The Best Downhill Longboards: A Must-Read List

Downhill longboarding is thrilling and extremely scary at the same time, and learning how to do this exceptionally well is one of the highlights of being a longboard rider. If you are a beginner, you need to skip and forget about this style and go back to practicing the basic cruising and carving. But if you are an intermediate rider with decent experience, then this is your sign to go and practice downhill. Downhill riding is not for the faint-hearted or the scared cats. It needs courage and bravery to slide down the slopes. Others do this for pure fun, while others do it for art and adrenaline. 

With all the great riding styles available, the most popular is downhill riding. It requires a little more than just sliding down and stopping in style. It requires basic riding techniques and enough knowledge when it comes to longboarding.  Yet, first, you must have the right longboard for this. Not all longboards are made for downhill. It needs very specific features to be able to do it, such as deck styles and wheels to provide great balance and traction. Getting the right longboard is important to prevent any mishaps. Here your guides for the best downhill longboards available in the market. 

Reviews of the Best Downhill Longboards

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard

(Best Overall)

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard, as claimed, is a piece of art. Not only because of its artistic and colorful designs but also of the value they are trying to teach their riders, and that is the opportunity to embrace the environment. The Minority Downhill is the product of innovative and advanced technology. 

The deck is made of an 8-ply hard maple wood that makes it strong and resilient. It also has a symmetrical shape for easier maneuverability. With its shape and the size of 40 inches, it is outlined to provide the best longboard for downhill.  It offers good quality 70x51mm PU wheels, 7 inches trucks made of aluminum, and ABEC-9 bearings for better traction and smoother glides. It gives stability and great speed exceedingly well. It’s easy to handle and long-lasting. It also grants wonderful graphic designs thanks to its different talents all over the Atlantic. 

Key Features: 

  • Offers great speed
  • Offers stability
  • Good design


  • 8-ply maple wood deck
  • 40-Inch longboard
  • 7-Inch reverse trucks
  • 70x51mm 78A PU wheels


  • Excellent quality trucks and bearings
  • Durable 


  • Too wide

Fireball x Arbor Longboard Cruiser Downhill

(2nd Choice)

Fireball x Arbor Longboard Cruiser Downhill Skateboards is the best choice that would exceed all expectations. Fireball x Arbor series best suited for every type of rider. They offer eco-friendly products and longboards for each type of riders. 

The longboard includes a deck made of colorful and vibrant designs, the Endure long-lasting bearings, and Dragon spacers that fit well.  The deck is strong and durable, while the bearing and spacers are long-lasting and are made of stainless steel. It works well for beginners and pro riders as well.

Key Features: 

  • Good design to choose from 
  • Eco-friendly


  • Arbor Skate deck
  • Paris trucks 
  • Hardware in various heads and sizes


  • Durable
  • Suitable for beginner


  • Does not ride smooth and well at first

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards for Downhill

(3rd Choice)

Magneto Longboards, though a new one, is a company that offers excellent quality longboards at a reasonable price.  They are committed to giving longboard riders the best experience in longboarding through continuous innovation, artistic designs, and wholesome ideas. One of their best downhill longboards is the Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards for Downhill. 

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards for Downhill is one of the hottest downhill longboards available in the market. Made from excellent and durable materials, it offers the best quality a longboard can have. 

First, its deck is made of different materials such as carbon fiber and bamboo. These are some of the newest and most durable deck materials available.  It has a 78A wheel, which is of the best quality and 70mm X 53mm bearings, which are stainless steel, so there will be no worries for any rust. The 7 inches truck is positioned at a higher angle, which helps for better carving. It also features an OS780 and grip tape, a w-shaped concave that makes it best for downhill driving at a fast speed. 

Key Features: 

  • Made from excellent materials 
  • W-shaped concave


  • Carbon Fiber, Bamboo
  • 7″ high angle gravity trucks
  • 78A Wheels
  • 70mm X 53mm with Stainless Steel bearings


  • Great for faster speed
  • Stable and easy ride
  • Good grip 


  • Upgrade trucks for faster speed

Landyachtz Evo Downhill Longboard

Landyachtz Evo Downhill Longboard is the perfect choice to win that race. This is made specifically to win, and it sure does all the time. Professional riders have countlessly reached the finish line faster with this longboard. Its perfect symmetrical deck design and lower-middle made it easier to steer in the right direction and offer great stability. This is a nice choice for riders who will soon join a competition. 

The deck is made from maple wood that is responsible for its durability and strength. It has a 76mm wheels which are of the best quality and a built-in bearing of 8mm, and a 45° 180mm truck. Its nose and tail design are the key features in making the longboard flawlessly stable. This is best for riders who are looking for a faster speed while longboarding downhill and won’t even feel any wobble.  This longboard also works well with both beginners and pro riders. 

Key features: 

  • Nose and tail unique design
  • Dropdown


  • Canadian Maple
  • 45° 180mm Trucks
  • 76mm 78a 82a Wheels
  • 8mm Built-in Bearings


  • High speed
  • Excellent stability 


  • Heavier than other longboards
  • Works well with downhill only

Atom Longboards Atom Freeride/Downhill Longboard

Since 2005, Atom Longboards, a Colorado-based company, has given great dedication towards making great quality longboards that fit bests for all types of riders. 

One of their best downhill longboards is the Atom Longboards Atom Freeride/Downhill Longboard. 

Atom Longboards Atom Freeride/Downhill Longboard is made of good quality products.  The deck is made 9-ply Maple wood laminated to make it more durable and stiffer. It has a 70mm diameter x 42mm wide wheel that works best due to its good quality, and an ABEC 9 bearing. The deck has a concave and colorful design that easily gives character to the longboard. These features give the rider the courage and confidence to smoothly glide downhill. It is even perfect for simple cruising or even doing tricks. 

Key Features: 

  • Great speed
  • Colorful design 


  • 9-ply Maple 
  • 70mm diameter x 42mm wide Wheels
  • ABEC 9 Bearings 


  • Great for using tricks as well 
  • Smooth slide 


  • The wheelbase is a little longer

Safety First

Since downhill longboarding is an extreme sport, it is better to secure safety equipment to protect yourself from any mishaps. Get the following to make sure every part of you is protected. 

First, get a helmet. Your head is very delicate and very important. Harsh impacts could affect your life drastically. It is better to invest in a helmet with good quality and could fully assure safety. A full-face helmet is best to cover all parts, especially your face. This way, you will have more confidence to go and have the best ride of your life. 

Second, purchase gloves. This is helpful when you want to drag your hands or fingers on the road or ground for better angling, support, or when you control your speed. Choose good quality gloves that are comfortable and durable in great friction. Protecting your hands is also important. 

Third, have kneepads. Scratches on the knee and leg are very painful. When practicing, there might be a chance that you will fall. So, it is better to cover those knees to avoid deep cuts or horrible bruises. 

This safety equipment will not only make you safe, but it can also help you practice better, knowing you have everything you need. It can boost up your confidence and bravery.

Downhill Longboarding Techniques

There are different techniques to learn for downhill longboarding. Mastering these techniques is very helpful in getting to understand how downhill riding is done best. Here are some simple techniques one can learn. 


One of the basic and most popular technique when riding downhill. To master this trick, you must know how to make yourself as small you can. Place one foot upfront, and the other on the back, and tuck your knee behind your front knee joint. Lean forward until your chest touches your thigh, do this while slightly bending your knees. 


This technique is used to let the rider control the speed. To do this, you must squat down and use your hands to guide a stable turn. Gently put your hand down on the surface and put the appropriate force for better results. 


It is a technique some riders’ use while racing. It requires skating after another rider and applies it as your windbreaker to increase your speed and lessen the resistance of the air.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes downhill driving a top-pick? 

If you are into sports or adventures that make you feel alive and kicking, then downhill driving will get you to the best spot ever. It might be an extreme sport, a very dangerous one for beginners, but for pro riders, it is one of the best rides of their lives. So, what do you get with downhill riding? 

Imagine a mountain, when it snows, people take ski and go for it. Now, imagine the same mountain on a sunny and hot day, riders take their longboards and go for it. For them, it offers the same energy. It gives the same thrill. That’s why longboard riders go downhill riding.

Can anyone just try downhill longboarding? 

It is not recommendable for no longboard experience and even the beginner rider. Downhill driving requires skills and techniques only an intermediate or pro rider can do. But with enough practice, once a beginner gets to have more experience, the rider can slowly shift to easy carving and cruising to downhill riding. 

Is downhill riding illegally? 

No, it is not. As long as you follow the rules of the road, then there is no problem. Responsible longboarding should be practiced all the time. You can search where most riders in your country do the downhill riding so you can have your reference. 

How fast can you go downhill using a longboard? 

It depends on many things such as the board you are using, the trucks and wheels, as well as the slope of the hill, and so much more. But the fastest when downhill driving can reach a maximum of 65 mph. You can go as fast as you can with the right longboards and the safety equipment. 

Can you longboard uphill?

Yes, you can. It might be a bit tiring, but it will help you get a better grip on your longboard and practice pushing. 

Our top pick

The top pick for the best longboards this 2021 is the MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard. It has everything a rider needs in longboards that is fit for downhill driving. Plus, its great artistic feature suits well with the adrenaline and the fun. It offers great features needed when practicing downhill driving and more. With its durable material, it can last a long time and give an excellent performance at the same time. Longboarding will never be the same without the MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard. As claimed, it is indeed a piece of art downhill riding enthusiasts can’t live without.


Longboarding has indeed paved the way to amazing and unforgettable riding styles a true rider can dream of.  With the amazing and innovative longboards available in the market today, it is no wonder the thirst for real adventure also levels up. There are certain precautions a rider must always observe, and it is important to take notice of this every time to avoid any mishaps. Now is your chance to feel that adrenaline rush. Now is your time to take the ride and let life takes you to a faster speed.