Atom Longboards Review

Atom Longboards Review – A Buying Guide (2021)

Impressive designs and a strong and durable deck, are words that best describe Atom Longboards. If you’re the type who wants a strong board with an edgy design then Atom boards may be the best for you. This Atom Longboards review will help you get to know the board underneath the stunning graphics. Also, read on for a helpful buying guide and customer reviews to help you make a smart buying decision. 


Atom Longboards are 39-inch boards made from very strong and versatile maple wood. It is one of the strongest boards around capable of handling intense weight thanks to its durable reverse kingpin trucks and heat-treated axles. It’s flexible, fast, and provides enhanced traction. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert at longboarding, the Atom Drop Deck Longboard offers great features to enjoy. 

Specific Features

  • This is made from high-quality, strong 9-ply maple. 
  • It comes with cool transfer graphics (Dark Tiki design).
  • With very strong, high-rebound wheels that offer improved traction and speeds.
  • The axles and trucks are very strong, made for extreme weight and intense use.  

Atom Longboards has built reliable, strong, and affordable longboards since 2005. The company believes that the only way to get quality boards is to use the best materials. Atom offers a variety of longboards whether you want to cruise the city or carve from a local skate park Atom has the right longboard to help you do what you want.  


  • Made from high-quality materials.
  • With cool and edgy graphics.
  • With strong reverse kingpin style trucks with aluminum hangers.
  • With very durable wheels Area 51 with 70 mm x 51 mm dimensions 78a durometer.
  • With a very strong grip to provide the best traction.
  • Will let you go faster thanks to its ABEC 9 rubber-shielded bearings. 


  • Complaints about painting imperfections on the underside of the board.
  • Complaints that the bearings are not as quick.

Things to consider before buying an Atom Longboard 

Before you settle with an Atom longboard, consider the following factors:

Check the type of longboard according to material

Veneer maple or birch sheets are the most common material. Maple is one of the strongest and yet the most flexible materials used for skateboards. If you want a more flexible board with amazing looks then bamboo laminates may be your best bet. Meanwhile, if you prefer strength but don’t want a heavy board, one made from carbon fiber is a great choice. 

Consider the longboard that matches your riding style

Skateboarders who prefer carving and cruising should go for a cruising longboard. Those who want to feel the thrill of moving fast should use a downhill longboard. This board will keep you moving quicker but you will always feel in control. Meanwhile, professional riders may opt for freestyle or freeride board as these offer the best features when freeriding, freestyling, and performing stunts. 

Pick from the best longboard shapes

You can choose from a directional longboard or a twin longboard. A directional longboard will let you move in one direction only which is best for basic riding and cruising. Twin longboards are best for freeriders and freestylers as you can move this forward or backward. 

Compare the different longboard sizes

Consider the longboard size and the wheelbase size. A longer skateboard with a bigger wheelbase is more stable and allows you to turn more efficiently and safely. But if you’re the kind of rider who prefers to move fast then a longer board equipped with a larger and more stable wheelbase is essential. Always refer to the manufacturer when it comes to longboard sizes, shapes, and materials.

Features and Benefits

Made from very strong 9-ply maple 

These longboards are strong, ready for action thanks to their well-designed construction and durable materials. It is made from 9-ply maple laminates which makes it very durable and versatile. The maple material is also resistant to cracking, breaking, and warping, and thus, you can use this longboard for basic rides, stunts, and tricks. 

With very strong trucks and hangers

The trucks have a reverse kingpin design and thus it’s strong and will resist intense weight. The hangers are made from sturdy aluminum, supported by heat-treated axles. You have a strong board, ready to ride on any terrain, and will always look in great shape. 

Comes with very strong wheels

The wheels are Atom Area 51 wheels with a 70mm diameter and 78A durometer. These are high-rebound wheels, ready to go high speeds but will remain safe on the ground. The Atom Drop Deck is also open for customization. You can upgrade to a softer or stiffer durometer and use the board according to your needs. 

Offers great grip

A grippy top helps you remain stable as you ride. This Atom longboard comes with a 46-grit, very coarse traction pad. Meanwhile, a cool Dark Tiki design that’s photo heat-transferred on the longboard surface is on the underside. You can also choose from other designs like Blue Triangles and Artisan Brown.

Can move fast 

Thanks to its rubber-shielded bearings (ABEC 9 rating) coated with lubricant, you’ll have a faster-moving, intense ride. The bearings may be customized according to your needs. 

Social Proof

Check out what the following people say about Atom Longboards:

Chad and his boys loved the board except that they were not happy about the grip tape. But he resolves the problem by using more grip tape. 

Owen says that the board is strong and great for beginners. 

Al1 compares the Atom longboard from other boards and says that it’s lightweight, smooth, grippy, and fun. Despite some nicks in the paint, he gave it a perfect rating.


The following may be used instead of the Atom Longboard.

  • BOCIN Freeride Longboard – this is a 41-inch freeride longboard made from 8-ply Canadian maple. It’s great for cruising and carving.
  • HOLATO Longboard Skateboard –  this longboard is perfect for freestyling, carving, and cruising. It’s strong and durable made from 8-ply Canadian maple wood. 
  • FISH Skateboards – another 41-inch longboard designed for downhill rides. It is also constructed from strong and flexible 8-ply Canadian maple. 


This Atom Longboard review has revealed this board’s amazing construction, great materials, flexibility, and great versatility. Although there are some drawbacks to purchasing this board, many users overlook these because of its impressive features.

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