Best Longboard Trucks of 2021 (Review)

A truck is where the wheels are attached to under the longboard deck. The trucks in a longboard need to be versatile and should be the correct size to provide the best results. It’s natural to look for the best longboard trucks, whether you’re replacing a broken or old truck or you’re building a new board. So we are here to help.

The problem usually arises when one thinks that all longboard trucks are the same. As longboard decks are different, trucks also vary depending on the brand, size, material, and other features.

Our five top longboard trucks are some of the best trucks that will surely give you better performance. Check the specs of each one closely and compare it.  

Reviews of the Best Longboard Trucks

Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard 

(Best Overall)

Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II is perfect for longboard riders who love to perform exaggerated turns and movements. It is a versatile truck with a double kingpin design. This way, the truck can steer farther compared to regular trucks. Because of its design, you can also easily maneuver through all kinds of tight spaces, useful for carving and surfing. With the double kingpin design, you can create momentum using pumps and turns plus move through straight lines without wobbling and extra movement.
The Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder trucks are made from a very durable, extensively resilient material that is able to hold so much weight. Just make sure to install this on an appropriate deck with correct clearance to move properly. Avoid wheel bite by using a riser and get the best results with the Gullwing Sidewinder. 

Key Features 

  • Available in 159mm hanger/9” axle and 185mm hanger /10” axle
  • Available in three colors/color combinations: silver, black, orange/blue
  • With a double-kingpin setup to steer better
  • Supports exaggerated turns, carving, and surfing. 
  • Generate momentum by pumping and turning
  • Best when used with Sector 9 Sidewinder Series longboard decks


  • 159mm hanger
  • 9” axle
  • Double kingpin setup
  • Turning and pumping generates momentum
  • Made from extra durable and top quality materials
  • Available in three different colors/color combinations: black, silver, blue/orange


  • Supports exaggerated turning 
  • Turning is easy, and exaggerated movements are a breeze
  • You can steer farther compared to other trucks 
  • Turning and pumping generates momentum
  • Let’s you customize your board with different colors


  • Complaints that this is not as versatile

Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks 

(2nd Choice)

Caliber Trucks Cal II are longboard trucks that are an updated version of its powerful Cal I version. It has an enhanced inner-step for a larger contact area. This gives you improved responsiveness and better rebound for increased all-around performance. It also has a re-designed outer step for that no-slop fit with bushings. Cal II also comes with an enhanced pivot cup design for better contact with the baseplate. This creates a snug fit and pivots spin. 

Caliber has matched the diameter of the kingpin of their trucks to create proper clearance and a consistent lean. And to make this truck more awesome, Caliber has subjected their trucks to a unique treatment process to make each one stronger, more durable, too as much as 40 percent compared to a non-treated truck. This also has an enhanced baseplate plus a kingpin with a pressed-in design, which can enhance the truck’s strength without affecting response and control. 

Key Features 

  • This is an updated design 
  • With an enhanced inner-step 
  • Improved contact area with its bushing
  • An outer step is a circle with no-slop bushings
  • The improved surface area of its pivot cup
  • With proper clearance from the board
  • Trucks treated for strength 
  • Reinforced base plate and re-designed pressed in kingpin
  • Available in blood orange color 89a


  • Available in trucks with Bones Reds Bearings or without bearings
  • Available in 15 different colors
  • Improved inner and outer step
  • Re-designed pivot cup and kingpin diameter
  • New in-house truck treatment for improved strength 
  • Blood orange ultra with high-rebound bushings with 89A rating


  • Very responsive, high rebound
  • Improved pivot pin for a better fit
  • Creates a consistent lean and correct clearance
  • Stronger trucks because of Caliber’s new treatment process
  • Reinforced, stronger baseplate


  • Complaints that there were missing from the package
  • Complaints that the bushing was too soft

Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks 

(3rd Choice)

The Paris V2 is a 180mm longboard skateboard trucks. It is a truck capable of 50 degrees movement, which provides the smoothest and the most fluid carving moves. It is a strong and durable truck that’s made to last. These are manufactured from virgin aluminum. With the T6 heat-treated process, grade-8 steel axles and kingpins with a pressed-in design, the Paris V2 is durable and strong.

The Paris V2 trucks also come with Paris 90a urethane bushings. It may be used by different boards because of its universal mounting system. Every baseplate has 6 holes making this secure and ready for old and new-school mounting systems. Paris gives you more value for your money with their lifetime guarantee for their longboard trucks.  

Key Features 

  • These are longboard trucks with smooth and fluid moves 
  • This is strong and durable and is built to last
  • Made from durable, high-quality virgin aluminum
  • With strong grade 8 steel axles plus kingpins with pressed-in designs
  • Comes with the best response and rebound
  • Pairs with the 90a Paris urethane bushings
  • This comes with universal mounting with six-hole baseplates 
  • More value for your money with a lifetime guarantee


  • 180mm 50 degrees trucks
  • With grade 8 steel axles
  • Pressed-in design kingpin 
  • Made from virgin aluminum
  • Heat-treated trucks
  • Universal mounting 
  • With lifetime guarantee
  • Available in five different colors and color combinations: Black/Black, Black/Raw, Blue Satin, Matte Black and Red/Red


  • Offers the smoothest and the most fluid moves
  • Created using the best and strongest materials
  • Heat-treated for strength
  • Easy to assemble or install
  • More value for your money
  • Available in different colors and color combinations


  • Complained that the bushings were too soft

BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Trucks

The Bear Grizzly 852 is a set of durable Tarmac Black Textured Bear Trucks at 181mmthese are classified as Gen 5 852 degrees Tarmac Black Textured Skateboard reversed-kingpin trucks. This pair has 7.0” with a 9.75” axle. The Grizzly 852 is made from very strong, top-quality materials that will let you enjoy longboarding for cruising, dancing, commuting, and many more. 

The Bear Grizzly 850 is available in five different colors, which makes it easier to customize your board. You can choose from Atomic Orange, Black, Flat Banana, Green, Stripes, and Tarmac Black Textured surface. Installation is quick and easy with its eight-hole mounting system that will allow you to connect old and new style drill patterns. You may also use baseplates when installing this longboard truck to prevent the wheels from touching the board.

Key Features 

  • This is a redesigned Bear Grizzly 852
  • This is stronger, lighter and more versatile
  • With a stronger, treated axle
  • With restrictive seat
  • With a convenient eight-hole mounting system 
  • Will fit old and new school drill designs
  • With reduced baseplate weight 
  • Strength-tested and designed to be perfect on the street s and in the skate park


  • Measures 10 x 5 x 4 inches (package measurements)
  • Weight 2 pounds
  • 5th gen truck design
  • Stronger heat-treated axle
  • Laser-engraved Bear Grizzly logo
  • 8-hole mounting for old and new installation systems
  • Adjustable wheelbases (you can adjust by the inch)
  • Lighter baseplate 


  • Stronger, more versatile and lighter
  • Durable axle, less-restrictive seat
  • Easy to mount and install for new and old systems
  • Adjustable wheelbases
  • Tested for strength and perfect design


  • Complaints that the bushings are not as good

VJ Longboard Skateboard Trucks 

Shiny and perfect, these are the words to describe the VJ Longboard Skateboard Trucks. These are trucks with a 7” hanger, and a 9.75” axle and are available in a two-piece set.  These are made from virgin-grade aluminum that will always stay tough and perfect no matter how you use your longboards. 

The VJ Longboard Trucks come with a 50-degree angle and reverse kingpin design, which is perfect for moving with ease on any surface, for dancing, gliding, cruising and commuting with your longboard. This is available in silver and black colors, a limited variety but still good quality longboard trucks.

Key Features 

  • Made from durable, high-quality virgin-grade aluminum
  • Lightweight, easy to maneuver
  • With reverse kingpin design for better versatility on any surface
  • Compatible with longboards that are 9” to 10” wide
  • Available in silver and black colors to customize your board


  • Hanger: 7”
  • Axle: 9.75”
  • The angle of baseplate: 50 degrees
  • Reverse kingpin geometry 180mm trucks
  • Bushing with 92A grade
  • Fits longboards with 9” to 10”
  • Fits longboard wheels measuring 70 to 86mm
  • Available in 2pc per set
  • Weighs 1.9 pounds


  • Made for standard longboards and longboard wheels
  • Wider baseplate angle
  • With a more flexible design
  • Strong and durable bushing
  • Available in different colors
  • Versatile and easy to use


  • Complaints about low quality bushings
  • Does not come with hardware to install on your board

Buying Guide and FAQ

No two longboard trucks are the same. Some are wider, taller, and stronger than others, while some are versatile and can be used for different applications. Longboard trucks are very important components of a longboard, so take your time before you settle with a pair. Don’t forget to check the specs and to compare one product with another to get the best one for your needs. 

What to look for when buying longboard trucks?

Remember the following when purchasing longboard trucks.

The size of the trucks

Longboard trucks are smaller than a skateboard’s to prevent the wheels from touching the deck. The ideal decks measure 9 to 10” in width; therefore, the axle should have a width of 9 to 10” or 150 to 180mm hangers are the ideal size for longboard trucks. The width of trucks with a wider axle or a wider hanger is stable but less responsive. Meanwhile, narrower trucks are not as stable but are very responsive. 

The material used 

The material used to make quality longboard trucks is aluminum. This is because this material is very durable, versatile, and will be ready for the wear and tear of daily longboarding use. 

The style

Some trucks come with reverse kingpins, wider base plates, less-restrictive seats, and other unique features. You can’t find all these features in one truck brand or model; therefore, it’s best to look for features that you’ll really need. So would you rather have a versatile board for stunts and dancing, or would you prefer a stiffer one for cruising and commuting? Your needs will dictate the type of feature you must look for. 

Any guarantees or warranties?

The truck is one of the most vital parts of a longboard or a skateboard, and thus it’s important to check for guarantees or warranties for it. Some companies may carry a lifetime warranty like the Paris V2 longboard bearings. These are a bit pricey, but it’s worth the value it gives you in the long run.


Can you use the trucks of a skateboard on a longboard?

Yes, you can use a longboard truck with a skateboard truck because longboard trucks are wider to take the difference in the deck width. However, these produce a different feel when riding.

How do you install the trucks of a longboard?

If you’re replacing an old truck, remove the old one by loosening the bolts that hold the screws. Usually, old trucks have six holes on the truck assembly; if you have this kind of truck, use a new one that has the same number of holes. Once the old truck has been removed, place the new one on the exact place and use the same bolt and nut to fix the new truck in place.

What is the best truck size for my longboard?

Because most longboard decks come with 9 to 10” width, the axle with a width of 9 or 10” or 150 to 180 mm hangers should be used. Take note that the width of the trucks with a wider axle or hanger is generally more stable; however, they are less responsive. Narrower widths are the opposite as they are less stable but are very responsive.

Why tighten longboard trucks?

You must tighten your trucks because these can become loose on their own. A tight truck will make your ride smoother as well as cleaner. This will also help you tune the board according to your skating style. Boards with tuned trucks are more balanced and safer to use on the road and in skate parks.


Of our five best longboard trucks, we have decided that the Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II trucks are the best choice. We have several reasons to prove our point. First, this is a versatile truck with a double kingpin design, which will allow you to make exaggerated movements, tricks, and turns. With a quality truck like the Gullwing Sidewinder, you can steer farther compared to other regular trucks.

This truck allows you to easily maneuver through tight spaces, for carving and surfing. The Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder trucks are made from a very durable, very resilient material that will hold so much weight. As long as these are installed properly, you can guarantee that the Gullwing Sidewinder will outperform all other trucks. If you think that the Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II is your kind of longboard truck, check this out from this link.