Best Longboard for Beginners: Must-Buy in 2021

Longboard’s growing popularity has inspired both sports enthusiasts and commuters. With all the different brands, one might be confused about what to purchase. Here’s a list of must-buy and the best longboard for beginners this 2021!

Review of the Best Longboard for Beginners

  • Suitable for both adults and kids

  • Perfect for every style of riding 

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to ride for any skill level.

  • It has an exceptional length that supports riding stability.

  • Perfect for other styles of riding

  • Has to drop through trucks.

  • Perfect for other styles of riding

  • Great control when speeding

  • Can be used for other styles of riding

  • Long-lasting

Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard

(Best Overall)

As one of the leading companies in making one of the most reputable skateboards and longboards, Playshion is one of the top favorite brands of every ride, whether a beginner or a pro. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Cruiser is one of the top picks and has received countless of good reviews from other riders. 

Considered as one of the versatile longboards available, Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Cruiser is the fittest pick when skating even through rocky and uneven grounds. The longboard is precisely created to cater to both adults and children.  With these longboards, the rider can practice several riding styles, such as freestyling, cruising, or freeriding. 

Made from an 8-ply flex hardwood maple with a flat, symmetrical design, the deck offers durability and strength for a perfect ride. This also allows a maximum of 250 lbs. of weight support. It’s 70x50mm SHR 78A Polyurethane Wheels are durable and soft, which results in a table and perfect ride. 

Key Features: 

  • Soft bushings for a comfortable riding experience
  • Soft and big wheels to handle rough terrains
  • Double kicktail design for the longboard deck shape


  • 8 ply flex hardwood maple
  • 70x50mm SHR 78A Polyurethane Wheels
  • ABEC-9 Bearings
  • Solid 7 Inch Aluminum Trucks


  • Suitable for both adults and kids
  • Perfect for every style of riding 
  • Lightweight


  • Wheels wear off easily 
  • Not effective for pulling a trick

Quest Longboard

(2nd Choice)

One longboard that’s ideal for any level and age of riders is the Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser. Its deck has a sleek design that boasts a 44 inches plywood desk constructed from both maple and bamboo, the two known strongest longboard material.  Thus, the deck is long-lasting and very durable. This guarantees the perfect deck that’s not too docile nor too rigid. It is just the perfect balance. 

The easy to carry deck is made of a 7-Ply Super Flex Bamboo and Hardwood Maple Deck, while the trucks are made of aluminum. It offers stability in riding thanks to its larger grip taped surface, a kick nose, and its unique length. Maneuvering through turn and blocks is easier due to its sharp turning capability. The Quest Super Cruiser is a perfect choice. The Quest Super Cruiser is the perfect choice when choosing a longboard that will give long-lasting satisfaction with a perfect and amazing performance, regardless of the riders’ skill levels. 

Key Features: 

  • 44″ Longboard 
  • Kick nose and tail offer superb grip
  • Made with quality and durable materials.


  • 7 Ply Super Flex Bamboo and Hardwood Maple Deck
  • 7-inch aluminum trucks
  • Genuine ABEC 7 speed bearing


  • Easy to ride for any skill level.
  • It has an exceptional length that supports riding stability.


  • Wheels are not meant for rougher grounds 
  • Not effective for pulling a trick

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard

(3rd Choice)

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser is the top choice when a beginner wants a longboard that is not only long-lasting and durable but will also offer excellent performance when learning different riding styles or techniques. The name might suggest it best for cruising, but it also works well with downhill riding and freeriding.  The maple deck is specifically secured with an eco-friendly epoxy. It is not too light but bearable with its 8.5 lbs. weight. It has an excellent stability thanks to its 4 x 9 x 42 inches dimension. 

With its good turning capacities, it fits for heavy riders as well. It also boasts a variety of colorful and amazing graphic designs every artistic rider can choose from. Aside from all mentioned, it also grants lots of space control, exerts a good flex and shock absorption. 

Key Features: 

  • Designed by talents across the Atlantic.
  • Used beneficial materials which are good for the environment.


  • 8-ply natural hard rock maple and epoxy glue
  • Aluminum 7-Inch reverse kingpin trucks 
  • 70x51mm 78A PU wheels
  • ABEC-9 precision bearings


  • Perfect for other styles of riding
  • Has to drop through trucks.


  • There is a lot of tilt from the deck

WHOME Longboards

As one of the designers and manufacturers of superior quality skateboards, Whome is committed to providing the best skateboards and longboards designs. Using high-quality materials such as premium maple and chrome steel for their boards, the company has its unit of experts, which observes a strict quality control practice. One of their best longboards is the WHOME Longboards Skateboard – 31″ Pro Small Longboard. 

The deck is an 8-layer alpine hard-rock maple wood and has a measure of 31 x 8.25,” which is considered a small longboard. This longboard is best for cruising, commuting, freestyling, and more.  It provides stability and dependable traction thanks to its ABED-9 Bearings made of special chrome steel and OS780 Grip Tape. It has a 63x51mm 80A PU Wheels that are best for doing tricks and the PU Bushing that works well for better control when speeding. 

Key Features: 

  • Made of excellent maple wood 
  • 12-month warranty 
  • Favorable Customer Service 


  • 31×8.25″, 8-layer maple deck
  • ABEC-9 Bearings.
  • Premium OS780 Grip Tape


  • Perfect for other styles of riding
  • Great control when speeding


  • Bushing and bearings are too tight

Slendor Longboard

Slendor Longboard is the perfect choice for a beginner rider who wants to get the best features available for longboards. Though this board is also best for any type of riders, this longboard comes with different colorful and artistic designs to choose from. 

It is made for a variety of riding styles, such as freestyling or distance riding, but works exceptionally well for downhill skating. It has a length of 42 inches by 9 inches drop-through deck that allows flexibility, effortless pushing, and resiliency from shock.  It is made of 9-ply natural hard rock maple, which was cold-pressed using epoxy glue. It has great maneuverability due to its ABEC-9 steel bearings and 7 inches 180 aluminum trucks. The 70x51mm 85A PU wheels also offer convenience. 

Key Features: 

  • 100% Money-back guarantee 
  • Used healthy and good materials for the environment.


  • 9-ply maple wood
  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • 7- inch 180 aluminum trucks
  • 70x51mm 85A PU wheels 


  • Can be used for other styles of riding
  • Long-lasting


  • Not suitable for long hills

Safety Tips every Beginner Rider must know

Wear safety gear

The first thing that you should give importance to is your safety.  It might be inevitable to have a stumble or two, especially when it’s your first time, but the safety gear will lessen the damage.  It will be difficult to balance, so it is advisable to wear clothes that cover your skin and gear to you safe and secure. With this, you can go and enjoy your first ride.

Find a safe place to skate 

It might be tempting to skate inside your house or outside on the street, but some dangers might happen. You can knock off furniture, or distract some cars on the street. It is better to find a safe place to practice. You can go check your local park or a boardwalk. Make sure these places have some soft surfaces or grounds. This will help you practice better. A bumpy and uneven surface can be dangerous for beginners.

Skate in good weather

Skate when the weather is nice, and the ground is dry. Slippery surfaces can be very dangerous. Also, water can do some damages or rust to your longboard’s hardware and affect its performance. Pick a good day and time to go skating. You wouldn’t want to go in the early afternoon when it’s too hot or the evening when it’s too dark.  

Be responsible

As a beginner rider, you must be responsible. Avoid overdoing it. Practice slowly and step by step. You will be able to master tricks and styles soon, but for the first few weeks, start with the basics.

What kind of longboard is for you? 

Different longboards offer different key features, and it depends on your preference for what to choose. There are different styles of longboards, and if you think they are just made simply for design, then here are the things you must know.


The name is the explanation itself. It has a cut-down deck that lets you have a clearer view of your wheels. This design offers easy pushing and is best for commuting.


A classic pintail is almost like an elongated oval design. The center is wide and has a distinctive ‘nose’ and a tail. This longboard will help you with balance and is easier to maneuver and turn around.


It looks like a Pintail, except that it’s shorter, and its tail is split or shaped like a ‘fish’. And just like the Pintail, this is also best for taking a sharp turn or maintaining balance.


The blunt longboards’ best features lie in its trucks and wheels. These big wheels and strong trucks are the best when aiming for stability. Its nose and tail are wide and round and are perfect for having a good balance.

Once you have gained experience and mastered the techniques, you can swap your beginner longboard styles for these styles.

Cut out

This style has drop-through trucks and big wheels, which offers a stable ride even at a swift speed. Using this style, you can go downhill, freeride, and freestyle. 


Twin longboard is your reward for reaching the pro-level. This board is best for riders who have mastered advanced skills and techniques. It would be very hard for a beginner to control this longboard.

The style that fits you

The different varieties of longboards are meant for different riding styles. If you are not sure what to choose, here are the different styles that may fit you.  These styles will depend on why you want a longboard: maybe for fun, commuting, or extreme sports.


This is a beginner-friendly riding style. Drop through longboards offers more stability. This is best when riding in long-distance areas such as going to work or school or doing an errand.


This is one of the most basic styles of riding. It requires nothing but fun and a slow to medium paced speed. All you need to do is ride the longboard and enjoy the wind. 


Carving may look easy, but it still needs time to practice. This technique best for beginners since this is also one of the most basic styles. This is all about knowing when to control your longboard for an easy glide from left to right. To practice, you can put straight-line traffic cones or rocks and pass through them in an ‘s’ style. 

These three are the basic and most recommended to learn first.  If you have mastered those basic styles, you can try these for an upgrade. 


This involves sliding on the hill at a great speed. To do this safely and well, you must master control and balance. If you do it for the first time, you can try low slopes, so it’s easier to slide down and control your speed and longboard. 

Freeriding and Freestyling

This is best if you have been longboarding for a long time and have mastered the basic techniques. This requires skills combines with different techniques such as longboard tricks or dancing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easier to ride a skateboard or longboard?

Longboards are easier because they offer smoother rides. It is also best when you are aiming for longer rides. The speed is just right, and the length will help you get a better riding performance, especially for a beginner. Skateboards are usually smaller in size and are harder to ride because of their small wheels. Skateboards are best for fast speed and cool tricks.  

How long does it take to learn how to ride a longboard? 

It usually depends on you, the rider. If you are quick to learn, then it would be easier and would only take you a week or more if you practice every day. But if you generally have problems with balance and speed, it might be longer. You can get better of you practice every day for a minimum of fifteen minutes or more.

Can you lose weight when longboarding? 

Yes, you can. When longboarding, you can move your body. So, it is a good and fun exercise. If you are looking for an action sport that makes you lose weight at the same time, longboarding is the best choice for you.

Is longboarding dangerous? 

Longboarding is a risky and action sports, so there might be a little danger in it. That is why certain precautions should always be executed by the rider.

Does longboarding have an age limit? 

No, it doesn’t. As long as you have the energy and the enthusiasm to practice and learn, then anyone of any age can learn how to ride a longboard. Longboarding is for everyone, regarding the age, type, and skills of the riders.

Our top pick 

Our top pick for the best longboard for beginners is the Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Cruiser. It comes from a reputable brand that offers good quality longboards. The longboard style is also fit for a beginner. It boats great specifications and good key features, which makes it all the best. Since it is best for different types of riding styles, even a pro can use it and still have a great time. This is the best buy when you want to have a longboard that will last since you were a beginner until you become pro.


Choosing a longboard has never been this easy with all the choices available in the market. You have countless varieties to choose from. Having the idea of why you want one is the best start in finding the right choice for you. Even if you are a beginner, there is nothing to be afraid of. The longboard industry made sure every type of rider has their pick.