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Can You Ride Your Skateboard Backwards?

Skateboarding is a popular hobby and extreme sports. Skateboarding is a fun and enjoyable activity that is very popular, especially to the youth. The sport can give you adrenaline rush because it involves riding and performing tricks…really great tricks.

For some, skateboarding does not have to be a sport. It can be a means of transportation or just simply riding it, enjoying a serene and relaxing cruise along the boardwalks. If you are new to skateboarding and is learning new tricks, perhaps one of the things that you want to learn is riding your skateboard backward. But is it even possible?

What is “Fakie”?

In skateboarding, the term “fakie” means riding the skateboard backward, and that also answers the question if it is possible to ride a skateboard backward. Yes, it is possible, but you have to know how it is done properly.  

How to ride a fakie?

Riding a fakie can be challenging to a novice or a beginner rider, but this move is essential, especially in learning and doing advanced skateboarding tricks. 

  1. Ready your self in the right position. Place the skateboard on the ground and make sure that the tail is facing forward. 
  2. Place the proper footing or find your footing. It’s either you push off with the right or left foot. In riding a fakie, if you normally push off with your right foot, you’ll have to push off with the left foot.
  3. Start moving by pushing with the rear foot so that you can build momentum. As soon as you have built the momentum, use your front foot to pivot smoothly and swing your back foot around. Plant the back foot forward, moving it at the tip of the board.
  4. Keep your balance by making sure that your front foot is firmly planted before shifting or rotating the rear foot. That would now allow you to ride the skateboard normally except that you are leading with the tail of the skateboard.

Fakie is different from the switch or goofy. You can ride in a different stance. If you are riding with the left foot forward, then you are riding in a regular stance. Right foot forward means you are riding “goofy”. When you are riding “switch,” you have reversed your usual stance on the board. For example, you are riding with the left foot forward, switching to right means you are riding with a switch stance. And, of course, fakie, which means riding the skateboard backward.

Fakie can be a challenging stance that you need to learn, especially to beginners. It may feel awkward at first, especially with the positioning of each foot. The key to successfully master this stance is to practice standing on your board. Gently rock it back and forth so that you can get the feel of the shift in direction.

Practice riding fakie first on a flat pavement until you get acquainted with the stance. Just like any other tricks, you may fumble and fall, but its all part of the process. As soon as you are comfortable, you can practice in a much bigger venue or time to hit the local skate park. 

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