5 Best Longboard for Dancing as Recommended By Experts

Who would have thought that you could dance on a longboard even while at full speed? Some longboards are designed for dancing. You’ll surely find the ideal longboard here from our top five picks! 

Reviews of the Best Longboard for Dancing

  • Offers a fun and smooth ride

  • Large dancing platform

  • Shock absorbent with no wheel bite

  • Customizable

  • Very strong and durable 

  • High angle trucks

  • Strong grip tape

  • Very fast

  • Very durable and stable

  • Custom-made finish

  • Made from high-quality materials

  • Lightweight yet rugged

  • Made from durable materials

  • Good grip and enhanced control

  • Large wheels with precision chrome bearings

  • Amazing design

  • Lovely deck 

  • Made from strong materials

  • Nice arched design with dual tails

  • Large and fast wheels

VOLADOR 46inch Maple Dancing Longboard 

(Best Overall)

Made from strong and lovely maple wood, the VOLADOR dancing longboard is flexible. It was made from an 8-ply maple, cold-pressed for added durability. It has a spacious 46 x 10-inch deck and a wide 37-inch wheelbase. These characteristics make for a strong and durable dancing and cruising longboard. 

The trucks are aluminum reverse Kingpin at 7 inches. These are adjustable, and you can tweak this according to your riding or dancing style. The wheels are very durable 70 x 51 mm PU 78A wheels. Inside the wheel assembly are ABEC -9 high-precision bearings. These will give you a delightfully smooth and relaxing ride. 

And when it comes to the board’s graphics, most designs of VOLADOR dancing longboards are vintage-inspired with avant-garde images as well. 

Key Features

  • All-maple longboard
  • Flexible yet strong hardrock maple body
  • The deck is huge at 46 x 10 inches ideal for dancing and cruising. 
  • Trucks are durable and are highly-adjustable
  • Wheels are very strong PU equipped with ABEC – 9 bearings
  • Graphics created by artists from the Atlantic 


  • Deck measures 46 x 10 inches
  • Weighs 8 pounds
  • Wheelbase 37 inches
  • All-maple body, 8-ply cold-pressed 
  • Reverse kingpin trucks at 7 inches
  • PU Wheels size 70 x 51 mm 
  • Precision bearings with an ABEC-9 rating


  • Offers a fun and smooth ride
  • Large dancing platform
  • Strong and versatile able to handle almost all riders
  • Shock absorbent with no wheel bite
  • Maneuverable and designed for easy acceleration
  • With an artistic flair 
  • Made from very durable materials
  • Customizable


  • Some excess glue spotted
  • Top, not water-resistant

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards for Dancing

(2nd Choice)

The Magneto Longboard is made from very durable, versatile, and warm bamboo. But you won’t know it’s bamboo unless you ride this longboard. It is made for cruising, carving, downhill movement, and dancing. It is covered with carbon fiber with a fiberglass deck to ensure strength and versatility. 

At 7 inches, it has a high angle of gravity that makes it a blessing for carving and for aggressive longboarding. It also comes with enhanced wheels that are equipped with updated stainless steel bearings. On top is an OS780 grip tape while the other side of the boar comes with a carved Magneto Longboard logo at the back. Riders recommend the Magneto for fast longboarding and also for dancing to any kind of beat. 

Key Features

  • Made from carbon fiber, fiberglass, and efficient bamboo 
  • With a hybrid deck, concave shape for good traction 
  • High angle trucks for aggressive riding and carving
  • With upgraded wheels and bearings
  • Quality wheels and durable stainless steel bearings
  • High-quality grip tape
  • With cool Magneto logo 
  • Fast and easy to move
  • Available in three different flavors: Magneto Bamboo & Fiberglass Drop, Magneto Tesla Downhill Longboard and Magneto Carbon


  • Measures 37” x 9” carbon fiber, bamboo deck and fiberglass
  • With W-Shape Concavity
  • With 7” precision gravity cast-aluminum trucks
  • 78A high-rebound wheels measuring 73 mm x 53 mm
  • OS780 grip tape
  • Weighs 10.6 pounds


  • Very strong and durable 
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Upgraded wheels, bearings and trucks
  • High angle trucks
  • Strong grip tape
  • With cool Magneto logo
  • Very fast
  • Large surface for dancing and cruising


  • Complaints about the shape of the deck
  • Will fit only very small wheels

Black Longboards Collection for dancing 

(3rd Choice)

The Black Longboard is a collection of awesome longboards perfect for cruising, freestyling, carving, downhill riding, free-riding, and dancing. It is a large 28-inch board with a spalted pearwood top while the core is durable 7-ply Canadian maple. The design is custom-made, and the finish makes this board stand out from the rest. 

The kicktail is larger than other longboards. It is concave, and in the right places, so you can ride this board effortlessly. The grip tape is precision cut, and thus you’ll be safe as it locks on your feet as you perform all kinds of dance moves. 

It has a lightweight aluminum truck with high quality bushings to enhance its carving abilities. The wheels are large 60mm Hooligan, which improves your ride. This kind of wheel gives you a smooth, durable, and wear and tear-resistant wheel. 

Key Features

  • A large and durable deck made of spalted pearwood
  • The inner core is made from 7-ply Canadian Maple 
  • Huge kicktail, slightly concave shape
  • Very grippy grip tape
  • Very rugged construction 
  • Lightweight design aluminum trucks
  • High-rebound, durable bushings
  • Quality Hooligan wheels
  • ABEC – 9 Hellion 2 bearings with spacers 


  • 28-inch longboard
  • Made from pearwood and a Canadian Maple core
  • Laser-cut grip tape
  • Aluminum trucks 
  • 60mm Hooligan wheels 
  • Bearings are ABEC-9 Hellion 2
  • Bearings come with spacers  
  • Weighs 6.2 pounds


  • Very durable and stable
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Custom-made finish
  • Large kicktail and the right concave shape
  • Rides easily with safe grip tape deck surface
  • Lightweight yet rugged
  • High quality wheels, bearings, and bushings
  • Smooth to ride and evenly-worn wheels
  • Fast bearings with spacers


  • Needs assembly
  • Grip tape is too grippy

WHOME PRO Dancing Longboards 

The WHOME Pro dancing longboard is for beginners and professionals. It is a large 42 x 9-inch longboard ideal for dancing, cruising, carving, and freestyling. The deck is 8-ply maple, which can carry up to 330 pounds of weight. The platform is so wide and long that it allows you to move freely on top. It comes with a wide truck and a wider wheelbase for improved stability and lets you upgrade to larger wheels.

The truck is made from A356 aluminum alloy with a shaft that’s made from medium-carbon steel with strong baking paint outside. The wheelbase is 31.5 inches; the truck is sturdier so you can dance effortlessly. The tape has a powerful grip, and this provides better control as you ride. The wheels are large and are compatible with the WHOME high-precision ABEC-9 bearings in chrome steel. With all its specs, you’ll be cruising and riding fast with this longboard soon. 

Key Features

  • Large and flat dancing longboard
  • Made from maple 
  • Aluminum alloy truck 
  • Medium carbon –steel shaft
  • Large wheelbase 
  • Anti-slip grip tape
  • Large PU wheels
  • Chrome steel bearings with an ABEC-9 rating
  • Can hold up to 330 pounds


  • Measures 42.9 inches 
  • Made from 8-layer maple 
  • Maximum weight up to 330 pounds 
  • Wider  truck and base 
  • A356 aluminum alloy truck
  • Carbon steel shaft with baking paint outside
  • The wheelbase at 31.5 inches
  • High quality grip tape


  • Large dancing, cruising and playing area
  • You can move and work with the different contours
  • Stable and can be upgraded to larger wheels
  • Made from durable materials
  • Good grip and enhanced control
  • Large wheels with precision chrome bearings
  • Amazing design


  • The tail is not durable
  • Hard to replace wheels and to bear assembly

Magneto Dancer Longboard 

The Magneto Longboard with a bamboo deck measures 46 to 9 inches. This size and shape make it perfect for cruising or dancing. It has dual-kick tails and an arched camber with a shallow concave shape making it easier and stable to ride. 

The top comes with a high-angle Paris truck with wider and larger 70 mm wheels. The finish is bare but beautiful and is also sanded, so it’s rough; there’s no need to use a grip tape.

Key Features

  • The bamboo deck at 46” x 9” 
  • Dual kick tail
  • Large wheels
  • Paris-style trucks
  • Natural bamboo finish
  • Sanded top  so there’s no need for grip tapes


  • Measures 46” x 9”
  • Weighs 9.8 pounds
  • 70 mm wheels
  • Paris –style trucks
  • Sanded bamboo top


  • Lovely deck 
  • Made from strong materials
  • A design ideal for cruising, dancing and performing tricks
  • Nice arched design with dual tails
  • Large and fast wheels
  • No grip tape


  • Not too safe without grip tape

Buying Guide and FAQ

Longboards for dancing come in different styles and designs. To find out the best dancing board for your needs, you must learn about the different tips and techniques on how to shop for one. Here are some of the most important things to check out, especially when you’re buying a new longboard.

What to look for when buying the best dancing longboards?

Remember the following good longboard dancing setup when buying a longboard made for dancing:

The material counts a lot for dancing longboards

Maple is the most common material for the dancing longboards body, and this is because of the maple’s strength, flexibility, and lightweight. And just like skateboards, maple wood sheets are sandwiched together to create a strong and powerful platform that can hold your weight. This material is also strong enough to hold the longboard dancer ‘s weight as he performs all kinds of dance moves and freestyle tricks.

The shape of the dancing board 

Every manufacturer has a different style, but if you’re a beginner, settle with a plain longboard deck. A regular deck is easier to maneuver, has plenty of room from one tail to another, and will also have lots of space to move around. Only when you have mastered dancing and cruising on a plain board should you proceed to use a fancy, uniquely-shaped dancing board.

A good dance skateboard is a deck with a drop-through design. This is the ideal board shape for making sharp turns, tail kicks, and for high speed because it comes with a freestyle-oriented design. Many high-quality brands have a super shallow concave shape with loose trucks. These are maple decks with an effective foot platform so you’ll have ample room or enough foot space to dance and ride safely.

The size of the dancing boards

The usual length of the best longboard for dancing is 42 inches, but you can find more than this length. Also, wheel sizes are important. Some users prefer a larger wheel while some prefer tiny wheels, but this depends on where you want to use the board. Larger wheels are for outdoor and skate park use. 

Dancer decks are larger, with a stable platform, and are made from the most durable materials. A maple deck is the best choice by the dancing longboarding community because this material will give you a stable ride.

Can you dance with a dance partner on a longboard? It’s possible to synchronize dance on a longboard as long as your partner and you have similar riding styles. You can perform complicated moves like cross-steps, shove them, and other moves as long as the deck is wide enough.

Added qualities

You must choose dancing longboards with secure, grippy tops so you can safely execute different moves and tricks. You need a longboard with fast bearings and durable wheels. All-in-all, you will have to spend more to get more when it comes to this sport or hobby. You can’t rely on cheap products when it comes to playing, stunts, and riding on the road. Your personal preference also counts.

Consider a cruiser longboard that will let you roll smoothly even on uneven terrain and board easily. Experienced riders and dancers prefer performing tricks on dance longboards with just enough stiffness. Meanwhile, heavier riders should get a good board/dance board to support their weight and not a cheap one.

A good longboard shop will have Loaded Bhangra boards/Loaded Boards, dedicated dancer boards, and other amazing board styles longboard for dancing. You can select from different dancing deck styles with just the right amount of flex so you can perform dance tricks flawlessly.

Some good wheels for dancing are Blood Orange Wheels while Paris Trucks are the most durable for dancing and for enhanced board feels.

Dance steps on a dancing longboard

Dancing on a longboard is easy when you know the moves. But are there specific moves to learn? Are there rules on how to dance on a longboard? Let us first learn about the basic longboard tricks that you can adapt for dance. Here are some of them

Basic skateboard freestyle tricks adapted into dance steps for longboard dancing

Here are some of the basic freestyle tricks on a regular skateboard, adapted into dancing moves. Choose one according to your personal preference.

180 No Comply

The 180 No Comply is a flatland trick that’s easy and risk-free. You can use your dancing longboard to perform this trick but you can also no comply on any dancing board as long as you have a lot of space to land your board safely.

You don’t have to use a symmetrical skateboard to do the No Comply but, a wide tail is necessary. If you have a longboard or any large board, do the no comply carefully and slowly.

  • Start with the back foot on the board’s tail with your toes putting pressure on the balls of your feet. Get ready for a pop. The heel of your feet should be slightly hanging over the rail. You’re ready to turn the board.
  • Your feet must be shoulder-width apart or you can stand wider. Now move low by dropping your weight and then get ready to pop. Move up the heelside and then lean towards the front side to land the trick.
  • Slide with your front foot off the board but don’t step off quickly. This will keep the board rail heavy until it’s the right time. This also stops the board from popping early. Finally, plant your foot on the ground. Your body weight should be on the back foot which will make the board pop.
  • While you stomp on the tail, kick the back part of the board outwards and around. This will make the tail spin away from your body. Open up and rotate your body and pivot from your foot on the ground. The board must be close to you make sure that the board is not too far from you.
  • Now, hop using your planted foot while you pivot. The board will rotate in the air. Use the toes of your back foot to place the deck closer. Stop the deck from spinning too fast or flipping over.
  • You’re now ready to land so spot the right time and place to do it. Your foot must return to the two truck bolts or at least closer to them. Now, bend your knees and bend slightly to absorb your landing. Roll away afterward.

Backside Kickturn

Before you do the backside kickturn, you should spend time learning the frontside kickturn. You need a ramp to do this trick but we recommend a 3 to 4-foot ramp if you want to create some nice dancing moves. This is one of the popular flip tricks and you don’t need to hit the coping. Use any kind of longboard with a kicktail so your dancing longboard will do.

  • The first thing to do is to approach the coping at any speed you’re comfortable with. From the bottom of the ramp transition, start carving by loading from your toeside rail. Always keep your eyes on the part of the coping that you want to hit.
  • Move up the ramp transition and proceed with the kickturn. Your board will come around in the same direction that you’re facing as the front wheels remain in the air. Your focus must be in the correct direction, relax and remain light and ready to ride the transition,
  • Now, drop back by placing your weight on the front truck. Lean slightly forward and then pump to improve your speed. Doing so will remove weight from the back wheels so these could clear the coping with ease.
  • Once you’re down, ride away. Use your hands to emphasize your dance moves. Practice until you can do this fluidly.

Backside Predrift

The Backside Predrift is done at a high speed with your body fully bent as you crouch down low. You want to move faster from the entrance just enough to keep the line in control but not too much that you pour out your speed and from the corner at the slowest pace.

  • Before you predrift backside, learn to be comfortable with a lot of speed. And if you wish to add some freestyle dance moves, you may do so but do these before you hit the corner and after as you need to concentrate in between.
  • Look for a nice corner whether it’s a sweeper or a hairpin and then start with decent speed. A high entry speed will let you slide smoother and then you’ll find it easier to work up an exit speed.
  • Carve across the outside of the pavement and reach down to hold the heelside rail using your front hand. Your weight will be placed forwards with your back heel raised slightly. The toes of your back foot should be placed on the toeside rail.
  • Start moving low by maintaining your weight forward.
  • Place your front hand on the pavement in front but remain facing forward with your eyes on the part of the road you want to ride on.
  • Now slide. Your hand on the pavement will remove some weight from the back wheels. Remember to place your weight at the front of the board to avoid sliding away. If you place too much weight on your hand then you can topple over and crash.
  • As you near the corner, surf your grip. Just slide the edge of the grip, the speed is just enough to stay on the part of the pavement.
  • You’re at the corner so you must shift your weight backward to the middle of your deck. Slow things down with another pre-drift.
  • You’re now at the end of the corner so you can remove your hand from the pavement. Shift your weight to the middle of the board to exit the trick. A few fancy dancing moves will be great at this point as you slowly reach the end of the trick.

Bean Plant

The bean plant is quite similar to a 180 no comply but the board will not rotate. Many longboard dancers use this to modify their moves and to transition to a new trick.

To perform the bean plant, touch the board as you pop it. You will have a higher air compared to the no-comply. Remember, more air means you’re having more fun. So try to learn how to no-comply before proceeding with the bean plant. You can use any kind of longboard as long as the deck has a tail to allow you to pop it.

  • Start the trick with an approach with the back foot along the tail and the front foot at the middle of the board. Place your front hand low and ready for the deck grab.
  • Next, plant your foot. Hold the front of your deck down so you can pop it higher.
  • Once your foot is planted, try to pop the deck’s tail to pop the board into your hand. You must get a good grip so just leave your palm open and wait until the board hits your hand.
  • Hop off the pavement and do this higher. The board will rise up with your front foot and your hand.
  • Let go of the deck using your hand and land your foot on the board. Your foot should be close to the truck to keep your balance.
  • Land by compressing your knees and sinking low to the deck to absorb the impact.
  • Roll away with a few dance moves.


It’s during carving that you can incorporate freestyle dancing tricks and moves. Carving lets you cruise down a mellow slope in a crisscross pattern.

Carving on a skateboard is just like carving on a snowboard. You can carve to slow down and also tackle very steep slopes. You can carve slowly or at very high speeds. The key to carve well is to slide your skateboard wheels very slightly with every turn. This slows you down and allows you to control your ride and speed.

A good dancing longboard with flexible trucks and soft wheels will help you carve and dance. You must also find a good mellow slope where you can begin your trick. But there’s no need to start at the top to carve.

  • The most important thing is to relax and lean your body in every turn. And since you’ll be dancing, you can add arm moves, hip movements, and crazy foot movements as you carve.
  • Some skaters may find it hard to start carving so practice and practice until you get a hang of it. With good training, you can tackle even the steepest hill or slope.

Coleman/Pendulum Slide

The Coleman/Pendulum Slide is a classic trick or move that was developed during skateboarding’s early ears. Many learn how to perform this slide by holding the deck’s tail which is an easy and safer way to start the trick. This can be used as easy dancing tricks.

  • Approach the slope at a good speed.
  • Carve from one side to the other to wind your body up before the slide.
  • Bend low as if you’re sitting on your board. Keep your weight forward and over the front truck.
  • Place your front hand on the pavement and near the side of the front wheels. Remain in a forward-leaning position.
  • Place a little weight on the planted hand and slide with your free arm swinging from across your body. Always keep looking at the road in front of you.
  • Place the board back to face down the slope by bringing the free arm down to your side. Your body will become un-twisted at this point.


The drop-in is performed on a ramp. It’s not for beginners as it can be scary but fun. The drop-in can be the first step in your dance routine and thus, you need to learn it well.

  • A drop-in starts at the coping. Your tail will be on the coping so your back foot must be on it. The back truck should be next to the coping.
  • Your weight should be at the back foot and your front foot must be behind the front truck. Stand on the coping and be ready to drop.
  • Place your weight forwards and towards the front foot. Place the weight of your entire body to the front and commit. Don’t lean back.
  • You’re now dropping so keep everything forward to the nose of the board. Your knees must be slightly bent and your body relaxed.
  • Ride away and start your dance routine.

Fakie Shuvit or Shove Its

The Fakie Shuvit is one of the easiest flat-ground flip tricks stunts that can be performed on a longboard. Your board will flip during this trick but you won’t.

  • Start with a fakie by moving backward with your normal stance.
  • Pop upwards with more weight over the front foot so the tail of the board lifts.
  • Time to shuv it with the front foot and scooping the board underneath and right in front.
  • The tail swings around so you must guide this with the back foot.
  • Your back foot must contact the board. Keep the front foot as high as you can so the board spins underneath you. After the deck spins 180, find the spot on the deck where you land.
  • Land your feet as close to the trucks as you can.
  • Roll away with some cool dance moves and routines.


A footbrake is a trick you need to learn if you want to dance on your skateboard. This is a good trick to learn to control your speed as you push your board.

  • To apply the footbrake, start slowly like you’re running or jogging. Start pushing to get more speed and then start assuming your stance.
  • Turn your foot slightly so that this is pointing at the length of the board.
  • As you apply the foot brake, your body is facing forward and not sideways.
  • Lift the back foot. You can take your time until you’re comfortable with the move. Keep things smooth.
  • Bend your front knee to skim the back foot to the road that’s next to the deck. First contact will be hard but do so smoothly with just a slight pressure.
  • Lean backward and apply the brake. You can use your arms to balance or lock your ankle to the rail to enhance stability.

Frontside Powerslide

Another trick to get your dance moves ready is the frontside powerslide. Similar to the 180, the frontside powerslide is easy to do and it’s also easy to cease the trick if you think you got it incorrectly.

  • Move slowly with your weight centered. Keep a relaxed posture and bend your knees slightly.
  • Slide carve and keep your body weight on the edge with your knees bent. You must be low enough to initiate the trick.
  • Slide and carve as you straighten your legs. Pop up the board from the side very slightly and let your arms swing in front. Try to kick out using your back foot.
  • You must keep your weight in the middle and just push with your front foot.
  • Hook up again by bending your knees to place your weight into the deck and your front arm should drop. The deck will come back under you.


Can you dance on any longboard?

Experts say that you can dance even when you’re on a smaller board or a board that’s not made for dancing. But you must be a professional to do this. And if you want to learn how to dance on a longboard, you must choose a larger, wider board for safety.

Is there better footwear to use on a longboard?

Riding a longboard is similar to riding a skateboard when it comes to footwear. You need something flat, so you can stay on the board safely. You may use a pair of old sneakers as long as it is flat, with double or triple-stitched components.

How do you stop riding on a longboard?

Longboards are faster, and stopping may seem scary, but you can do this by stopping pushing and just riding it out. If you’re riding on a flat surface at low speeds, you can hop out of the board if you can. But if you’re moving downwards, ride out the board until it’s slow enough to hop out. 

Where can you learn dancing on a longboard?

Most longboard “dancers” learn by copying moves from other riders. They may also tweak movements according to their dancing boards and their experience levels. And the best place to learn dancing on a longboard is in an empty carpark or skate park, so the surface is smooth and easy to ride. 


From our list of the best longboards for dancing, we have selected the VOLADOR dancing longboard. It is made from pure maple and is flexible with a spacious 46 x 10-inch deck and a 37-inch wheelbase. The trucks are reverse Kingpin trucks at 7 inches. These trucks are adjustable according to your riding or dancing style. The wheels are PU 78A wheels with ABEC -9 high-precision bearings. These will give you a smooth and relaxing ride and a strong and durable dancing and cruising longboard. 

And of course, who can overlook the lovely graphics of the VOLADOR dancing longboards? These are vintage-inspired avant-garde images that are too pretty to ride on. All-in-all, these characteristics have made this longboard the best dancing longboard for experts and beginners alike.