What Is The Best Electric Longboard in 2021?

Every electric longboard has its unique features and designs. Some are safer, sturdier, and far better components than others, and this is why shopping for it should be something you need to think of thoroughly.  Here are the five of the most impressive electric longboards that you must check out!

Reviews of the Best Electric Longboards

  • With an easy to use the remote control

  • Easy to ride anywhere with bursting speeds.

  • Easy to ride anywhere with bursting speeds.

  • Very durable and lovely maple deck

  • Strong tires and trucks

  • Longer-lasting battery cells

  • Let’s go faster and further

  • Allows you to climb higher

  • With nice looking and strong deck

  • Very sleek and stunning deck

  • Strong and flexible deck

  • Wheels are very durable

  • Comes with three different speeds

  • Comes with three different speeds

  • Fast and can take you farther 

SWAGSKATE NG2 38” A.I. Powered Electric Longboard 

(Best Overall)

Skate with such swag with this cool electric longboard from SWAGSKATE. The NG2 is an electric board that rides like a regular cruiser longboard; to control it, just shift your weight along the deck because this is equipped with sensors for weight and board balance. And although it comes with remote control, it does not really require one to work. All you need is to lean in the correct direction.

NG2 is one of the fastest as it can move up to 18mph. This speed allows you to move up 15-degree inclines with ease thanks to its powerful brushless rear-motors at 450 watts. It comes with a fully-functional remote control that can control speeds and switches from different modes. 

Meanwhile, the NG2 comes with a 38” longboard made from strong maple wood in between two bamboo sheets. With this tough deck, it can carry up to 220 pounds of weight.

Key Features

  • You can control this like a cruiser board by placing your weight in the correct areas.
  • With remote control, but it may be controlled without it. 
  • Remove control will control speeds and will let you switch to different speed modes. 
  • This is a fast electric longboard with the highest speeds of 18 mph and the slowest 10 mph.
  • Very flexible and strong maple wood/bamboo deck.
  • The deck can take up to 220 pounds weight
  • The battery is a powerful lithium-ion battery, charges to full up to 2 hours.
  • Covered by a 90-day limited warranty


  • Deck made from layers of maple (6 layers) and bamboo (2 layers)
  • Two 450W motors
  • With PU wheels, wheels with 52 mm diameter
  • The battery is 43.8V at 3.1 Ah LFP (lithium-ion battery)
  • Battery charging time is 2 hours
  • The range is 11.8 mi in a full battery
  • Maximum speeds of 18 mph, climbing range of 15 degrees
  • With somatosensory navigation features
  • Comes with different riding or speed controls
  • Remote controlled
  • Board measurements: 38.5 x 11 x 5.7 inches 
  • Weighs 20 pounds or only 9.1 kg.


  • The board or deck is made from very durable materials
  • The motor is very efficient and powerful for inclines
  • This is able to provide power up to 18 mph.
  • Easy to ride anywhere with bursting speeds.
  • With an easy to use the remote control
  • Is light and easy to carry around in your person


  • Problems with remote
  • Complaints that battery power is not very good

BACKFIRE G2T Electric Longboard 

(2nd Choice)

The BACKFIRE electric longboard promises skateboarding at a completely new level. It has a unique yet functional design that will keep you moving and cruising with ease. The board has a flexible curved deck made of maple with a unique ESC and convenient battery enclosure. The 50-degree, Caliber II trucks are strong and durable, making the board very efficient and flexible.

The BACKFIRE has an advanced battery with an enhanced controller’s module. This e-board has an R2 wireless controller with an OLED display so you can easily check and control the speeds and mode of the board. A new feature called the Turbo Mode provides 20% acceleration making it easier to climb steeper routes. The deck’s hub and tires are very efficient and durable. 

The BACKFIRE G2T is smaller and lighter compared to the G2. It has a more powerful battery with smaller tires and has a more durable motor. Your purchase also comes with complete accessories, including the remote, small tools, charger, and some extra sets of skateboard wheels. 

Key Features

  • With an enhanced design and  improved manufacturing process
  • With an improved power system and better specs.
  • Flexible curved neck 
  • With handy remote control with wireless functions and OLED screen
  • With an enhanced truck for a comfortable ride.
  • With a powerful battery with advanced functions
  • Strong hub motors and efficient tires.


  • Flexible curved-design on deck
  • Improved ESC and battery
  • With  Caliber II, 50-degree trucks
  • Design: low center of gravity
  • Advanced battery with the controller’s module
  • R2 wireless RC with informative OLED display
  • 350W x 2 hub motors 
  • 83A  SHRAA tires
  • 216Wh batteries – Samsung 30Q battery
  • Weighs 15.2 pounds
  • 8 layers of maple deck
  • Sports Mode: 12 miles/20Km, Eco Mode: 15.5 miles/25Km and Updated Turbo Mode 


  • Very durable and lovely maple deck
  • Strong tires and trucks
  • Longer-lasting battery cells
  • High-powered dual motors 
  • Good quality remote control
  • Comes with complete accessories
  • With different riding modes to choose from


  • Complaints that the deck is too high
  • Bushings are low quality 

Electric Skateboard Bluetooth Controller Longboard 

(3rd Choice)

The Buffalo Electric Longboard is for your every-day commute and cruising e-board. This electric longboard offers 25 km per charge, which depends on your selected riding mode. You can choose from three riding modes: the Advanced Mode that can go 40kph, Cruise Mode up to 20kph and Beginner Mode up to 18kph.

This is made from durable bamboo material at 4 strong layers sandwiched in 4 layers of fiberglass. With this strength, you can get more traction as you ride. Also, this tough combination can minimize weight, enhance elasticity, and the deck will be resistant to wear and tear. The wheels are strongly made from PU plastic. This is durable, dust and waterproof, and shock-absorbing so you’ll ride smoothly on the street, in the park, or at your driveway. 

You can accelerate and move like never before with the Buffalo Electric Longboard. It is the only longboard with a single-dual drive system, which will allow you to accelerate as you move on top of any hill. And when you’re coming down, you can break and stop completely on your way back. If you want to go faster or climb higher, the double-drive mode will give you a boost. When you want to go farther, the single-drive mode will give you increased cruising mileage. 

Key Features

  • Get 25km for every charge depending on different riding modes: Advanced, Cruise, or Beginner modes. 
  • The deck is made of durable and tough layers of bamboo and fiberglass.
  • A strong deck improves traction, elasticity, hardness, and weight.
  • With very durable, waterproof, shock-absorbing, and dustproof PU wheels.
  • High-powered motor with a single-dual ride system.
  • With LED lights for safety, especially at night.
  • With remote control for easy controls while riding on any road.
  • Charges via USB port, non-removable batteries


  • 25km per charge speeds
  • Three riding modes: Advanced Mode, Cruise Mode, and Beginner Mode
  • Deck constructed from four layers of bamboo and four layers of fiberglass material
  • PU wheels
  • 1,200 watts of power
  • Single-dual riding drive system
  • Covered by 6 months guarantee (free maintenance and accessories change)
  • Weighs less than 22 pounds


  • Let’s go faster and further
  • Allows you to climb higher
  • With nice looking and strong deck
  • With durable wheels that resist wear and tear
  • Made from very durable materials
  • Versatile with different riding modes 
  • Risk-free warranty/guarantee on parts and maintenance


  • Non-removable battery
  • Very heavy longboard

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Longboard

The Alouette Phoenix Ryders e-board has many qualities that you may be looking for in an electric longboard. First, it comes with a very strong and durable deck, which is made from six layers of Northeast Maple and a layer of bamboo. It will withstand many hours of continuous use, wear, and tear. 

This board can accelerate up to 16mph with a maximum angle of 10 degrees climbing capacity. You can ride up a steep road and back again with ease. Under the deck is an 83mm brushless dual motor with 250W power. This motor comes with efficient regenerative braking for safety on the road. Its maximum range is 9.3 miles when in full charge.

This e-board comes with a powerful 4400mah 25.2V lithium-ion battery, which is mode powerful and can provide an enhanced boost. Your e-board will come with a charge and thus is ready to go even from out of the box. 

You will also get an ergonomic remote control, which allows you to easily change speeds. Braking is smooth, while direction changes are simple, so you’ll stay safer on the road. The remote also has a battery indicator telling you how much battery power is left. 

You’ll also get more value for your money as this e-board is covered by a 6-month warranty. This is one of the lightest electric longboards weighing less than 10 pounds. You can easily carry it anywhere right after using it on the road. 

Key Features

  • With a strong and durable deck with 7 layers of maple and a layer of bamboo.
  • The top speed is 16mph with a maximum climbing angle of 10 degrees.
  • With 250W hub motors equipped with regenerative braking.
  • Motor with a maximum range of 9.3 miles, reliable and easy braking.
  • It is powered by a strong lithium battery at 25.2V.
  • With an ergonomic remote control with smooth braking.
  • Battery capacity indicator on the remote control.
  • This is safe and secure with a 6-months warranty. 


  • Deck with 6 layers of maple and 1 layer of bamboo
  • Top speeds: 16mph
  • Climbing angle: up to 10 degrees
  • Motor: dual 250W 83mm brushless
  • Brakes: regenerative braking during acceleration and deceleration 
  • Range: -4400mah 9.3 miles maximum
  • Battery: 4.4AH Lithium-ion 
  • Ergonomic remote control with strap
  • Battery life indicator on the remote control
  • 6-months warranty on repairs and parts replacement in the USA
  • Weighs less than 10 pounds
  • Board size: 32 inches
  • Available in Version A and B


  • Very sleek and stunning deck
  • Strong and flexible deck
  • The surface of the deck with a strong grip
  • Nice design and shape deck
  • Wheels are very durable
  • Powerful motor, good braking
  • With ergonomic remote control
  • Durable battery power
  • With a generous warranty


  • Non-removable batteries
  • Battery and electronic problems

Aceshin Electric Longboard 

The Aceshin e-board is an electric longboard that’s designed for teens and kids. It is for beginner e-board users with its easy to use remote control and safe design. The remote comes with three modes with different speeds. You can easily change speeds with a few clicks with the fastest speeds at 12.4mph. This e-board has a maximum range of 10 km with reverse features. And if you’re off the board in five minutes, it will automatically power off to preserve battery life. Even without electric power, you may still use this board as a regular longboard.

The deck of the Aceshin e-board is strong, with six layers of tough Northeast Maple and 1 layer of bamboo. This board is solid and stable and is one of the lightest weighings, just 12 pounds. It is very light and easy to transport plus, it can accommodate a maximum weight of 220 pounds. 

When it comes to the e-board motor, you’ll enjoy an efficient brushless hub motor that’s more powerful and less problematic than belt-driven motors. The battery is longer-lasting Lithium battery but is non-removable. It must be fully-charged when stored to prevent damage.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic remote control with three speeds
  • With reverse capabilities and is ideal for first-time e-board users.
  • With a maximum speed of 12.4 mph and a range of 10 km maximum.
  • With automatic power-off to preserve the life of your battery.
  • With a special design made from durable Northeast Maple and Bamboo
  • This is very light, weighs only 12 pounds.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds.
  • Brushless hub motor at 250W, more efficient and powerful than belt-drive motors
  • With efficient lithium battery 
  • Easy to learn controls


  • Remote-controlled e-board
  • With three speed modes  
  • Ergonomic remote with reverse capabilities
  • Maximum speeds of 12.4mph 
  • The maximum range of 10km
  • Battery power-off feature
  • Can be used as a regular longboard
  • Made from 6 layers of Northern Maple and 1 layer of bamboo
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Maximum weight capacity: 220 pounds
  • Hub motor: brushless at 250W


  • Comes with three different speeds
  • Easy to hold the remote control
  • Fast and can take you farther 
  • Saves battery after five minutes of non-use
  • Special design, durable deck 
  • Lovely deck design, with very sticky grip top
  • A powerful and less-problematic hub motor
  • Powerful battery 
  • Water resistant deck and wheels
  • Lightweight and easy to take anywhere


  • Non-removable motor 
  • Problems with battery power 

Buying Guide and FAQ

As with regular longboards, electric longboards vary in so many ways. From the deck material to the board motor, almost all components are upgradeable and customizable. This is why you must take time to learn the different longboard features that make each one board better than other boards. Let’s check out the most important ones. 

What to look for when purchasing electric longboards?

Remember the following when buying an electric longboard

Deck design and material

Most electric skateboards use a maple deck, but some manufacturers have blended maple with other materials to create that durable, tough, and warm-looking board. The length or size of the board varies too; you can choose from a regular-sized board to longer ones at 38+ inch longboards. Some companies customize e-boards depending on their customer’s preferences, and this is a good way to get the best size board you want.  

Wheel quality and size 

The wheels are usually standard PU wheels, but make sure to check any problems that previous customers have encountered with the brand. PU wheels are very durable, but how long the wheels will last depends on how you use your longboard. Extreme use can lead to worn wheels and loose trucks in just a matter of a few weeks, while light use can lead to regular wear in a matter of months. 

Motor capacity and road incline

How fast can the electric longboard go? How steep can it go as well? Some regular longboards can be as fast as 12.4 mph and a range of 10 km max. The faster and more powerful a longboard is, the better it can handle steeper roads. The angle of steepness is expressed in degrees with the most can take only 10 to 12 degrees steepness. This is why electric longboards are best used in flat streets with minimal inclines. 


Large-capacity batteries are needed to supply stable and strong power to the board’s motors. The battery is usually non-detachable, rechargeable, and the heaviest component of a longboard. Often times, a rider has to compensate for battery power as a heavier battery can slow down a board versus a smaller, lighter battery that can make boards faster. 

Motor features

Brushless hub motors are better than belt-driven motors because these are more efficient and will require less maintenance. 

Remote control

The remote control should fit in your hands well, with most having a loop or band to wear on your wrist. The RC should be easy to control as well with easy access acceleration and deceleration switches as well. 


How long does hub motors last?

Electric hub motors can be found in longboards, skateboards and in bicycles because it lasts longer compared to belt-driven motors. This kind of motor can last more than 10,000 to 15,000 or more. 

An electric longboard is only good as its battery and motor. Usually, an e-board battery can last around a year or three. The biggest factor of a battery is the number of cycles it can take before its capacity drops. Also, lithium-ion batteries have a very limited life span and will tend to lose their capacity after many charges. 

Can you push an electric skateboard with your feet?

Yes, most electric longboards may be pushed, but it defeats its purpose of being an electric skateboard. Some boards may be pushed when the battery runs out; however, some poor quality boards can be dangerous as it can completely stop without warning when the battery power runs out. You should be wary of using this type of board and make sure that your e-board has full battery power before you head out the door with it. 

Are electric skateboards worth the investment?

Yes, investing in a powerful electric powered longboard or skateboard is worth it. Look for boards with good batteries, well-designed motors, and strong decks because these are the most important components of an electric board. Don’t be misled by cool designs, stunning decals, and fancy remotes because these are not very important when choosing a reliable electric longboard.


From our list of the best electric longboards, the SWAGSKATE NG2 electric longboard is our top choice. We have several reasons why this e-board is our best. First, it is easy to use as it rides like a regular cruiser longboard. To control this board, you just shift your weight on the deck because this has sensors to detect weight and board balance. Next, it comes with a remote control despite not needing any RC for controls.

Also, NG2 is one of the fastest at 18mph. This allows you to move 15-degree inclines with ease because of its powerful brushless rear 450-watt motors. The NG2 is a 38” maple/bamboo longboard, and this can carry up to 220 pounds of weight. We recommend the SWAGSKATE NG2 electric longboard to people who want to cruise along with the town, move through flat or slightly incline streets, and for beginners. And if you think that the SWAGSKATE NG2 is the electric longboard for you, check this out from this link.