Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising in 2021

The wind in your face as you cruise downhill! Your heart beats faster, but you keep going on riding your longboard. To achieve top speeds and the best cruise control on a longboard, it’s the combination of the best longboard wheels for cruising and fast bearings. This is a review of the best longboard wheels that will take you cruising on just about any kind of road. 

Longboard wheels may look similar to skateboard wheels, but these cannot be larger than 70mm in diameter. This is because you might experience a wheel bite on a bigger wheel. You need to add riser pads and bolts to create just enough clearance to avoid a wheel bite. Also, longboard trucks are tighter with tougher bushings to accommodate your weight.

So whether you’re replacing your old longboard wheels or you’re looking for wheels for a new board, we’ll help you find the best one with our top five best longboard wheels list. 

Reviews of the Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising

Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels for Cruising

(Best Overall)

Orangatang Caguama longboard wheels are bright and colorful, available in blue, orange, and purple, and are known as one of the best longboard wheels for cruising. These wheels are guaranteed to give you that maximum speed and all-around comfort you’ve been looking for longboard riding. It is made for long commutes, carving, pumping, long-distance boarding, and even for electric longboards. 

Inside these colorful wheels are Jehu V2s, top-quality bearings that come with speed rings and spacers for maximum speeds. It is fast, with an 85mm diameter, it rolls with top speeds. It is tough, and thus it can move over cracks, rocks, grass, and sticks. 

Orangatang wheels are made from the original urethane formula, which makes plush, fast, and easy gripping wheels. These wheels come in three durometers: purple at 83a, orange at 80a, and blue at 77a. Finally, it has a very large and stable core that’s exposed to reduce weight as you go faster. 

Key Features

  • These are big and fast longboard wheels
  • Comes with Jehu V2 bearings with spacers and speed rings
  • Has an 85mm diameter to move over cracks, rocks, and rough roads
  • With a functional contact patch 
  • Made from the original urethane formula 
  • Three durometers to choose from 
  • Large and strong 46mm core
  • Compatible with electric skateboards that can fit Orangatang Kegels


  • With 85mm diameter
  • Jehu V2 bearings
  • 56 mm contact patch 
  • 46mm core – strong, stiff and heat-resistant
  • Offset bearing seat
  • Made from urethane “Happy Thane” 
  • Three durometers: 83a purple wheels, 80a orange wheels, and 77a blue wheels


  • Made from very strong, high-quality material
  • Proportionate urethane for faster speeds and good grip
  • Fast and functional ideal for commuting, sports, pushing, pumping, etc. 
  • Good acceleration and momentum with well-designed core 
  • Compatible with electric skateboards or longboards


  • Some chunking noted for hardcore riders

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels for Cruiser 

(2nd Choice)

The Bigfoot Longboard Wheels are the perfect wheels for cruising and moving through just about anything. These wheels are 76mm x 53mm and are rated 80A SHR for hardness. This means that these wheels are sure to provide the best grip and overall stability even at high speeds. 

It has an offset core that will help the wheels grip the pavement during corners and turns. This is very important when you’re cruising in busy city streets. You can move fast but still maintain control when you slide. Many users recommend the Bigfoot Longboard Mountain Cruisers for fast slalom or downhill moves. And because these wheels are larger than most longboard wheels, you can maintain top speeds when you move. 

Key Features

  • Wheels are rated 80A SHR for hardness 
  • Has good grip and offer enhanced stability even during high speeds
  • Offset core gives you the advantage when turning and moving along corners.
  • These wheels are for fast movement and slalom 
  • Larger 76mm wheels to help you maintain good speeds


  • 76mm x 53mm
  • SHR (Super High Rebound) hardness of 80A
  • Contact patch 50mm
  • Round lip profile
  • Offset core
  • Smooth wheel surface
  • Available in blue, neon green red and black colors


  • You can go faster yet safer
  • Bigger wheels for achieving top speeds
  • High durometer for increased grip even during faster speeds
  • Good grip even during turns and in tight corners 
  • Rounded lip for good sliding
  • Choose from four different cool colors


  • Complaints that these are not too fast
  • Complaints that these are not as grippy as advertised

Cloud Ride Longboard Wheels for Cruiser 

(3rd Choice)

The Cloud Ride longboard wheels are ideal for cruising and carving. It is a fast, free-ride longboard wheel with a 69mm diameter and a 78a hardness grade. These are sold in sets of four and are made from high-rebound, sturdy urethane ideal for all types of boards (longboards and electric type boards).

It comes with a square-lipped style that grips the pavement when you want it to, but this may still be pushed for a smoother slide, all thanks to urethane. These wheels are sure to leave lines but are very strong despite weighing less than two pounds per set. 

Because of its 78a hardness rating, these wheels are able to grip better, especially when rolling over and during cornering. You can move over rocks, cracks, and other irregular surfaces with these hard and resistant wheels. It is perfect for rapid movement, cruising, free riding, downhill racing, and carving.

Key Features

  •  69mm wheels made for cruising and carving and, of course, free riding.
  • Hard and tough, so it can move over any obstructions and still remain intact.
  • It comes with a good grip even when cornering or rolling over cracks, rocks, and other surfaces. 
  • Made from quality urethane
  • Compatible with other skates including electric longboards


  • 69mm diameter
  • 78a hardness
  • Square-lipped design
  • Made from quality urethane 
  • 4 wheels in one set
  • Weighs 1.45 pounds


  • Fast and grippy because of urethane
  • Ideal for cruising and free rides
  • Very resilient wheels for all applications
  • Good grip for rolling over obstacles and corners
  • Very durable with a quality urethane
  • Available in four colors: Black, Blue, Clear Green, and Clear Red


  • Complaints that these are too wide
  • Will leave thane marks

Blank 83mm Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels 

The Blank professional longboard is cruising wheels or known as flywheels. These are so-called because you can literally fly using these wheels! First things first, you’ll notice that these wheels are available in six awesome colors: black, yellow, blue, green, orange, and red. You can also get the glow-in-the-dark set. 

These wheels are fast with a hardness level of 80a. At this level, you can cruise down any surface and won’t mind cracks, small rocks, and sticks on your way. It is 83mm x 52mm in size, making it perfect for longboards and for electric boards as well. These cruiser wheels will let you move through any obstacle and will have a strong and stable grip over any surface for turns and corners. The Blank pro longboard wheels may be the wheels you need to make your longboard faster and tougher.

Key Features

  • Very strong and durable wheels
  • At 83mm x  52mm, it’s just the right size for a pro longboard
  • Ideal for cruising and moving through streets and crowds
  • Available in six fun colors to coordinate your board color and theme
  • Comes with a glow-in-the-dark option for fun cruising during nighttime


  • Measures 83mm x 52mm
  • With 80a hardness
  • Available in six different colors and a glow in the dark set
  • Fast and efficient
  • Made from high-quality materials


  • Very hard cruising wheels, perfect for city roads
  • Hard wheels ideal for moving over small obstacles
  • Available in different cool colors and glow in the dark option 
  • Will make your move fast over different terrains
  • Can move with ease in corners and when making turns


  • Complaints that it’s slow 
  • Complaints that these are not as smooth as other wheels

sKape 83mm Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels 

The sKape Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels is an 83mm x 52mm set of wheels with an 82a hardness that’s great for cruising and moving through different obstacles. If you’re looking for a strong and fast wheel, then the sKape Pro may be the one for you. It also comes with five different fun colors to customize your board further. Choose from light blue, purple, orange, red, and white wheels. 

Key Features

  • Standard 83 x 52mm wheels size
  • 80a hardness rating
  • Ideal for longboards and electric longboards and skateboards
  • Sold in a set of four wheels
  • Available in five different colors
  • Strong, durable and fast


  • Measures 83mm x 52mm
  • Hardness rating at 80a
  • Four colors: light blue, purple, orange, red and white
  • The set weighs 1.8 pounds 
  • Cruiser flywheels


  • Strong and resilient wheels
  • Ready to install out of the box
  • Easy to customize your board with different colors
  • Hard and tough on the road
  • Grippy material to move through obstacles


  • Complaints about the strong smell

Buying Guide and FAQ

Longboard wheels are like skateboard wheels in such a way that no two brands and wheel models are the same. Aside from cool brand features, longboard wheels differ in size, hardness levels, material, and ease of movement. For wheels that will let you cruise like the wind, you need durable, tough, and fast wheels. Let’s find out the most important things to watch out for when buying your longboard wheels for cruising.

What to look for when buying longboard wheels for cruising

Remember the following when looking for longboard wheels made for cruising.

Wheel diameter

The smaller the wheel is, the slower your ride will be, and the larger the wheels are, the faster it will be. Therefore, if you want slow cruising speeds, then smaller diameter wheels are best. For faster commutes, a larger cruising longboard wheel is better. 

Wheel hardness

The harder the wheels are, the faster your ride will be while softer wheels are a lot slower but will have a better and more efficient grip. The durometer (is the unit of measure for hardness). A wheel with a higher durometer is slidey, and it is common for longboard wheels to have from 75a to 100a hardness.  You may also find longboard wheels with softer wheels with a durometer at 75a to 90a range.

Materials used

The most common material used to make longboard wheels are urethane and hard plastic. Urethane wheels are among the best because it offers a comfortable ride and a good grip. It may not be as fast, but it’s just perfect for moderate cruising speeds. 

Branded or generic wheels

A lot of generic wheels have emerged, and although most users prefer these to save money, sometimes going cheap may cost you your safety and security as you ride your longboards on the street. It’s still better to invest in genuine, high-quality longboard wheels rather than rely on unsafe generic sets. 


Are bigger longboard wheels better?

Harder wheels are quicker, and softer longboard wheels are generally slower but have enhanced grip. Due to the length and the width of longboards, it needs larger yet softer wheels to give you more stability compared to shortboards that have small yet harder wheels. The most common size for longboards are 75a to 90a.

What does the letter A in longboard wheels mean?

The A in longboard wheels is used by manufacturers when pertaining to the Durometer A Scale. A skateboard wheel that has 78a means that hit is very soft while a 100a is a hard wheel. Consider wisely the right hardness rating so you can get the most out of your longboards when cruising.

What is the best size of wheels for a longboard?

Longboard wheels are usually from 64 to 80mm diameter. The most common are wheels with 70mm, which is found in regular longboards. Larger longboard wheels will accelerate slower but have a higher speed. Also, larger wheels can roll over debris and cracks more efficiently than smaller wheels.  

When to replace your longboard wheels?

There’s no specific time when to replace your longboard wheels. The best way to gauge is when the wheels are irregularly shaped, with flat spots, or you’ve noticed a bumpy ride. Broke, irregularly-shaped wheels are very inconvenient and can make a huge difference when completing a trick.

Replace the wheels by loosening the nut of the wheels and removing the entire wheel assembly. Replace the wheels and tighten the nut. Check the wheel if it moves freely; if there is difficulty with moving or freely moving wheels, then you might need to adjust the nut until you get the best tightness.


From our review of the five best longboard wheels for cruising, Orangatang Caguama longboard wheels are our best choice. There are many reasons why this is the best. First, it’s bright and colorful, available in different amazing colors: blue, orange, and purple. These wheels guarantee the maximum speed and all-around comfort. This is ideal for long commutes, carving, pumping, boarding and can be used for electric longboards. 

These colorful wheels come with Jehu V2s, high-quality bearings with speed rings, and spacers to give you the fastest speeds. It is fast, but it’s tough and can move over cracks, rocks, grass, sticks, and other obstacles. Orangatang wheels are made from the original urethane formula and come with three durometers: purple at 83a, orange at 80a, and blue at 77a. This comes with a large and stable exposed core that reduces weight as you go faster and faster. These longboard wheels are sure to make a difference between fast and faster cruising on any road.If you think that the Orangatang Caguama longboard wheels are for you, check this out from this link.