The Best All Mountain Snowboard: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2021

Riders require a snowboard that can endure the abusive nature of the mountain. Whether in certain powder or doing a lap in the park, using the best all mountain snowboard will help you manage the tough situations. This article gathered some of the best all mountain snowboards in the market.

Top 5 Best All Mountain Snowboards

Rossignol One LF Snowboard Men’s

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Best Applications All Mountain Snowboard 


  • The most flexible all mountain snowboard
  • Award-winning brand
  • Loaded with features


  • L.I.T.E. FRAME core technology
  • Stable speed
  • 40/60 camber/rocker combination

The Rossignol One LF Snowboard Mens is best suitable for tough condition snowboard adventure and the best partner for those who want a certain board quiver and commonly find it difficult to icy snow. This all mountain snowboard features a predictable and substantial ride in settings that many snowboards do not feature.

The three patented combinations of camber and rocker are individually customized to suit a particular level of intensity and riding style. With a stiffer waist and softer extremities, this snowboard displays a 40/60 camber/rocker combination to provide riders stability, float, forgiveness, and perfectly balanced grip. Furthermore, its flex ratings can be anywhere from 1 being the softest to 10 being the stiffest. Hence, you can choose the most ideal flex pattern that suits your style and skill. Stiffer boards are perfect for those who prefer more stability and power. A softer board, on the other hand, is perfect for those who prefer easier control of the board.

The phenomenal L.I.T.E FRAME core technology incorporates a urethane strip throughout the entire board. This feature provides unabbreviated shock absorption which creates an ultra-smooth ride control while maintaining playfulness and maneuverability.

The Rossignol One LF Snowboard Mens is one of the most versatile all mountain snowboards. With remarkable technology and practical features, you must definitely try this one.


  • Grasps edges well even on hardpack
  • Performs well in powder
  • Credible brand


  • A bit loose feeling
  • Very heavy

LECAGE Profession All Mountain Snowboard

Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Best All Mountain Snowboard to Endure any Terrain


  • Perform on all terrain
  • Offers forgiving flex pattern
  • Offers a balanced ride


  • Biaxial fiberglass material
  • Twin shape
  • Poplar wood core

LECAGE Profession All Mountain Snowboard is another remarkable all mountain snowboard. It uses lighter but stronger woods that target particular parts of the core to offer strength, pop, and dwindled weight. It is an amazing board that can endure any type of terrain – from common trails to challenging backcountry, or in the park.

Its biaxial fiberglass develops a more forgiving pattern for flex. The perfectly symmetrical Twin shape also offers a balanced ride that is similarly adaptable when ridden switch or regular.


  • Dwindled weight
  • Forgiving flex pattern
  • Offers a balanced ride


  • It may not be suitable for the beginners

HEAD Women’s Stella All Mountain Classic Snowboard

Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Best All Mountain Snowboard with Resounding Parking Features


  • Easy-riding women’s board
  • With true twin shape
  • Premium brand


  • Flat rocker technology
  • Easy-riding flex
  • Easy board engineering

The HEAD Women’s Stella All Mountain Classic Snowboard has proven itself to be not just an instrumentation model. It features a flat base which is common in beginner-fixated boards. Although this board does not have the edge catches that are available in camber, it exhibits more maneuverability as compared to the rocker. This all mountain snowboard is quite an acceptable arrangement that helps riders establish a substantial foundation.

With this board’s genuine twin formation, you must never forget about freestyle. From twirling off side-hits to striking switch turns, or buttering a drenching piste, this board possesses the most ideal traits. It features a mellow flex that helps you do quick pressing. Although the projected base is not as fast as the sintered option, it can be more resounding when checking the park features.


  • More maneuverability
  • Freestyle
  • Quick pressing


  • Does not have edge catches

Rossignol Templar Men’s Snowboard

Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Best All Mountain Snowboard for Beginners


  • Best for average to advanced riders
  • Great for any terrains and condition
  • Offers quick response


  • Sintered 4400
  • Wood CBF
  • AmpTek All-Mountain

The entire mountain can be your playground when you use the Rossignol Templar Men’s Snowboard. This board gives mid to advanced riders confidence in all types of terrain and conditions. The flex that you see in the shop is not the same as the flex when you are in the snow. It is quite more manageable to butter when in the snow and that is because of the rockers in this board. It is realistic to say that almost anybody can try buttering with Rossignol Templar Men’s Snowboard.

This board offers a strong feel underfoot although it does not feel as strong as the full camber. It gives a very calculable and stable ride in whatever condition you are drifting. Furthermore, it is quite quick from edge to edge which makes it ideal for riders who require a quick response.

Rossignol Templar Men’s Snowboard is the ideal board for riders who want to perform a little bit of everything without sacrificing a good finish and feel. Rossignol has always been particular with their snowboard models and Templar is the completion of their research and determination. Thanks to its medium flex, supreme features, and all mountain rocker traits, this board could offer a freestyle feel while featuring an all mountain characteristic.


  • Supreme features
  • Freestyle feel
  • Can work to any types of terrain


  • Not as stable as the full camber

HEAD Unisex Daymaker All Mountain Classic Snowboard

Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Best in Budget All Mountain Snowboard


  • Best for beginners and advanced riders
  • Great combination of quality and affordability
  • Facilitates a sensible ride


  • Easy board engineering
  • Hyper-reactive
  • Lightweight

The HEAD Unisex Daymaker All Mountain Classic Snowboard is a versatile board that is best for beginners and advanced riders. Featuring a narrow waist, an average flex, and a blend of flat and regular camber, this board offers riders the confidence to have an adventure all over the mountain. Having a great combination of quality and affordability, this board is certainly a good addition to your collection.

Its built facilitates a sensible ride with ideal edge hold and a good amount of pop. The broad Twin Tip-Directional structure model gives both beginners and advanced riders a remarkable plunge through spotless snow. To offer riders better control, 5 mortgage pairs are moved 10mm to the tail. Because of the combined deflection of average stiffness with a cut-out range of 7.5mm, this board exhibits great maneuverability and grasps the edging well.


  • Great maneuverability
  • Grasps the edging well
  • Offers better control


  • Not suitable for young riders

Buyer’s Guide

There are several options for all mountain snowboards. Thus, it can be challenging to find the best board for you. When buying the best all mountain snowboard that suits your requirements, you must consider the following things first:


Getting the right flex for your board is crucial. Commonly, the stiffer is your snowboard, the more assertive is your riding style to make sure you maximize the snowboard experience. You’d want to use stiffer boards if you prefer more precision, control, and speed.

Softer boards are likely more playful. Boards with below 6 flex are likely ideal for jibbing and buttering. They are also more forgiving for sluggish riding. Compare to the stiffer boards, softer boards do not exhibit great control and precision. All mountain snowboarding is all about flexibility.


The waist width refers to the thinnest part of the board. When deciding on the waist width, you will have to put into consideration your riding style. 


After deciding on the width, you will have to decide on the length. While the width will tell how a rider will do the boarding, the length will help the rider fine-tune his ride.

Height does not play an essential component when deciding on the length of the board. Rather, it is your ability and your weight that should determine the length of your board. Advanced riders or those who are heavier should get a longer board. Likely, intermediate riders or those who are lighter can do well with a shorter board.

Twin, Directional Twin, or Directional

You’ll have to decide on the shape of your snowboard. There are three main shapes when buying a snowboard. It can either be twin, directional twin, or directional.

The nose in a directional board is longer than the tail. It also has a back stance and various sidecut down its length. This is particularly outlined to achieve incredible carving and perform easier float in powder although it is less flexible since it likely goes forward. 

A directional twin, on the other hand, is quite confusing as it exhibits most of the elements in a twin board, but there is at least one or two that are not a genuine Twin. Oftentimes, this board exhibits a twin shape but is its flex pattern is asymmetrical. Its style is often inspired by what it is created for – powder and carving or park.

Camber, Rocker, or Hybrid

Nowadays, there are only limited true camber or true rocker snowboards. Many of the boards that you can find in the market nowadays are hybrid, which means that they exhibit the combined features of camber and rocker.

A rocker is mostly recognized for being playful, catch-free, and forgiving and it also provides an extensive float in powder. Camber, on the other hand, is recognized for its plenty of pop and vigor that occurs between turns.

Turning Radius

The turning radius is identified through the sidecut of the board. The sidecut is the difference between the waist width and the edge of the board.

Turning radius is quantified in meters and it affects maneuverability. If you want to get quicker but shorter turns, then you should find a short turning radius. A longer turning radius, on the other hand, will give you access to a faster speed although your turn is quite slower.

A 17m turning radius or less refers to a shorter radius and it is made for quicker and tighter turns. The average turning radius ranges from 17m to 22m. These turning radii contribute to the flexibility of all mountain snowboards.


With a cap construction, the core of the board is completely covered with a top sheet along with the composite layer. This leads to a lighter, enduring, and more playful snowboard.

Furthermore, you might also want to use cap-constructed boards since they are less costly, although one thing that you must put into consideration is the stiffness. These types of boards are ideal for riders who do not ride dynamically but still value maneuverability. 

You may also want to use the sidewall construction since it uses durable sidewalls to put toughness to the board. This provides a stiffer feel as well as a more dynamic trait. This type of board is great for riders who prefer riding fast and hard. You can even find a half-cap construction that brings together the toughness and lightweight traits of cap construction and sidewall construction.


Basically, all mountain snowboards are based on laminated wooden cores. Hardwoods offer compliance that helps soak up the bumps. Moreover, cores that are built from wood commonly outlive other complex materials that are used to reduce weight. Although various kinds of woods possess different characteristics, finding a board with a core of laminated wood is always a good decision.


What is the best all mountain snowboard?

Well, this is certainly a brimming question. The best all mountain snowboards completely rely on you. It is something that suits your skills, your venue for boarding, and your boarding style. While you spend more time in the mountain, you will gradually discover your personal style and what makes you unique from others.

The best all mountain snowboard for you is the one that gives you a satisfying snowboarding experience. It is something that possesses all features that you desire to have and these features should help you attain your riding preference.

How do I begin my snowboarding experience?

Honestly, it is not easy to learn about stance width, stance position, and binding settings and execute them in the mountain. The most effective way of starting your snowboarding experience is to simply go in the mountain and try executing them. But most importantly, you should always secure your safety and learn appropriately. You should be a responsible snowboarder.

Are all snowboards exhibit a twin tip?

Certainly not. All mountain snowboards are available in nearly any shape. Genuine twin tip snowboards are precisely symmetrical and they feel, look, and ride the same in either direction. As mentioned, directional boards follow an asymmetrical pattern and they have an inclination in terms of direction although it is nearly always ridden goofy or regular.

You can find some snowboards with wild shapes and they exhibit more than one adjustment in the sidecut radius or tail/nose symmetry which is quite not common. These are commonly for particular tasks or boarders who like to board in a particular manner with a board constructed for a single purpose.

Can I find a one-board-quiver?

The answer is no. You will put yourself in big trouble if you continue looking for a one-board-quiver. A single snowboard may be enough for beginners or those who seldom board. If you do not often descend in the slopes or your level of skill is lower, using a single all mountain snowboard that caters to your bases will be enough.

However, expert and advanced riders will instinctively set up a collection of specially customized snowboards that meet their requirements.

What is the most ideal core material for added pop?

If you want to add extra pop in your jumps or if you want to acquire more air by preoccupying the tail of the snowboard, you will want to get a stiff board. A snowboard is composed of various materials and each of these materials has designated roles. 

Everything from wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber, titanium, and more get excessive application in snowboards.


Getting the best all mountain snowboards is a great addition to your quiver. They offer flexibility which is ideal for individuals who plan to buy a snowboard for the very first time. These boards are also best for individuals who are looking for options that work well in the terrain.

Owning an all-mountain snowboard does not improve your skills as a rider. However, it grants you the capability to explore the beauty of the mountain and elevate your skills to the next level.