Best Shoes for Longboarding: Recommended by Experts

Longboarding is a pastime, a hobby, and a sport. It requires impressive skill, the best equipment, and the ideal footwear. Every longboard rider knows how important footwear is in longboarding. You need a stable, flat, and strong shoe to withstand the demands of longboarding. No doubt that the best shoes for longboarding should also be safe as you need to be stable and secure on the board. 

There are many brands of longboarding shoes, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed if you don’t know how to shop the best value. But we’re here to help with the top five best shoes for longboarding.

Check out these shoes from top brands like Vans, Adidas, Converse, and Nike. We’re positive you’ll find these shoes very comfortable, stylish, and perfect for long hours of longboarding. 

Reviews of the Best Shoes for Longboarding

Vans Old Skool Unisex 

(Best Overall)

Vans has to be one of the most popular longboarding shoes. It is available in more than 25 different colors and color combinations, and all have distinct white laces and white stripes on each side. Vans is best for longboarding because it has a very flat rubber sole. You need a flat, secure, and stable sole so you can grip your longboard better. 

Vans has a rubber sole and has that signature waffle-style outsole. This will help you grip the board better. This comes with a vulcanized construction to enhance your comfort and improve durability.

Key Features

  • With a very strong and durable canvas sneaker material.
  • With a strong rubber sole for a better grip.
  • With a waffle-style outsole which improves your board grip and feels.
  • The vulcanized construction improves overall comfort and strength


  • Canvas material
  • With a rubber sole
  • Waffle outsole
  • Vulcanized construction 
  • Available in different sizes for men and women
  • Available in various colors and color combinations


  • With a very flat sole
  • With the trademark Vans design
  • With a strong sole and body
  • You can choose from a wide array of sizes.
  • You can choose from many colors


  • Canvas material not easy to clean

DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe 

(2nd Choice)

The DC Men’s Court Skate Shoe is another flat and perfect longboarding shoe with a rubber sole. This is a very durable sole that won’t easily wear or tear even when you use this daily. This sole is also stable, so it can make you feel stable while on the longboard. 

This shoe is available in different designs, but all bear the black and white DC color and pill pattern tread that this brand is known for. These come with convenient vent holes to allow moisture to evaporate and fresh air to move in as well. 

For added comfort, this longboard show has a foam-padded tongue. It is a lightweight shoe weighing less than 2 pounds. It is a durable, stylish, and comfortable longboarding shoe to check out this year.  

Key Features

  • With a stable and strong rubber sole. 
  • With a well-defined arch and shaft.
  • With moisture wicking features with vent holes for easy breathability.
  • It comes with a trademark pill pattern from DC.
  • With enhanced comfort foam-padded tongue.
  • It is made from very comfortable yet durable materials.


  • Rubberized sole
  • Balanced shaft
  • With vent holes 
  • Pill Pattern DC style
  • 20 different colors and color combinations
  • Available in different sizes 


  • Stable rubber sole to keep you safe on the board
  • Breathable shoe wicks moisture and smell
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Available in different sizes and colors


  • Problems with sizing

Adidas Men’s Daily 2.0 Skate Shoe 

3rd Choice

The Adidas Men’s Daily 2.0 Skate Shoe is a shoe made with imported, 100% durable natural and synthetic fibers. This is available in seven different colors and color combinations but still retains the cool three stripes on each side. You can choose from a blue, grey/black/white, raw white/raw white/black, white/black/gum, legend ink/legend ink core black, black/white/gum, and legend ink/white/black. 

This skate shoe has a flat rubber sole. This makes it easier for you to grip the longboard deck and remain safe even while cruising or working on stunts. It is flat, and the shaft is 6 to 12 inches from the shoe’s arch. The shoe platform is 0 to 3 inches around the shoe. It comes with a textile lining that wicks moisture and perspiration and will make the shoe more comfortable to use. 

The canvas material is easy to clean and maybe spot cleaned after a long day of riding. The laces are removable, adjustable too. This low-profile skate shoe is available in different sizes and will fit men and women alike. This shoe weighs less than 15 ounces, and therefore it’s easy on the feet, especially when you want to ride for long hours.

Key Features

  • Made from very durable canvas and natural/synthetic fibers.
  • With a secure and stable rubber sole.
  • The shaft is well balanced at 6 to 12-inches from the arch.
  • With an adequate platform that measures 0-3 inches.
  • The boot opens at 0-3 inches all around.
  • It is very comfortable to use is lightweight.
  • With a textile lining that wicks moisture and reduces smell.
  • With a strong rubber outsole.


  • 100% fiber and canvas body
  • With a rubber sole and outsole
  • Textile lining
  • The shaft is 6 to 12 inches from the arch
  • The platform is 0 to 3 inches
  • The boot opening is 0 to 3 inches 
  • Available in seven different colors and color combinations
  • Available in different sizes


  • Very comfortable to use and to ride on
  • Very grippy on the longboard surface
  • You can choose from different colors and color combinations
  • With a size that will fit you
  • With a wide opening for easy in and out.
  • With a textile lining that’s comfortable
  • The textile lining will also wick moisture.


  • Sizing problems
  • Hard to clean canvas shoe body 

Nike 615957-028: Men’s Stefan Janoski Canvas Skate Shoe 

The Nike Stefan Janoski Canvas Skate Shoe is obviously made for skating and longboarding. It is made of durable and strong canvas material with a rubber sole. The sole is flat, making it one the best skates for longboards. It has a good grip that clings to your deck to keep you safe on any kind of road. 

The Janoski Canvas Skate Shoe is available in three different colors and color combinations: Black/Sail, Dusty Peach/White-White Black, and Black/Black-Black Anthracite all still with the traditional Nike check logo and design. And aside from shoe color, this skate shoe is also available in a variety of sizes. You’ll surely find the right shoe size that’s right for you. 

Key Features

  • Made of strong canvas material.
  • Canvas material is easy to clean and maintain. 
  • With a flat rubber sole. 
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Canvas material is very durable 


  • Canvas material
  • Uppers made of leather, suede, and nubuck
  • Strong rubber sole
  • Enhanced cushioning
  • Classic minimalist design
  • Honeycomb in the midsole
  • Available in different colors 
  • Available in different sizes 


  • With a classic design, minimalist design
  • Comes with improved cushioning
  • A stylish skate shoe
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Improved board feel
  • Made from very durable materials
  • Tacky and grippy rubber outsole 
  • Flexible and comes with high traction 


  • Problems with fitting
  • Problems with sizing

Converse Men’s Unisex 

The Converse Men’s Courtlandt Canvas is a low-top sneaker that’s made from fabric or textile. It is very durable with a strong rubber sole. This shoe has a flat sole, perfect for gripping your skateboard/longboard’s deck. It secures you to the board so you will feel confident to ride anywhere. 

The Converse Courtlandt canvas show also has a well-defined shaft as it measures approximately low to top from the arch. It is available in three different cool colors: Club Gold/White/Natural Ivory, Field Surplus/White, and Celestial Teal/White. It’s also available in different sizes for men and women. 

Key Features

  • This shoe is made from very durable materials: fabric and canvas upper and rubber sole.
  • The rubber sole comes with a good grip so you can stay safe and secure on the board.
  • The material is very strong and cleans easy.
  • With well-sewn/well-constructed components making it more durable for longboarding and skateboarding.
  • Available in three colors and color combinations.
  • Available in different sizes for men and women. 


  • Imported shoes
  • With a rubber sole
  • With a 100% fabric or textile material
  • The shaft is low top from the shoe’s arch
  • With a court-inspired design
  • In three different colors and sizes


  • Very durable shoes
  • The rubber sole makes it safer to ride a longboard
  • Shaft and arch have an expert design
  • You can choose from different colors and sizes
  • Easy to clean uppers and sole


  • Problems with sizing
  • Problems that the soles are too grippy

Best Shoes for Longboarding Buying Guide and FAQ

No two longboarding shoes are alike. Although all skate shoes have a flat sole, some have canvas or textile uppers. Some shoes have grippier soles, while some have regular yet flat soles. It’s always best to shop for shoes personally from an actual store so you can check if it fits right away. However, it’s still possible to shop online and get the best fit; you just need to measure your feet correctly and understand sizing patterns. Take note, sizing varies per brand and also per country. 

What to look for when buying the best longboarding shoes?

Remember the following when buying the right longboarding shoe:

The correct size counts a lot 

Always check the sizing chart of a shoe before you order. Take a tape measure and measure your feet accordingly. If you don’t see your size, take a size higher, and not lower. Remember that feet are larger in the evenings than in the mornings and thus you must order or buy your shoes in the mornings rather than in the evenings. 

Flat as can be

Your longboarding shoes should be flat to ensure good contact with the board’s surface. The flat underside of the shoe is actually not flat as it has smaller, deep pits that act as grippers to keep you safe on your longboard. 

Materials of the shoe

The material that the shoe is made from should be strong, resilient, and as much as possible, resistant to dirt, dust, and grime. The different parts or components of the upper should be at least double-stitched for strength. The most common materials are canvas, textiles, and rubber. 

Style is also important 

You don’t have to sacrifice style for safety and functionality. There are stylish longboard shoes like DC, Nike, and Adidas. You may also love the minimalistic shoe style, and thus, a pair of Vans is the best for you.

Don’t forget comfort

Overall, the shoes for longboarding must be comfortable to wear. It must be easy on the feet and must not be too tight on the toes and ankles. You must break in your shoes too for at least a few weeks so you’ll be comfortable wearing them. 


Are longboarding shoes bad for your feet?

Longboarding shoes may look like regular shoes, but these lack the components needed by runners and other sports. It’s not bad for your feet as long as you wear them properly while skating or for casual wear.

How to make skate shoes last longer?

Anticipate severe wear and tear when it comes to skating shoes. To make your pair last longer, use super glue to the end of stitching; it’s likely that brushing against the grip tape can cause problems with your shoe’s sole, and the superglue can help prevent these. Also, never use your feet to break. Just let the energy of the scooter wear off. 

Are Puma shoes great skating shoes?

Yes, Puma also has a skateboarding line. These shoes are not just of the best quality but are also safer and well-maintained.  


Our review of the five best shoes for longboarding has resulted in the Vans shoe as the most popular longboarding shoes. This is surprisingly available in more than 25 different colors and color combinations with the same white lace and popular style. It comes with a flat rubber sole to grip your longboard better. 

Vans has the signature waffle-style outsole. This makes it easier to grip board better. And if you think that the Vans shoe is the best longboarding shoes, then check this out from this link