best places to paddleboard in ontario

The Best Places to Paddleboard in Ontario

Paddleboarding is considered one of the most popular water sports that is best preferred in the open ocean. People doing this sport use their arms while lying, kneeling, or standing on a paddleboard or surfboard to swim or paddle forward. With the nature of this sport, you get to have a relaxing leisurely cruise while you get a full-body workout. But what are the best places to paddleboard in Ontario?

Here are the best places to paddleboard in Ontario and other things that you may do aside from paddleboarding:

Balsam Lake

If you’re not ready for a 14-kilometer trip, there’s also a gravel ramp you can use to launch fishing boats in Balsam Lake Drive. Paddling a canoe puts you at the convergence of the air’s two paths and the underneath waters.

When carving a careful shoreline path, get a sneak peek of the happenings as well. The trench cuts directly through the backwoods, the two sides are nearby, and you get to enjoy witnessing the birdlife among the two sides of the stream’s trees and woodland floor. Row amid the tune of vireos and larks while searching for cute turtles and stoats.

Charleston Lake

The lake has one of Ontario’s most delightful commonplace parks, Charleston Lake Provincial Park, with outstanding regular and human-made conveniences for outdoors, fishing, climbing, swimming, and numerous alternative ways to make the most of your relaxation time away from work.

Bass Lake

This little lake is home to Ontario’s Provincial Parks, which remembers site offices like outdoors, cookout regions, a seashore, a jungle gym, a retail location, and rentals on location. Bass Lake’s shallow, clear waters are the ideal spot to figure out how to paddle.

This course’s west shoreline has a swamp region to see untamed life. In contrast, the northeastern piece of the course considers the chance to stop along the shoreline and stroll to the nearby café.

Bon Echo

Kayaks or Kayaks are an ideal approach to encounter wonderful Bon Echo, Provincial Park. As you visit the tidal pond, there is no concealing that it’s perhaps the most well-known exercise. Kayaks, Kayaks, and paddleboards are all over the place, and the quiet waters make rowing along with the tremendous Mazinaw Rock a treat. These little, agile boats likewise offer an extraordinary method to encounter the fantastic local pictographs very close.

Silver Lake

A beautiful little lake off past Perth is a decent spot to paddle with companions. Silver Lake is a commonplace park, yet on the off chance that you continue to pass, about a moment down highway 7, there’s a little spot with a washroom, free stopping, and an extraordinary spot to dispatch from.


The fiercely undulating scene behind Sandbanks Beach is intriguing and standing by to be investigated. Head inland anyplace along the seashore, and you’ll go through steep-sided ridge developments and end up on the shores of the warm and inviting West Lake.

The shoreline and ridge sandwich offers a lot of value for your park confirmation money. The remainder of the recreation center has many camping areas. However, none are close to the ridges, which holds the hills back from being excessively occupied.

Rideau River

The Rideau Canal is a magnificent spot for youthful and old, the same as kayak or kayak, offering the absolute best rowing in Canada. The locks have made a simple paddle slack water framework, and the focal lakes have many fascinating little hiding spots for the paddler to investigate.

There are loads of outdoor areas, numerous with washroom offices. Different marks of access along the Rideau furnish the paddler with simple approaches to get out on the water.

Murphy’s Point

This park in Tay Valley Township provides flawless rowing openings. Go to the beach in the waters of Big Rideau Lake, leaving the shoreline into Noble Bay point. Portage into serene Loon Lake, at that point to the beautiful Hogg Bay, the two have speedboat limitations. There are outing spots, seashores, trails, notable locales, stunning views, and the going with untamed life.

Bruce Peninsula National Park

If you need to paddleboard in an immaculate, clear lake, you need to visit Bruce Peninsula, National Park. When you show up, head to the Cyprus Lake Grotto for the shocking perspectives and gem water, you can accept an oar in the shallow lake. If you love blossoms, head over during June, then you’ll appreciate the yearly Orchid Festival.

Fathom Five National Marine Park

The 22 wrecks found at this park make it amazingly notable nearby, and they make the waters an ideal and mainstream objective for scuba plunging. Tobermory and Flowerpot Island are the ideal SUP spots. Here, you’ll have an awesome chance to see the wrecks underneath you while you ride your board.

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park is a long way from Ontario, however assuming you at any point end up in the Thunder Bay territory, you should visit this great park. Many people will paddle the 12km trail from Silver Islet to the park’s southern tip. Assuming you have the opportunity during your visit, you should go for a climb or do some fishing nearby.


You’ve learned the best places to paddleboard in Ontario. With such countless spots to visit, you ought to consistently design your paddleboard experience already. This way, you will make certain to take advantage of your outing to these staggering lakes. Keep in mind and you should consistently have a rope, so you can utilize your paddleboard as a floatation gadget if you fall.

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