Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising in 2021

To achieve the best longboard experience, one must make sure to have only the best longboard wheels. So whether you’re replacing your old longboard wheels or you’re looking for wheels for a new board, we’ll help you find the best one with our top five best longboard wheels list. 

Reviews of the Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising

  • Made from very strong, high-quality material

  • Proportionate urethane for faster speeds and good grip

  • Good acceleration and momentum with well-designed core 

  • Compatible with electric skateboards or longboards

  • You can go faster yet safer

  • Bigger wheels for achieving top speeds

  • Rounded lip for good sliding

  • Choose from four different cool colors

  • Fast and grippy because of urethane

  • Ideal for cruising and free rides

  • Very resilient wheels for all applications

  • Very durable with a quality urethane

  • Very hard cruising wheels, perfect for city roads

  • Hard wheels ideal for moving over small obstacles

  • Will make your move fast over different terrains

  • Can move with ease in corners and when making turns

  • Strong and resilient wheels

  • Ready to install out of the box

  • Hard and tough on the road

Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels for Cruising

(Best Overall)

Orangatang Caguama longboard wheels are bright and colorful, available in blue, orange, and purple, and are known as one of the best longboard wheels for cruising. These wheels are guaranteed to give you that maximum speed and all-around comfort you’ve been looking for longboard riding. It is made for long commutes, carving, pumping, long-distance boarding, and even for electric longboards. 

Inside these colorful wheels are Jehu V2s, top-quality bearings that come with speed rings and spacers for maximum speeds. It is fast, with an 85mm diameter, it rolls with top speeds. It is tough, and thus it can move over cracks, rocks, grass, and sticks. 

Orangatang wheels are made from the original urethane formula, which makes plush, fast, and easy gripping wheels. These wheels come in three durometers: purple at 83a, orange at 80a, and blue at 77a. Finally, it has a very large and stable core that’s exposed to reduce weight as you go faster. 

Key Features

  • These are big and fast longboard wheels
  • Comes with Jehu V2 bearings with spacers and speed rings
  • Has an 85mm diameter to move over cracks, rocks, and rough roads
  • With a functional contact patch 
  • Made from the original urethane formula 
  • Three durometers to choose from 
  • Large and strong 46mm core
  • Compatible with electric skateboards that can fit Orangatang Kegels


  • With 85mm diameter
  • Jehu V2 bearings
  • 56 mm contact patch 
  • 46mm core – strong, stiff and heat-resistant
  • Offset bearing seat
  • Made from urethane “Happy Thane” 
  • Three durometers: 83a purple wheels, 80a orange wheels, and 77a blue wheels


  • Made from very strong, high-quality material
  • Proportionate urethane for faster speeds and good grip
  • Fast and functional ideal for commuting, sports, pushing, pumping, etc. 
  • Good acceleration and momentum with well-designed core 
  • Compatible with electric skateboards or longboards


  • Some chunking noted for hardcore riders

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels for Cruiser 

(2nd Choice)

The Bigfoot Longboard Wheels are the perfect wheels for cruising and moving through just about anything. These wheels are 76mm x 53mm and are rated 80A SHR for hardness. This means that these wheels are sure to provide the best grip and overall stability even at high speeds. 

It has an offset core that will help the wheels grip the pavement during corners and turns. This is very important when you’re cruising in busy city streets. You can move fast but still maintain control when you slide. Many users recommend the Bigfoot Longboard Mountain Cruisers for fast slalom or downhill moves. And because these wheels are larger than most longboard wheels, you can maintain top speeds when you move. 

Key Features

  • Wheels are rated 80A SHR for hardness 
  • Has good grip and offer enhanced stability even during high speeds
  • Offset core gives you the advantage when turning and moving along corners.
  • These wheels are for fast movement and slalom 
  • Larger 76mm wheels to help you maintain good speeds


  • 76mm x 53mm
  • SHR (Super High Rebound) hardness of 80A
  • Contact patch 50mm
  • Round lip profile
  • Offset core
  • Smooth wheel surface
  • Available in blue, neon green red and black colors


  • You can go faster yet safer
  • Bigger wheels for achieving top speeds
  • High durometer for increased grip even during faster speeds
  • Good grip even during turns and in tight corners 
  • Rounded lip for good sliding
  • Choose from four different cool colors


  • Complaints that these are not too fast
  • Complaints that these are not as grippy as advertised

Cloud Ride Longboard Wheels for Cruiser 

(3rd Choice)

The Cloud Ride longboard wheels are ideal for cruising and carving. It is a fast, free-ride longboard wheel with a 69mm diameter and a 78a hardness grade. These are sold in sets of four and are made from high-rebound, sturdy urethane ideal for all types of boards (longboards and electric type boards).

It comes with a square-lipped style that grips the pavement when you want it to, but this may still be pushed for a smoother slide, all thanks to urethane. These wheels are sure to leave lines but are very strong despite weighing less than two pounds per set. 

Because of its 78a hardness rating, these wheels are able to grip better, especially when rolling over and during cornering. You can move over rocks, cracks, and other irregular surfaces with these hard and resistant wheels. It is perfect for rapid movement, cruising, free riding, downhill racing, and carving.

Key Features

  •  69mm wheels made for cruising and carving and, of course, free riding.
  • Hard and tough, so it can move over any obstructions and still remain intact.
  • It comes with a good grip even when cornering or rolling over cracks, rocks, and other surfaces. 
  • Made from quality urethane
  • Compatible with other skates including electric longboards


  • 69mm diameter
  • 78a hardness
  • Square-lipped design
  • Made from quality urethane 
  • 4 wheels in one set
  • Weighs 1.45 pounds


  • Fast and grippy because of urethane
  • Ideal for cruising and free rides
  • Very resilient wheels for all applications
  • Good grip for rolling over obstacles and corners
  • Very durable with a quality urethane
  • Available in four colors: Black, Blue, Clear Green, and Clear Red


  • Complaints that these are too wide
  • Will leave thane marks

Blank 83mm Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels 

The Blank professional longboard is cruising wheels or known as flywheels. These are so-called because you can literally fly using these wheels! First things first, you’ll notice that these wheels are available in six awesome colors: black, yellow, blue, green, orange, and red. You can also get the glow-in-the-dark set. 

These wheels are fast with a hardness level of 80a. At this level, you can cruise down any surface and won’t mind cracks, small rocks, and sticks on your way. It is 83mm x 52mm in size, making it perfect for longboards and for electric boards as well. These cruiser wheels will let you move through any obstacle and will have a strong and stable grip over any surface for turns and corners. The Blank pro longboard wheels may be the wheels you need to make your longboard faster and tougher.

Key Features

  • Very strong and durable wheels
  • At 83mm x  52mm, it’s just the right size for a pro longboard
  • Ideal for cruising and moving through streets and crowds
  • Available in six fun colors to coordinate your board color and theme
  • Comes with a glow-in-the-dark option for fun cruising during nighttime


  • Measures 83mm x 52mm
  • With 80a hardness
  • Available in six different colors and a glow in the dark set
  • Fast and efficient
  • Made from high-quality materials


  • Very hard cruising wheels, perfect for city roads
  • Hard wheels ideal for moving over small obstacles
  • Available in different cool colors and glow in the dark option 
  • Will make your move fast over different terrains
  • Can move with ease in corners and when making turns


  • Complaints that it’s slow 
  • Complaints that these are not as smooth as other wheels

sKape 83mm Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels 

The sKape Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels is an 83mm x 52mm set of wheels with an 82a hardness that’s great for cruising and moving through different obstacles. If you’re looking for a strong and fast wheel, then the sKape Pro may be the one for you. It also comes with five different fun colors to customize your board further. Choose from light blue, purple, orange, red, and white wheels. 

Key Features

  • Standard 83 x 52mm wheels size
  • 80a hardness rating
  • Ideal for longboards and electric longboards and skateboards
  • Sold in a set of four wheels
  • Available in five different colors
  • Strong, durable and fast


  • Measures 83mm x 52mm
  • Hardness rating at 80a
  • Four colors: light blue, purple, orange, red and white
  • The set weighs 1.8 pounds 
  • Cruiser flywheels


  • Strong and resilient wheels
  • Ready to install out of the box
  • Easy to customize your board with different colors
  • Hard and tough on the road
  • Grippy material to move through obstacles


  • Complaints about the strong smell

Freedare Skateboard Wheels

Available in many solid colors, the Freedare Skateboard Wheels are among the best wheels for cruiser longboards. These skateboard wheels for cruising come with ABEC-7 durable high steel bearings plus spacers so there’s no need to buy spacers and bearings separately. These wheels roll smoothly and this makes them very durable when used on skate parks, streets, and other skating terrains.

The Freedare Skateboard Wheels are made exclusively for cruiser boards but will also do well for street tricks. Ride these on asphalt or smooth concrete and get the best grip.

Key Features

  • Available in many solid colors.
  • Great for cruiser boards and cruiser longboards.
  • Steel bearings are very durable and will provide long-lasting use.


  • Wheel Size: 60mm diameter x 45 mm width
  • Durometer Count: 83A
  • Color: black, red, blue, neon green
  • Material: polyurethane
  • Bearings: ABEC-7 bearings
  • Special Features: with spacers, smooth-rolling, for street and park skating


  • Made from strong polyurethane
  • Good value for your money with steel bearings fitted
  • Can take you faster; guaranteed a smooth ride
  • Can ride over asphalt or concrete


  • Complaints that it’s too soft
  • Complaints that it’s not as durable

Ricta Cloud Wheels

If you’re looking for plain but powerful skateboard wheels then Ricta Cloud is for you. The Ricta Cloud Wheels are skateboard wheels for cruising that roll smoothly and can take you to farther destinations. These wheels are 78A soft so they are ready to tackle any terrain safely and more efficiently.

You’ll get polyurethane wheels with a strong 78D core. You’ll glide easily even on the roughest terrain while smooth floors will be a breeze. These best skateboard wheels are never bulky and are just the right size for cruiser boards and longboards.  

Key Features

  • These skateboard wheels roll smoothly over all kinds of terrain.
  • With a soft structure but with a solid 78D wheel core.
  • You’ll roll over all kinds of surfaces even on the rough pavement with ease.


  • Size: 52 mm diameter
  • Durometer Count: 78A
  • Color: white
  • Material: urethane
  • Special Features: with a strong core, modern shape, just the right weight, not bulky


  • Just the right hardness for cruising on any type of terrain.
  • Feels like moving over clouds with no heaviness or bulkiness, gives you smooth slides
  • Prevent wheel bite with these wheels
  • With a solid body and core
  • With a modern shape, ideal for skating, filming and cruising


  •  Complaints that it’s too soft.
  • These wheels don’t come with bearings and spacers

Sector 9 Nine Ball

Sector 9 Nine Ball comes with a 70 mm diameter so these are larger wheels and more stable than other wheels. These are softer at 78A which helps longer rides more comfortable and a lot more fun. These wheels have a wider contact patch at 38mm so it will give you more grip on the road.

The Nine Ball is best for moving over asphalt and on the regular concrete road but maybe too rough when it’s over sidewalks. It’s a good deal too as it’s more affordable than other top wheel brands.

Key Features

  • These wheels are manufactured from strong urethane.
  • These are softer and will work well with longer rides.3
  • Offers a smooth ride
  • With a centerset core for added stability.


  • Size: 70mm
  • Durometer Count: 78A
  • Color: blue
  • Material: polyurethane
  • Special Features: wider centerset core, wider contact patch, softer configuration


  • A larger contact patch adds stability.
  • Larger wheels
  • Ideal for rides that need wheels with softer configuration.
  • With a centerset core to boost strength and stability.
  • These are high-quality wheels
  • Will roll over asphalt like a breeze, smooth slides
  • Can help avoid wheel bite
  • Cheaper wheels


  • Does not come with bearings and spacers
  • Complaints that these are too rough on concrete and sidewalks.

Orangatang in Heat

When it comes to longboard wheels, Orangatang is the company you can trust. They specialize in quality longboard wheels like their Heat series. These wheels are thicker, grippier, and come with a simple design, just like all Orangatang wheels.

The Heat series wheels come with a 75mm diameter and are available in four durometers: 77A, 80A, 83A, and 86A. We recommend softer wheels at 77A to 80A to get the best out of your longboard cruising. These best skateboard wheels are made from urethane so they are smooth and soft with a lot of grip for safety. These wheels are balanced, grippy, and safe.

Key Features

  • These Heat series wheels are available in different hardness levels.
  • Made from quality urethane for that soft, buttery feeling when you ride.
  • With a wider contact patch to keep you balanced and safe on the road.


  • Size: 75mm
  • Wheel durometer Count: 77A, 80A, 83A, and 86A
  • Contact Patch: 56mm
  • Color: teal
  • Material: urethane
  • Special Features: smooth, buttery, wider, grips most surfaces


  • These wheels are soft and balanced.
  • Will grip all kinds of surfaces.
  • Works best on the road for fast street skating
  • You can select the softness and hardness of your wheel setup.
  • With a happy thane formula.
  • Prevents wheel bite


  • Wears out easily especially the soft variety.
  • Too grippy, too soft.

Shark Wheel Sidewinder

These yummy-looking Shark Wheel Sidewinders are not just for looks but can provide you with the best performance whether you’re on asphalt or concrete roads. These Sidewinders come with interlocking rings made of square and spherical shapes. Although these look complicated, these wheels produce the best performance on rough surfaces.

The Shark Wheels are made from high-rebound polyurethane so you’ll be rolling on almost anything on the road. These come with a 78A durometer for a softer and more versatile ride.

Key Features

  • These wheels have a unique wheel shape that produces amazing results.
  • With an impressive PU material, these wheels can go over anything on the road.
  • The soft 78A durometer offers a softer ride.


  • Durometer Count: 78A
  • Color: light blue
  • Material: high-rebound polyurethane cruiser wheels
  • Special Features: with a unique shape, offers a soft ride, strong shock absorption, fast, and a very versatile set of wheels.


  • With a unique design that produces fast and balanced results.
  • High-performance wheels for speed and street skating
  • Produces a comfortable smooth ride
  • Wheels progressively improve your speed, ride smoothly on any road
  • Versatile set of wheels for all kinds of terrain.


  • The design may not fit the taste of all riders.

Big Boy

Affordable and durable are two words to best describe Big Boy Wheels. These wheels are simple yet very versatile and come with a complete set of bearings, spacers, and some bearing lube. These are 70 mm best skateboard wheels, large wheels that will work best for all-around cruising, rolling downhill, and general skateboarding.

Big Boy wheels may not be high-quality skateboard wheels but will work great for cruising and if you don’t want to spend too much on wheels.

Key Features

  • Budget-friendly large longboard wheels.
  • Comes in a complete set with bearings, spacers, and lube.
  • Reliable set of skateboard wheels for any type of skating.


  • Size: 70mm
  • Color: orange, neon green
  • Material: solid gel
  • Special Features: affordable, multi-purpose wheels, come with bearings and spacers


  • Affordable, budget-friendly cruiser wheels.
  • Can be used in any type of skating.
  • Your order will come with free spacers and bearings.
  • Available in fun colors
  • Freeride wheel for intense downhill riders and power slides


  • Will give you a rough ride.

Blood Orange

Blood Orange is another skateboarding wheel company that specializes in longboards. Their most popular longboard cruiser wheel is the Liam Morgan Pro. a set of signature wheels available in three models: the 60, 65, and 70mm diameter wheel options. These three are great for longboarding and cruising but the best has to be the 70mm diameter.

This wheel has a narrow contact patch of only 32mm but it produces the most comfortable ride no matter what surface you’re in. You can even skate downhill with this skateboard wheel.

Key Features

  • The Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro is available in three-wheel diameters. The best has to be the widest.
  • These wheels are best for all surfaces and also for downhill skating.
  • These wheels are made from a high-quality formula called the Liam Morgan Formula made for all settings.


  • Size: 60, 65, and 70mm
  • Durometer Count: 84A
  • Contact Surface: 32mm
  • Color: navy blue
  • Material: Liam Morgan Formula, LMF
  • Special Features: mid-range skateboard cruiser wheel, signature wheels, a narrow contact surface


  • These wheels are made from LMF for different uses.
  • Offers a very comfortable smooth ride no matter where you cruise.
  • Works great for downhill rides.
  • Available in different sizes for easy customization.


  • A more expensive set of wheels.

Cal 7

The Cal 7 wheels may look simple but are worth every penny. These wheels are the biggest with a 97mm diameter with a wide contact patch of 47mm making them the best choice when cruising. These wheels are soft with a 78A durometer, perfect for running over all kinds of small obstacles and for rough roads.

These wheels are available with complete hardware like the Cal 7 bearings and spacers. You’re ready to use these wheels as soon as they arrive.

Key Features

  • These are the biggest longboard wheels at 97mm with a wider contact patch.
  • These wheels arrive with bearings and spacers so these are ready to use.
  • These are softer wheels so you’ll move across all types of terrain with ease.


  • Size: 97mm
  • Durometer Count: 78A
  • Contact Patch: 47mm
  • Color: dark blue
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Special Features: complete set with bearings and spacers, the larger contact surface, and cruiser size, great for cruising and longboarding.


  • These are cheap and reliable longboarding cruiser wheels.
  • Larger wheels
  • With a larger diameter and a much wider contact patch.
  • Softer wheels to run over all kinds of terrain and small obstacles.
  • Offers the most comfortable smooth ride, ideal for longboarding.


  • These are not the most versatile cruiser wheels.

Bigfoot Cored Classics

Bigfoot manufactures the best longboard wheels and one of their amazing products is the Cored Classics. These wheels are huge at 90mm diameter but they have smaller wheels at 83mm. You’ll also find Bigfoot Cored Classics at 97mm.

These huge wheels are very soft at 78A durometer. This characteristic makes them great for cruising and also the fastest when it comes to downhill rides. You’ll also find a centerset core that provides balance and control especially when you’re gliding downhill. Meanwhile, you can get the Cored Classics in different colors including black, white, red, and green.

Key Features

  • Bigfoot Cored Classics are great for cruising and longboarding with the biggest wheels available in the market.
  • With a center-set core to provide the best control especially when you’re cruising downhill.
  • These sliding longboard wheels are very soft at 78A so you can work on any kind of terrain.


  • Size: 83, 90, and 97mm
  • Durometer Count: 78A
  • Color: different colors
  • Special Features: Cruising wheels for cruising and downhill longboarding, soft wheels to tackle any terrain.


  • With the largest diameter to let you cruise safer and faster downhill.
  • With a very soft durometer to let you move over any terrain.
  • Available in many colors.
  • Great quality wheels
  • With the centerset core for improved balance.


  • These wheels don’t have the most aesthetic design

Fireball Beast

The Fireball Beast has a cool retro design that will surely make you a standout on the road. One of the best cruiser wheels in the market today. The company makes so many amazing skateboards with cool hardware so these wheels are worth considering.

The Beast is 76mm with an offset center core and fat wheel lip. With this design, you’ll be able to grip any surface especially when you’re hitting corners and carving. These wheels are available in three hardness levels: 81A, 84A, and 87A but are still considered hard wheels.

These are made from urethane so it’s a guarantee you’ll get the best and the smoothest performance on any surface.

Key Features

  • The Fireball Beast has a 76mm diameter with an offset center core.
  • You’ll get a better grip on different surfaces whether you’re speeding, cornering, or carving.
  • These wheels are available in different durometers for easy customization.


  • Size: 76mm
  • Durometer Count: 81A, 84A, and 87A
  • Color: white and black
  • Material: urethane
  • Special Features: with an offset center core, fat lips, incredible design


  • Offers the best quality
  • Comes with a wider contact surface
  • Produces the best control
  • Best cruiser wheels that add value for your purchase
  • Amazing design best cruiser wheels


  • Most longboarders prefer softer wheels.

Seismic Speed Vent

The Seismic Speed Vent is a huge 85mm wheel to give you stability as you move downhill at lightning speeds. In the middle is a weight-saving wheel hub that helps the wheel become quicker and more agile just like smaller wheels. The hub also improves wheel rebound so you can recover fast after rolling over rough terrain.

This is a soft wheel with 77A durometer defcon material. This means you can move over different terrain, even rough concrete, uneven roads, and very rough surfaces. It comes with thick round lips for improved grip making it one of the most unique high-end wheels. The Seismic Speed Vent is perfect for long-distance riding, carving, downhill racing, and cruising.


  • Larger wheel 85mm downhill longboarding wheels with a unique weight-saving hub feature.
  • Offers improved rebound, grip, and agility.
  • With Speed Vent for overall improved performance.


  • Size: 85mm, a smaller wheel compared to other longboard wheels
  • Durometer Count: 77A
  • Color: pink
  • Material: Defcon wheels
  • Special Features: perfect for downhill wheel, weight-saving hub, agile, improved grip, ideal for all longboarding activities.


  • Fast cruiser wheels for downhill skating.
  • Weight-saving hub improves speed and agility.
  • Offers enhanced grip for all surfaces, lets you ride smoothly
  • Can be used in almost all longboarding activities including carving, cruising, downhill skating, etc.


Complaints that it’s too grippy.

Orangatang President

Longboard wheels for carving and racing like the Orangatang 4 President will help you ride faster and more efficiently over all kinds of surfaces. It is the top choice among longboard riders for cruising, pumping, and commuting.

The President comes with Jehu V2 bearings with speed rings as well as spacers. These are 70mm wheels are lightweight and offer instant acceleration when you need them. The Orangatang President also has an improved lip profile; it’s thicker and thus sturdier and thus, you’ll enjoy sideways drifting on different surfaces.


  • These longboard wheels are perfect for carving and racing.
  • These wheels come with improved angled edges for hard carving and downhill racing.
  • With an improved lip profile for easy drifting even when moving sideways.


  • Size: 70mm
  • Durometer Count: 80A
  • Color: Orange
  • Special Features: with maximum traction, comes with Loaded Jehu V2 bearings, spacers, and speed rings, offers improved acceleration, improved lip profile.


  • Provides a lighter feel at 70mm wheel diameter.
  • Let’s you move faster and with improved balance.
  • With a thicker lip to improve sideways drifting.
  • Promises smooth rides
  • Improved acceleration as you carve.


  • Complaints about torn rubber.
  • Complaints that it is not good for constant sliding.

Sector 9 Skiddles

The Sector 9 Skiddles is a set of 70mm wheels with rounded edges that move towards the wheel core. These are the best skateboard wheels with urethane marks for improved predictability and balance for all kinds of slides. Sector 9 is a set of softest wheels and some skaters say that it will feel like you’re bouncing on air.

And even if you’re a heavy rider, these wheels will surely work for you. It can support more weight compared to regular longboarding wheels.


  • These wheels come with round edges to improve rebound from uneven surfaces.
  • Very predictable wheels thanks to their urethane marks.
  • These are soft longboarding cruiser wheels that will make you feel like bouncing.


  • Size: 70mm
  • Durometer Count: 78A
  • Color: mint green
  • Material: urethane
  • Special Features: rounded edges, urethane marks, stays true to colors, can be used by heavy riders.


  • Can be used for constant sliding and sailing over different surfaces.
  • With urethane lines for enhanced predictability.
  • Rounder wheels, available in bright colors.
  • For smooth riding, slower ride because of more grip
  • Best wheels for heavy riders.
  • Comparable to other soft wheels


  • Complaints that the graphics easily fade.
  • Lighter riders will get shorter slides
  • Expensive wheels

Orangatang Kilmer

The Orangatang Kilmer is made with the Peachy Thane formula. It is slippery with butter-like speed control. You’ll love using these wheels to give you longer slides. The Peachy Thane formula also improves durability and resistance to spotting. Flat spots can slow you down, increase bumping movements, and mishaps on the road.

The Kilmer has deep cross-sections called the 38mm Centerset Core that support the wheel’s lips. You’ll get a smoother ride, and prevent early wear and tear. These wheels are great for all kinds of longboards even bamboo and electric-type ones.


  • These wheels are great for all types of longboards even electric and bamboo boards.
  • Rides are smoother, easier, and better with the Center Set Core
  • With a buttery feel because of the Peachy Thane formula.


  • Wheel Size: 69mm
  • Durometer Count: 83A
  • Contact Patch: 39.5mm
  • Color: purple
  • Material: Peachy Thane
  • Special Features: buttery speed, resistant to flat spots, Center Set Core, for all types of longboards


  • Perfect for all long rides and slides
  • The Center Set Core will prevent early wear
  • Cruiser wheels with a smooth ride
  • For power sliding
  • These are very durable wheels


  • Does not come with bearings

Powell Peralta Rat Bones

The Powell Peralta Rat Bones are small 60mm wheels but it’s harder and more durable than other big wheels due to its 85A durometer hardness. It may be small but it can work on any kind of terrain. It provides quiet movement even when you move over debris and small rocks. It can go down tarmacs, rough roads, and uneven surfaces with ease.

The high durometer offers an improved grip but can roll easily over rough terrain and concrete. The Powell Peralta Rat Bones come with a vintage design. It’s like gliding with your longboard in the 1980s.


  • These Powell Peralta wheels are the smallest but are applicable for all types of terrain.
  • These are not so hard, not so soft wheels for easy cruising.
  • These wheels provide a good grip.


  • Wheel Size: 60mm, small wheels compared to others in this list.
  • Durometer Count: 85A
  • Color: black
  • Material: polyurethane
  • Special Features: good grip, vintage feel, and design, rolls smoothly on any surface


  • With a balance durometer rating ideal for downhill and cruising.
  • Cruiser wheels are perfect for urban skating.
  • Provides a vintage feel and design


  • Not great for tricks
  • Complaints with chipped and faded graphics

Buying Guide and FAQ for Skateboard Wheels for Cruising

Longboard wheels are like skateboard wheels in such a way that no two brands and wheel models are the same. Aside from cool brand features, longboard wheels differ in size, hardness levels, material, and ease of movement. For wheels that will let you cruise like the wind, you need durable, tough, and fast wheels. Let’s find out the most important things to watch out for when buying your longboard wheels for cruising.

What to look for when buying longboard wheels for cruising

Remember the following when looking for longboard wheels made for cruising.

Wheel diameter

The smaller the wheel is, the slower your ride will be, and the larger the wheels are, the faster it will be. Therefore, if you want slow cruising speeds, then smaller diameter wheels are best. For faster commutes, a larger cruising longboard wheel is better. 

Wheel hardness

The harder the wheels are, the faster your ride will be while softer wheels are a lot slower but will have a better and more efficient grip. The durometer (is the unit of measure for hardness). A wheel with a higher durometer is slidey, and it is common for longboard wheels to have from 75a to 100a hardness. You may also find longboard wheels with softer wheels with a durometer at 75a to 90a range.

Materials used

The most common material used to make longboard wheels are urethane and hard plastic. Urethane wheels are among the best because it offers a comfortable ride and a good grip. It may not be as fast, but it’s just perfect for moderate cruising speeds. 

Branded or generic wheels

A lot of generic wheels have emerged, and although most users prefer these to save money, sometimes going cheap may cost you your safety and security as you ride your longboards on the street. It’s still better to invest in genuine, high-quality longboard wheels rather than rely on unsafe generic sets. 

What type of skateboard wheels are good for cruising?

Cruising and riding down all kinds of terrain require a good set of skateboard wheels. There are many types of skateboard wheels available in the market but only a few can be used on a longboard for cruising. Here are some qualities you need to remember:

  • Wheel size – a larger cruiser wheel is for longboards, for riders who want a faster, smoother, hassle-free city ride. Smaller wheels are for technical riding and for performing tricks.
  • Wheel hardness – a soft wheel will let you glide smoothly anywhere. These are for high traction longboard wheels. You can move over rocks, pavement, rough surfaces, and even asphalt without any worries. Harder wheels will make you go fast.
  • Wheel qualities – a wheel with a wider lip and contact patch will enhance your balance and keep you in control.
  • Wheel center patch – a larger center patch will keep you in control, help you stay safe on the board even when you’re riding longer distances.

Can I put cruiser wheels on a regular skateboard?

Cruiser wheels are not just for longboards but will also fit regular skateboards. These wheels are great for almost all types of longboards and skateboard trucks as well as wheel bearings. Cruiser wheels may seem smaller than what’s used in longboards and are usually common in penny boards. You may need to use spacers that are placed in between the trucks and boards to avoid wheel bite.

What size wheels are good for cruising and tricks?

When you want to cruise with your skateboard, you need wheels that are softer like the durometer 78A up to 87A. Skateboard wheels with durometer 78A will give you a very comfortable ride and will produce more friction. At 87A, you’ll be riding faster as these are considered semi-soft wheels.

For tricks, you need harder wheels something higher at 90 to 97A durometer. These wheels will help you move faster to prepare for your moves and ride along ramps, skate parks, bowls, and pools. Meanwhile, these hard wheels are also best for beginners so they can ride faster, be safer, and perform tricks with more accuracy.


Are bigger longboard wheels better?

Harder wheels are quicker, and softer longboard wheels are generally slower but have enhanced grip. Due to the length and the width of longboards, it needs larger yet softer wheels to give you more stability compared to shortboards that have small yet harder wheels. The most common size for longboards is 75a to 90a.

What does the letter A in longboard cruiser wheels mean?

The A in longboard wheels is used by manufacturers when pertaining to the Durometer A Scale. A skateboard wheel that has 78a means that hit is very soft while a 100a is a hard wheel. Consider wisely the right hardness rating so you can get the most out of your longboards when cruising.

What is the best size of wheels for a longboard?

Longboard wheels are usually from 64 to 80mm in diameter. The most common are wheels with 70mm, which is found in regular longboards. Larger longboard wheels will accelerate slower but have a higher speed. Also, larger wheels can roll over debris and cracks more efficiently than smaller wheels.  

When to replace your longboard wheels for a smooth ride?

There’s no specific time when to replace your longboard wheels. The best way to gauge is when the wheels are irregularly shaped, with flat spots, or you’ve noticed a bumpy ride. Broke, irregularly shaped wheels are very inconvenient and can make a huge difference when completing a trick.

Replace the wheels by loosening the nut of the wheels and removing the entire wheel assembly. Replace the wheels and tighten the nut. Check the wheel if it moves freely; if there is difficulty with moving or freely moving wheels, then you might need to adjust the nut until you get the best tightness.


From our review of the five best longboard wheels for cruising, Orangatang Caguama longboard wheels are our best choice. There are many reasons why this is the best. First, it’s bright and colorful, available in different amazing colors: blue, orange, and purple. These wheels guarantee maximum speed and all-around comfort. This is ideal for long commutes, carving, pumping, boarding and can be used for electric longboards. 

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