed maple. It supports weight up to 220 pounds. This board is great for various tricks because of its concavity,

You can perform tricks on ramps and streets. These are also ideal for pros who want to accomplish maneuvers when they skate.


  • customizable
  • collective quality
  • random topsheets
  • cost-efficient


  • chips easily
  • a little steep

CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck

Although it is designed for newbies and inexperienced riders, this deck model works in cruising and performing various tricks.

It is also made of high-quality maple wood which offers a perfect combination of stiffness and flexibility. The CCS Logo Deck is another customizable skateboard deck that allows you to stencil, draw or paint your own graphics.

This is a blank skateboard deck that allows skaters, male or female, to express their artistic minds by making their decks more attractive. Several testimonials by the previous users of this skateboard deck have shared their own masterpiece in painting, drawing or decorating this item.

This is also available in popsicle shape and deck construction made of traditional maple. Take note that it is a deck only and grip is not included.

For the mini type, it is 7 inches in width and 27.75 inches in length. For the cruiser, it measures 27 inches in length and 7.5 inches in width. The standard size is 7.50 – 8.5 inches wide and 32 inches long.

Another amazing feature of this CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck is the variation of wood stain. The top boards may have various stain colors. As you grip this skateboard deck, the stain will be covered. Thus, it will not affect the board style.


  • many color choices
  • very affordable
  • customizable


  • the tendency to break easily

Buying Guide

Whether you are a neophyte or an expert in buying a skateboard deck, the first rule is to know the most important considerations to make. This way, you won’t end up upset and regretful to what you have received.

Let’s say you are going to buy the first skateboard in your life. What are the qualities that it should hold? Is it necessary to check the price?

These are only two of the many questions you will probably have in mind as you approach the store and check for some items on the list. Thus, you will need a reliable guide to pick the best skateboard decks for you in future purchases.

The following details below will enlighten you about a skateboard deck and how to choose the right one:

What is a Skate Deck?

The skate deck, or skateboard deck, refers to the flat portion where you stand on every time you are skateboarding. In general, it is classified into two types – the shortboard and the longboard (also known as the cruiser).

The latter is great for vert and street skateboarding. This cruise type is ideal for performing tricks for both pros and newbies.

The skateboard deck is like the foundation of your skateboard. It defines the scopes of your capability to skate your style and other crucial parts such as the wheels and trucks.

Today, skateboard decks have shown significant progress since its inception in the 1960s. From limited and hard to use to variation and smoothness, skate decks prove how useful they are with many people even in the digital age.

How Often Should You Replace Your Skate Deck?

The answer is that it depends on how hard and frequent you skate. You can replace or upgrade it after some weeks of use or even a year.

There are some signs you should observe in your skateboard decks. One way is to check the tail, sides, and nose of the deck. If you see a sign of breakage or splitting, do not hesitate to buy a fresh one.

Furthermore, if you keep on riding in cold and wet areas, it also warps the board shape. As a result, the skateboard wheels may get uneven. So, it is important to watch out for these signs and replace your board as soon as possible.

For quick and easy shopping for the best skate deck, please take note of the information provided below. These are the factors and important things you should consider when buying a skateboard deck for you or someone else:

Deck Size

Image Source

The size is a primary factor in choosing your skate deck. Finding out the right deck size is not easy since there are so many choices.

The generic guide for determining the correct skateboard deck size is this:

For ages 13 years old and above who are at least 5.3 feet tall, you can try decks with at least 7.5 inches. For ages 9 to 12 with 4.4 feet to 5.3 feet height and shoe sizes 7 or 8, the width of the deck can be 7.3 inches to 7.5 inches.

Kids between 5 and 8 years with 3.5 feet to 4.4 feet height and shoe size of 4 to 6, you can have a deck with 7.0 inches or 7.3 inches. Lastly, toddlers can also have a skateboard deck of 6.5 inches to 6.75 inches.

The typical size of a skateboard is 28 to 33 inches in length (70 to 80 centimeter). This board has 3 parts – the wheelbase (situated between the trucks), the nose (frontal area) and its tail (rear portion).

The most comfortable board size is the one where the deck nose is. It means that you can balance well even without spreading your feet so far apart. For some stores, they provide their in-store customers with a measurement guide. They just have to stand closer to the board to check their sizes.


Experts suggest choosing a skateboard deck based on its width and not in length. Take note that the standard skateboard deck width is 7.5 inches to 8.25 inches.

If you purchase a deck that does not match your shoe size and height, you need to exert more energy. As a result, it becomes trick riding and skateboarding too difficult. On the other hand, a board that is too small for your shoe size and height means that you will not feel stable and experience trouble in balancing.

So, when shopping around for a deck, you should ask yourself “what is my skateboarding style?” For beginners, you might be uncertain of your riding style. Thus, the best decision is to find a deck ranging between 7.75 inches and 8.38 inches.

If you have small feet, stick on the tight side of your scale.


How does the skateboard deck’s length affect your overall riding performance? First, learn about the distinctions between a conventional skateboard and the longboard one.

A longer board is harder to spin but more stable when it comes to speed. Most skateboards vary from 31 inches to 32.5 inches (or 78.74 to 82.55 centimeters).


The distance between the inner mounting holes in your board is the wheelbase. This distance will determine how far the back and front wheels should be. For manufacturers, they identify wheelbase through the location of the drilled truck mounting holes on the skateboard deck.

The standard measurement of the wheelbase should be between 13 inches and 15 inches. Skateboards may contain one set of holes or multiple mounting holes. These are intended for the wheelbase options or the trucks.

Your level of experience can affect how you choose the perfect wheelbase. It is because wheelbase adjustment dramatically affects how your skateboard performs.


When looking for the best skateboard decks, it is important to understand their different demands for the bowl, street, cruising, and vert skating. This is the reason behind the existence of various shapes to meet their respective requirements.

Image Source

  • Street Decks The standard shape for this purpose is the “Twin-Tip”. It is often used in street and park skating. In this type, the tail and nose have similar shape virtually for easy ride switch. In terms of form, the standard one is the “Popsicle Shape”.
  • Bowl/Pool Decks These types of skateboard deck are used for transition skating. They are usually wider than the standard size of a deck which is below 8.25 inches.
  • Shaped Decks They are ordinary types but have broader shapes. They resemble the old school skateboards and an upgraded form of new school street skateboard decks. Now, they are called the “shaped decks”.

Originally, these shaped decks were designed for transition skaters. These are the types of skaters who just want to enjoy with street sessions occasionally.

They are so reliable for this purpose because of their curved tails and noses and pronounced concaves. This way, you can do tricks well on the streets.

  • Cruisers A cruiser skateboard differs in width, shape, and length. There is a variety of materials used in making cruisers.

Apart from the pure maple, the makers of this board also use bamboo. They can use the bamboo exclusively or mix it with maple. Some popular cruisers are also composed of plastic which is called “Pennyboards”.

The special characteristics of cruisers are their ease of maneuverability and soft wheels. These features make them perfect for cities. Generally, they are “Ready to Skate” and fully assembled already. They have a flat nose and a small, curved tail.


Concave refers to the sunken part of the skateboard deck which influences the vibe under your feet. The inward of your deck is the descending and upward part on both sides. It flows over the edges and the surfaces of the board.

The more extraordinary and articulated your deck sunken is, the more you can feel the deck state under your feet. Your capacity to determine your feet along with the tail, sides and noise of the deck is very helpful in various aspects of skateboarding. This is useful, particularly with high-speed riding.

It simply means that progress skaters should count on a more articulated inward. Make sure you check this part before making a purchase.

On the other hand, road skaters are those who rely on decks with smooth and gentle inward. It is simply because this type of concave deck is designed for a comfortable foot position.

A skateboard deck having less articulated inward has a wider level surface. Thus, it allows your feet to conveniently position and moves in any areas on your board.

Although there are types of decks used in skateboarding, newbies should understand that there is no genuine standard. For progress skaters, some of them ride on smaller skateboard decks which have minimal inward. Some road skaters are riding substantial boards with an enhanced curve.

More About Concave Shapes

Nowadays, you will find a variety of options for the concave shapes of your skateboard deck. Each of them has its own distinctive purpose that will affect your overall performance – turning, sliding and floating.

Here are the typical curved shapes you can consider when buying a deck:

  • Dynamic The dynamic concave is the updated outspread inward adaptation. However, it presents a lofty divider on its rail which comes with a wider base. As a result, it brings a secure and balanced feel.
  • W-concave This W-shaped sunken features an extra curve in its centreline. Thus, allowing you to move with more vitality from your rear foot to your toes. In addition to this benefit, you can also get more energy, more accuracy, and more responsiveness while skating.
  • Spiral Concave This concave shape is also known as the radial concave. It is the most common one which looks like a U-shape. In fact, most decks use this type as this sunken reassures of a better grasp of feet in various skateboarding styles.
  • Curved This refers to the inverse to an inward deck shape. This type of concave shape features an upward-angle shape. This is made for experienced skaters who perform tricks on downhill rides.
  • Tub This concave shape is also called as the level buckle. This is characterized by the spiral inward but comes with a sharper point on the deck rails. The tub shape helps achieve more vitality with sudden moves.
  • Level This shape is described as a series of dropdowns and pattern longboards. They do not have a curved fit like a fiddle making them uncommon.
  • Deviated This is the sunken shape which can be found in skateboard decks. It differs on how the rails are ascended at different points. It allows the skater to exert more power to its rearfoot area.

Mounting Holes and Rails

The parts where the trucks of the decks are connected are the mounting holes or openings. Meanwhile, the rails refer to the edges that run along the deck length. Their state can completely affect your skateboarding style.

Most decks have simpler performing of flip traps and have adjusted rails. Although some rails have an unpolished and sharp edge, they are intended to keep the shoes set up when sliding.

The most recent discovery on rail is the Gas Pedal Rails (GPs). They can have some parts divided into an inclined edge. This will help reduce rail sharpness. Thus, it diminishes the curve as well.

Ultimately, your final choice will be based on the comfort, ability and personal preferences. If you are familiar with these factors, you will not have any trouble or worry during the selection process.


Each of the top five best skateboard decks reviewed above has its own uniqueness, purpose, and level of quality and performance.  But looking at their features, benefits, and specifications, you will see which one stood out.

It is the Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Deck that possesses the most important qualities of the most outstanding skateboard deck for beginners and genius skaters.  Furthermore, it is available in different sizes and color options which are important to skaters who also consider the deck’s overall style.

Skateboarding is an individual sport. The type and brand of deck you are going to choose should depend on your personal preferences, although various skating styles match distinct board shapes and sizes.

If you are looking for a complete skateboard setup you can buy online, then visit our best skateboard review post.