Top 5 Best Longboard Wheels Recommended By Experts

It is always important to consider the best longboard wheels for your deck. Well, it is because the types of wheels you use can affect your riding style. Longboard wheels are not built for long-lasting rides as it can wear down and can cause accidents. It is essential to properly maintain your ride, especially changing the wheels of your longboards. It can be difficult for you, especially if you’re bigger, to find the best longboard wheels that you’ll use. It is because it depends on the style you want, your weight, or how long your deck is. Having said that, how can you choose if there are tons of them available in the market? Well, don’t worry about it, we will help you.

So, we are going to present the top 5 best longboards wheels that are recommended by experts. So, let’s get started!

At A Glance: Our Top Picks

Big Boy 70mm Gel Solid Skateboard Wheels + ABEC 7 Bearings Spacers (Solid Green) – These wheels are cheaper but can provide a smooth grip, stability, and smooth-riding experience for both novice and pros. (Check Price On Amazon)

Orangatang in Heat 75 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels These wheels have a beautiful outlook as well as providing riders with a super stable that can smooth out the roughest roads. (Check Price On Amazon)

Seismic Speed Vent Longboard Wheels – It has more inertia than other wheels of any brand, delivering stability, good grip, and smooth riding experience. (Check Price On Amazon)

Product Reviews for the Best Longboard Wheels

Sector 9 Nine Ball 70Mm 78A (4)

This longboard wheels from Shark Wheel are unique to most longboard wheels available in the market. These wheels were built from a cube and dead flat on its side, just like a normal cube. However, the wheels are a perfect sphere as it was a hybrid between sphere and cube.

The perception of its square figure is an optical illusion. The left and right cause it bends in the wheel’s three urethane rings, thus the wheels are 100% round as they roll.

The wheels come with a beautiful and sealed package. The packaging is guaranteed for protecting the wheels and will not give any scratches on it. The size of the wheels is 70mm, which is standard for most longboards. The 70mm is the best size for going over bumps or cracks. The durometer is at 78a, providing a soft ride with more stable and comfortable than other types of wheels.

Shark Wheels’ longboard wheels, as said earlier, has a unique design which can also provide some advantage over other wheels. It features a comprehensive control and grip thanks to its widened wheel that can reduce friction. The sine wave design with three lips can allow a strong grip. As you go to a slide, they tend to break away smoothly, and you can recover easily and quickly.

Speed is also essential with these wheels as there is less friction, the quicker your ride will be. Its unique patterns can also allow you to channel sand, gravel, or liquid out from the surface of the wheel. It will enable a better contact area through the ground. It also eliminates the possible hydroplaning or debris related fall.

Moreover, these wheels are scientifically proven to have a 15% longer usage than other types of longboard wheels. It is due to its patterned wave design, and it will allow the wheels to hold different kinds of elements while still on the ride. Whatever type of riding style, these wheels will offer an experience that you’ll undoubtedly rely on.

Some reviews about this product in amazon have ups and downs. One review said that it was over-all good which helps them to maintain their balance and stability during their rides. Most reviews have positive results, although there are some negative ones. For example, one review shows that there are a lot of wear marks as he opens the package. However, the overall ratings of these wheels are high, ranging up to 3.8 out of 5 stars.


  • Unique and innovative design
  • Faster
  • Stable in different terrains
  • Good grip
  • Provides excellent traction and slide control


  • Colors sometimes don’t match with the picture

Sector 9 Nine Ball 70Mm 78A (4)

These wheels are one of the leading top sellers in the wheels market for years for a good reason. The wheels are high in the market for cruising, providing a quiet cruise experience for most riders.

The size of the wheels is 70mm with 78a durometers, which is perfect and ideal for cruising rides. Its packaging comes with sealed plastic, which can protect the wheels from any dents and scratches.

Sector 9 always produced the best for its customers with top and high-quality products. This set of wheels are durable and stable, absorbing any small bumps and cracks very well.

At 78A, the softness of the wheels allows them to absorb vibration as well as providing a ride without wearing too quickly. The wheels are not very squishy and don’t have much lip sticking out width-wise. For those reasons, it can be suitable for doing good slides, if you know how to do it. The round lip breaks the traction more efficiently as well as offering a smoother transition from the grip to slide. So, these wheels are also preferred for freeriding.

The wheels have a center-set core in which the hubs on the wheels are set equidistant from the lips. It results in an even wear as well as a controlled slide. It can also be rotated like a car’s tire to promote even wear and longer usage.

These wheels are also top in the market and one of the best longboard wheels for cruising. It also has a wide range of designs and made out of top-shelf urethane that provides added control through a time-controlled formula.

When you see the Amazon reviews of this product, you’ll notice that there are a lot of positive reactions. Most riders who bought these wheels are satisfied with it, providing them with a good balance, grip, and smoother rides. There are no also problems with installing the wheels on their deck, no wobbling or whatsoever. The costumers rating of these wheels is 4.3 out of 5 stars.


  • High-quality, long-lasting, and durable
  • Providing good grip and stability
  • Smooth riding
  • Perfect for different types of terrain
  • Versatile


  • Colors sometimes don’t match with the picture

Orangatang In Heat 75 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels

If you’re looking for longboard wheels for excellent and stable control when you ride downhill, this is the best for you. These wheels from Orangatang are top quality racing wheels, and most professionals are riding it. It has well-rounded edges which are an ideal type of wheels in concrete or flat surfaces. It is more stable, less wobbly, and comfortable during the ride.

The wheels come in a decent size, at exactly 75mm in diameter. The size can let you get over some of the objects in your ride, especially small twigs, branches, and rocks. The wheels are also big enough that it can only just leap over with less effort. The packaging is made with only cardboard, but don’t let it get you down, as the wheels are more important.

These wheels are best for those who love downhill rides or cruising. The wheels are versatile which is designed for high-speed, including downhill racing and cruising. It is also designed for a better grip for hard carving or pumping. The wheels also provide balance with its 75mm in diameter. It can plow through small rocks, sticks, cracks and even with the roughest roads.

It can also provide maximum traction due to its sharp square lips can grip well while still sliding smoothly. The wheels can maintain and support the balance of the board while it’s moving at a very high speed.

The grip is enough to have a substantial speed with the kick-off while it keeps the friction low between the wheels and the ground. For those reasons, you can pick up speed with a short time. The wheels are made by Orangatang’s urethane formula, which they called “Happy Thane”. It provides an ultra-smooth, fast, plush, and grip with a very smooth slide.

It is also available in 4 durometers, depending on its color, 77a for blue, 80a for orange, 83a for purple, and 86a for yellow. Its encapsulated core can maintain a smooth ride as well as supporting the lips for traction and slides. It is made with high-strength, heat-resistant, and high-stiffness urethane.

The majority of the reviews about these wills are positive, saying this is one of the best Orangatan wheels. They said that they love how these wheels work properly, giving them a stable, comfortable, and smooth ride. The overall rating for this is 4.7 out of 5 stars. Truly amazing wheels for longboards.


  • Durable and can last-long
  • Can go through even rougher terrains
  • Highly versatile
  • Offers a good grip, stability, and balance
  • Smoother ride experience


  • A bit expensive

Big Boy 70mm Gel Solid Skateboard Wheels + ABEC 7 Bearings Spacers (Solid Green)

This product is good to go wheels for those who have a tight budget. The Big Boy 70mm Gel Solid Skateboard Wheels is one of the affordable longboard wheels for cruising. Hence, this is best for riding on smooth surfaces and perfect for those who are new to longboarding or skateboarding. It is also best for those who have mini-longboards. Although it is cheap, these wheels are high-quality and can withstand longer punishments.

The diameter of the wheels 70mm, making it wide to provide better slide control and grip. It also comes with ABEC 7 bearing spacers which make it easier for you to set up if you only have a deck on you. The wheels come with packaging of sealed plastic, together with the bearings spacers.

The wheels are best for smooth surfaces like concretes as well as different types of terrain. The wheels are soft and can go fast through cracks, small rocks or debris, and branches. It will get you on time if you are running late.

The wheels are also highly versatile, and you will have the best cruising of commuting experience. Although, it is recommended that you shouldn’t do downhill to often with this type of longboard wheels.

Expect decent durability that can mostly withstand heavy tears and wear. All in all, the wheels are an excellent choice for those who love smooth rides or with tight-budget.

Even though some riders avoid having these wheels, its reviews have positive outcomes as well as its ratings. Riders, especially those who are beginners, said that it is one of the best longboard wheels for them. Other reviews said that it is the best cheap wheels in the market as of today. The ratings are also considered high, gaining 4.1 out of 5 stars.


  • Cheaper than other wheels in the market
  • It includes free bearing, free spacers
  • Fast speed
  • Ride in many terrains
  • Long-lasting and durable for a cheaper price


  • A bit of noisy

Seismic Speed Vent Longboard Wheels

The best thing about Seismic Speed Vent Wheels is there is more inertia compared to other brands of longboard wheels. By only giving them a push, they will surely roll forever.

The size of the wheels may vary, depending on what you want for your longboards or skateboards. The wheels are available in 73mm x 54 mm, 77mm x 55, and 85mm x 52mm. The wheels come with a sealed type packaging, which is entirely plastic.

The wheels are best for high-speed due to their size and diameter. You will enjoy using these wheels for downhill, cruising, long-distance pushing or even on an electric skateboard.

It also comes with a unique feature. The wheels’ skin, while still fresh or newly installed, it will grip hard. When it is broken, these wheels are super smooth to slide. It is good for long stand-up slides and dialed in drifts.

There are three types of formula available, BlackOps, DefCon, and Clear. The BlackOps is best for high speed as well as pure grip. Defcon is best for high-speed although with a smooth, predictable grip for slides and drifts. Clear provides an enhanced rebound, it is for lots of roll speed and dumps urethane.

Durometers of BlackOps has 76a, 78a, and 79a. Defcon has 77a, 78.5a, and 80a while Clear has 75a, 77a, and 79a.

Take note that this wheel has a costly tag if you have a tight budget on you. However, if you’re not in a hurry for buying wheels, you can spare time to save money and give these wheels a try.

The reviews about these wheels are also good, with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most riders that have hands-on wheels said that it works perfectly on its desired use. It provides an overall satisfaction on its excellent balance, grip, durability, and smooth riding experience.


  • More inertia than other types of wheels in the market
  • Can last long
  • Delivers good grip and stability in high-speed
  • Durable paint
  • Provides smooth riding


  • A bit more expensive

Buying Guides for Choosing The Best Longboard Wheels

Let’s start on how you choose the right wheels for your longboards. There are different varieties as well as sizes of the wheels with different characteristics for a worse or better riding. So, let’s get started.

Wheel Diameter

It is an essential factor to consider before you buy longboard wheels. If you choose the wrong diameter, it can be meaningless as well as causing you to buy another one. There is a close relation between how long is your deck and the diameter of the wheels. A piece of advice, if you have a longer deck, you should need to get a large wheel diameter wheels.

Some pros challenge their selves by using small diameter wheels through their deck. It will surely provide them with a higher speed, although with very low stability. As they are pros, they don’t need a stable ride. However, for most newbies and beginners, it is essential.

On the other way, never use a higher diameter wheel through a small deck. It can cause the wheel bite as well as stopping the longboard suddenly. It will only make your riding experience miserable and prone to accidents.

So, here’s a guide for choosing the best diameter for you, depending on the deck you have.

  • 60mm to 67mm wheels for the deck below 34-inches
  • 68mm to 72mm wheels for 34 to 42-inch decks
  • 72mm to 85mm wheels for 40-inch and above decks


It is a measurement of the hardness of the longboard wheels. There are types of wheels which are hard, and some are soft. Generally, the hard the wheels of the longboard means a higher durometer, providing a faster speed, stability, and balance. However, hard wheels offer less grip.

If you have a wide or longer deck, you need to get a softer type of wheels. The reason for this is that smooth wheels have a better shock-absorbing ability, rather than the harder wheels.

It also depends on your weight, if you think you’re heavy, you should get harder wheels. It is because if you are too light and you use hard wheels, you can’t provide pressure for forcing the wheels to grip through the ground. Moreover, if you are way too heavy, it will result in an increased insensitivity. For example, if you run through small bumps or debris, you can feel it heavily.

Scaling durometers involves with two measuring units. The majority of the companies use the durometer by A scale. Durometer ranges with a scale of 1 to 100, the high the number, the harder the wheels are.

So, let’s see what the durometer of the wheels you needed to use depending on your weight.

  • 75a to 80a for 135 lbs. and below
  • 80a to 83a for 175 lbs. to 175 lbs.
  • 83a to 90a for 175 and above

The shape of the Wheels

Longboard wheels vary in 3 different shapes, as these shapes can affect the overall wheel performance. It includes:

  • Square edge shape: One of the highly popular shapes of wheels due to the strong grip it offers. If you love to go on a high-speed ride, consider choosing this shape of wheels. However, these wheels are not recommended or suitable for an average cruise as well as it doesn’t provide much balance.
  • Rounded edge shape: This wheel is best and suitable for those who love sliding and carving. These shapes of wheels provide less friction on the surface, which is also best for novice and beginner riders.
  • Beveled shape: It is a combination of the square edge and rounded edge wheel shape. Either it is entirely flat or rounded, but these types of wheels can provide a good contact patch.

There is also one other shape of the wheels which is called the wavy edge shape. This shape of wheels provides a smooth ride with excellent control and grip. Although, most riders rarely use these wheels and most of it comes from Shark Wheel.

Contact Patch Size

It is one of the essential factors you need to consider before buying longboard wheels. It is the wheel area in which comes in contact through the ground. It means that the larger the wheels are, the larger the contact patch.

It is essential as the large contact patch can help the wheels to go faster as the rider’s weight distributed over the large area. It is the point to decrease the compression of the urethane through the wheels while reducing the rolling distance. The size of the contact patch can also be affected by the shape of the wheels.

Wheel Core

If you ever look at thousands of wheels that are available in the market, you’ll start to notice two different wheels. One wheel is made out of entirely polyurethane core while the other one is made out of the plastic core. How long you keep on having smooth rides and how your wheels can last will depend on the wheel core.

If your wheels roll within a high speed in a longer duration, the bearings will start to heat. One thing that will pass the heat on the wheels for preventing any kind of melt or deformation is the wheel core.


Well, for us, the best longboard wheels are the Orangatang In Heat 75 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels. Even it’s a bit pricey, and you should always prefer the ones who are more durable and can last long. Compared to other wheels, the Orangatang In Heat Wheels is better as it has the best rating so far. It also provides superior features such as grip, smoother rides, balance, stability, and versatility. All in all, the mentioned wheels above are all good, but there will be one superior with them.