Best Skateboard Deck Brands: Top Picks for 2021

If you’re building or reconstructing a skateboard from scratch, then you may be looking for the best skateboard deck. Shopping for the best skateboard deck is not as easy as you may think, so here are the nine of the most enduring brands of decks that you need to check out!

Reviews of the Best Skateboard Deck Brands 

Powell Peralta Skateboard Decks

One of the most significant names in skateboard decks is Powell-Peralta. This brand has boards with edgy designs with a skull, dragon, and other Avant-garde images to choose from. All the boards are brightly colored, if not, black with some hyper design. It’s not a deck for regular users because of its very intimidating designs. 

Powell-Peralta decks are not just about designs. It’s also about strength, durability, and safety. Let’s take its popular Powell-Peralta Skateboard Deck Flight 290, this is a strong, thin, and light deck made from layers of maple that are epoxy-infused and fiber-reinforced.

This Powell-Peralta board is ideal for tricks and stunts, as this can help you move easier and smoother. It is longer-lasting, stronger, and thinner and offers better value compared to a 7-ply deck. 

Key Features

  • This is a strong deck that’s ready to use with deck holes ready to receive the skateboard trucks.
  • This deck will let you, Ollie, better and higher and perform tricks easily because these won’t bend or break like a 7-ply deck. 
  • This deck is thinner but is twice the strength of most 7-ply boards. It is resistant to breaking and gives a resounding “pop” when used. 
  • Tested safe and durable and offers better value than 7-ply decks. 


  • Material: maple infused with epoxy and fiberglass
  • Size: 31.45 inches long
  • Shape: a traditional shape
  • Design and color: black with green (different shades of green) design, with the Flight Deck Construction logo


  • This deck is very strong and durable
  • This deck is thinner yet very tough
  • This helps you perform better 
  • This deck is ready to take the truck with pre-drilled holes


  • Currently not available
  • Only the standard deck design available
  • No other colors available

Bamboo Skateboard Decks

Bamboo Skateboards are decks that provide more pop, will last longer compared to maple, and is made from an eco-friendly material. This skateboard will give you more pop compared to boards made of maple. 

Because this board is made from bamboo, it is very hard to break because of its strength. It is lighter than maple and can absorb shock better than maple. Bamboo Skateboards are also tested to be more flexible and stronger than maple and are also eco-friendly. All their decks are made from 6 layers of bamboo and maple, creating a very strong yet flexible hybrid board. These boards come with the flex and the strength and thus will let you perfect tricks and stunts better and more efficiently. 

Key Features

  • A bamboo deck gives you more pop that will impress your audience. 
  • It will last longer than maple boards. These won’t break easily and has shock-absorption properties. 
  • It is also more flexible than maple and has been tested for strength and flexibility. 
  • This is for completing intense jumps and stunts. 
  • Bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative of maple, and this brand is committed to stopping the deforestation of maple trees. 
  • This is a medium-concave skateboard deck made for professionals and beginners 


  • Material: 6-ply bamboo and maple 
  • Size: 7.75 x 31.5 inches, 8 x 31.75 inches and 8.25 x 32 inches
  • Shape: medium concave shape 
  • Design: multiple designs available 


  • Made from very durable material
  • With a good pop
  • Will last longer than maple 
  • Flexible and easy to ride
  • Made from an eco-friendly material
  • Available in different designs and sizes


  • Problems with the printing

Element Skateboard Decks

Element Skateboard decks are made from very strong layers of wood with most of its models bearing the Element logo and name. Most Element skateboard decks also come with a sheet of black grip tape, which helps steady your feet and keep you secure on the deck. 

The brand offers different deck sizes, with the most common having 32 x 8 inches measurements. This deck is suitable for boards made for beginners and professionals. When fitted with proper components, you can guarantee a fast, seamless, and fun ride. The Element deck is also easier to use as it comes with pre-drilled holes for the trucks. 

Key Features

  • The Element Skateboard Deck is a standard deck made from very durable material.
  • It is versatile as you can use this to build a skateboard for street, park, and pool use. 
  • It is a deck that’s built to last because it’s durable and made from top materials.
  • It is easy to use with pre-drilled holes to install the trucks.
  • It comes with a sheet of black grip tape.  


  • Material: 7-ply North American maple
  • Size: 32.06 x 8 inches
  • Shape: standard shape 
  • Design: traditional design with pre-drilled holes
  • Accessories: Comes with a black grip tape


  • This is a professional skateboard deck
  • It will work for professionals and beginner skateboard riders
  • It is a versatile skateboard deck
  • Made from very durable material
  • Comes with a sheet of black grip tape


  • Does not come in other colors, black only
  • Item cannot be returned once the grip tape has been applied to it. 

Baker Skateboard Decks

Another good name in skateboard decks is Baker. It comes in different colors, but all bear the Baker brand in big, bold letters. Baker boards come in standard sizes at 31.875 x 8.25 inches, and thus it’s perfect for cruising, riding, and commuting. The surface is smooth and streamlined, just add a grip tape that comes with your purchase. 

Baker skateboard decks also come with pre-drilled holes, so it’s easier to set the trucks and all other components. The black tape that goes with your order is the Jessup brand of grip tape. This is rough, grippy, and safe to stand on when cruising and even when performing stunts and tricks. This is made from a very strong 7-ply North American maple, and thus it will last longer for many more uses to come. 

Key Features

  • This is a professional – style skateboard deck. 
  • This skateboard deck is long and wide ideal for all skill levels from beginner to pros.
  • This deck is perfect for all environments, including parks, vertical surfaces, pools, and streets. 
  • It comes with the durable and waterproof Jessup Black Grip Tape.
  • This is made from very tough 7-ply North American maple wood.  


  • Material: 7-ply North American maple
  • Size: 31.87 x 8.25 inches
  • Shape: standard shape
  • Design: traditional design with pre-drilled holes
  • Accessories: Comes with a grip tape


  • This comes with a standard size ideal for all types of boards
  • With a cool Baker skateboard design
  • This is ideal for beginners and professional users
  • Comes easy to assemble with pre-drilled holes
  • Comes with the Jessup grip tape


  • With no other designs available

Santa Cruz Skateboard Decks

Santa Cruz skateboard decks come with varying designs with a standard. This brand makes excellent quality decks made from very strong and durable materials. It measures 9.35 x 31.75 inches and thus fits almost all boards, especially skateboards made for cruising, commuting, and performing tricks. 

The Santa Cruz Skateboard Monyo Hand Pressure skateboard deck is one of the most popular decks and comes with a hand design at the back. This is made from very durable layers of maple wood, making this deck flexible as it is strong. It is the best brand of skateboard decks for beginners and professionals and is all ready to use with pre-drilled holes for easy assembly. However, it does not come with grip tape, and thus, you need to order a sheet separately. 

Key Features

  • The Santa Cruz skateboard deck has a standard shape and style.
  • This deck has a cool graphic hand design that you can show off as you launch.
  • It comes with pre-drilled holes for easy truck assembly.
  • This board is ideal for all skill levels.  


  • Material: maple
  • Size:  31.7 x 9.35 inches
  • Shape: standard shape
  • Design: traditional design with a large hand with a mouth on the underside, with pre-drilled holes


  • Deck size is perfect for all types of skates
  • This comes with a cool hand design
  • With pre-drilled holes for easy attachment to trucks
  • With a standard design ideal for beginners


  • Does not come with grip tape

Birdhouse skateboard Decks

Birdhouse has a wide variety of skateboard decks, and probably one of the most popular is the Tony Hawk Crest Old School deck. This deck measures 9.75 x 32 inches, and thus it’s ready for boards for beginners and also for professionals. It is a deck that’s long and wide and is ideal for cruising and moving without worrying about wobbling or uneven surfaces. 

The Birdhouse is ready to assemble as it already has pre-drilled holes for the truck assembly. However, it does not come with grip tape. 

Key Features

  • Large deck size for beginners and for professional use.
  • This comes with the Tony Hawk crest for that old-school feel. 
  • It comes with pre-drilled holes for easy assembly.
  • It does not come with grip tape, and this must be ordered separately.


  • Material: Maple
  • Size: 32 x 9.75 inches 
  • Shape: standard shape
  • Design: traditional design with pre-drilled holes for easy assembly


  • This is an original Tony Stark crest skateboard deck
  • Just the right size for beginners and pros
  • Is easy to assemble with pre-drilled holes
  • Authentic style, traditional shape, and design


  • Does not come with a grip tape
  • The deck surface is too large

Blind Skateboard Decks

Blind Skateboard Decks are decks with a sense of humor. All Blind decks come with colorful, entertaining cartoonish images often with wild, sexual themes like the Blind Skateboards Rudy Johnson FUBK Rear End Rudy Skateboard Deck.
There’s nothing standard about this deck but its size. It is 31.8 x 8.98 inches and thus is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. It is made from 7 layers of North American Maple, and thus, it’s very strong, reliable, and versatile. You can use this deck to construct boards made for street use, skate parks and bowls, and pool use. It is also easier to attach this Blind skateboard deck to a corresponding truck because it already comes with pre-drilled holes. And of course, your purchase of any Blind skateboard deck comes with a sheet of durable and grippy black Jessup grip tape. 

Key Features

  • This deck has standard sizes, and its ideal for all types of boards.
  • Blind decks are fun, humorous, and colorful.
  • This is made from a very durable and versatile North American Maple.
  • You will be ready to use this deck as it comes with pre-drilled holes for trucks.
  • You’ll get more value for your money as it comes with a free sheet of Jessup grip tape. 


  • Material: 7 ply North American Maple
  • Size: 31.8 x 8.98 inches
  • Shape: with a rounded shape on each end
  • Design: with a humorous design, comes with pre-drilled holes
  • Accessories: a sheet of Jessup grip tape


  • This deck has an average size and shape
  • It is meant for beginners and pros
  • Easy to use with pre-drilled holes
  • With a funny, sometimes sexual design
  • With free Jessup grip tape


  • No kicktail

Alien workshop skateboard Decks

Alien Workshop has some of the coolest designs for skateboard decks. This brand is known for their standard size boards that come with a sheet of grip tape.  One of the skateboard deck designs under the Alien Workshop is a basic board called Shelter. This deck measures 31.75 x 8.17 inches and is easy to install because it comes with pre-drilled holes. It has a standard shape, ideal for cruising, commuting, and basic tricks.

And to give you more value for your money, this Alien Workshop comes with a free Black Magic Black Griptape. 

Key Features

  • This is a large skateboard deck at 31.75 x 8.17 inches.
  • This is a suitable board for beginners as well as professional riders.
  • This comes with predrilled holes for easy installation to a standard size truck.
  • It comes with a standard shape and design.
  • This comes with quality grip tape. 


  • Material: 7-ply North American maple
  • Size: 31.75 x 8.17 inches
  • Shape: standard shape
  • Design: regular size with pre-drilled holes
  • Accessories: comes with Black Magic grip tape


  • Ready to use or assemble with a set of trucks
  • Made from durable maple
  • Has a standard size, ideal for beginners and pros
  • With a free grip tape


  • Once the grip tape is applied, it cannot be returned

Enjoi Skateboard Decks

Enjoi Skateboard Decks are popular and very colorful. It has a standard size at 31.8 x 8 inches and comes with a regular design. It is ideal for all skill levels from a novice user to a professional rider. You can take Enjoi decks and assemble your board right away because these are ready with pre-drilled holes. But compared to other decks of the same size and style, it does not come with free grip tape. You’ll love the different colors that this brand comes in. Also, designs are fun and quirky like the Enjoi Skateboards Didrik Galasso Party Animal Skateboard Deck in resin. You’ll also find more animal designs, cartoon art, and edgy designs too. 

Key Features

  • This deck has a standard shape and size 31.8 x 8 inches.
  • This is ideal for all riders, beginner ones to professionals.
  • It comes with pre-drilled holes so you can begin installing the trucks right away. 


  • Material: maple and resin
  • Size: 31.8 x 8 inches
  • Shape: standard shape
  • Design: traditional design with pre-drilled holes


  • This deck is ready for assembly
  • This comes in cool colors and designs
  • With a standard size and design
  • Has a smooth and curved edges
  • This is perfect for beginners and pros
  • This board is ready to go fast and smooth


  • Does not come with a grip tape

Buying Guide and FAQ

Skateboard decks come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Decks are also designed according to the purpose. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed, especially if you’re shopping for skateboard decks for the first time. So whether you’re buying a new board or a replacement one, here are some skateboard deck shopping tips for you.

How to Buy the Best Skateboard Decks

Whether you’re shopping online or from a local skateboard shop, remember the following when shopping for the best skateboard decks: 

Material used

Skateboard decks may be made from wood or plastic. Wooden decks are durable and flexible and usually come in various shapes and sizes. The best thing about wooden decks is you can place any design on the underside. Meanwhile, plastic decks are usually for small cruiser boards. 

Size of the deck

Large decks with wider widths are usually for beginners as there’s plenty of room for balancing and learning various tricks. Long decks are meant for cruising and commuting. Small penny boards and cruiser type boards are also for cruising, commuting, and for basic tricks.

Style and design

You’ll find skateboard decks in various colors, styles, and designs. There are edgy designs, wholesome designs, minimalist designs and many more. You’ll find a suitable design for your taste and interests. 

Brand of skateboard decks

As you may have learned by now, the brand of skateboard decks matters when selecting the best one for your needs. Choose wisely and consider everything, not just the brand. Some not so popular brands may have great features too. 


What material is the best for skateboard decks?

The ideal material for skateboard decks is the kind that’s flexible, strong, and reliable. It has to withstand tension and a certain amount of wear and tear. It should also be designed to meet your needs, whether you’re cruising or moving around the town or performing tricks and stunts. 

What are small skateboard decks for?

Smaller decks are ideal for street boarding and also for vertical skateboarding. It allows you to move effortlessly to perform tricks because it’s small and lightweight. 

What are large skateboard decks for?

Large skateboard decks are perfect for commuting, cruising, and also for basic tricks. Dancing, a new form of skateboarding, is performed on top of a longboard because the “dancer” has a larger room to move and perform different dance routines. 


From our review of nine top skateboard deck brands we find Powell-Peralta as the best. This brand stands out from the rest because of many reasons. First, it has boards with edgy designs, bright colors and has hyper designs. Powell-Peralta decks are also popular for its strength, durability and safety. One of its popular boards, the Powell-Peralta Skateboard Deck Flight 247, is a black deck that’s 31.45 inches long. The Flight Deck is a strong, thin and light deck constructed out of plies of maple which are epoxy-infused and fiber-reinforced. 

All Powell-Peralta deck is perfect for tricks and stunts and to help you move easier and smoother. Their boards last longer, stronger, thinner, and you’ll get more value compared to other 7-ply decks. If you think that the Powell-Peralta is your best choice too, check this out from this link.