are converse shoes good for skateboarding

Are Converse Shoes Good for Skateboarding?

If you watch skateboarding tutorial videos and competitions, you’ll notice a footwear trend. Almost all skaters are wearing Converse brand shoes. This might lead you to ask: “Are Converse shoes good for skateboarding?” and “Why do pro skaters prefer Converse over other shoe brands?” 

Let’s find out what makes Converse a good skate shoe or a bad choice for skateboarding. Also, let’s get to know a bit about the history of this brand and finally, what makes a good skate shoe.

Are Converse Shoes Good for Skaters?

Skateboarders wear Converse shoes for a reason: these make great skateboarding shoes. Converse has a large variety of great skate shoes for different activities and they have a dedicated line of skate shoes developed for skateboarding called the Converse CONS. 

The Converse CONS are specifically designed for skateboarding. This shoe has a lot of features that make it the best choice for novice and professional skateboarders.  There may be other shoe brands that offer skate shoes but Converse continues to be a big hit among pro skateboarders and it’s the first pair for most pros. 

What Makes Converse Shoes The Best for Skaters?

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The Converse CONS have the following skater-friendly features:

  • Rubber backing and rubber soles

Converse CONS soles and backing are made from proprietary Traction Rubber. This type of rubber offers enhanced durability, flexibility, and grip so you’ll feel the surface of the board under your feet. You’ll also have better arch support. Compared to other shoes with less control, the CONS will always keep you in control of your board.

  • With improved interior cushioning inside, made from durable materials

With better interior cushioning, you’ll have better shock absorption and shock distribution. This reduces foot, toes, ankle, and leg injuries. 

  • With a rubber toe cap, great work boots

The rubber toe cap helps protect your toes from injuries especially when you want to pop the board or land on your feet. 

  • With an elasticated tongue and classic design

The elasticated tongue allows you to just slip your feet inside the shoe. The shoestrings are just for decoration so you don’t need to remove them or tighten them.

  • Made from suede, not canvas, and available in several colorways

Canvas will likely rip open after a few stunts and tricks. It is not a good material for a technical skating shoe as canvas will get caught on the rough grip tape. Suede is very durable. It’s triple stitched to keep the suede intact. Also, you’ll find the color that matches your style with the many CONS line.

  • Very comfortable to wear

The CONS is one of the most comfortable shoes to wear whether you’re skating or not because of its extra cushioning, much support to the heel which is exactly what skaters are looking for.

  • Better ankle support and heel support

The CONS is the perfect shoe for skating as it offers enhanced ankle support with ankle patches and higher arches  needed for skateboarding tricks and stunts.

Brief History of Converse Skate Shoes and Skateboarding

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The very first Converse shoes were meant for basketball players. These basketball shoes were made from rubber and canvass so they were lightweight, very flexible, and have improved grip and traction which is best for basketball players as they move about on the court.

Meanwhile, skateboarders rode their boards barefoot as they attempted to follow what surfers did. On bare feet, they can have better control over the surfboard. Soon, skateboarding became more and more popular among people who were not into surfing and skaters are now looking for the right skate shoes that will help them improve board control. 

Skateboarders started with a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars and soon, found the right shoe that will help them work with a skateboarder. They considered the best qualities of a Chuck Taylor basketball and used these to create a good skateboarding shoe. 

In the early days, a skateboard boom happened and most shoemakers created footwear styles that’s geared towards skateboarding such as Airwalk and Vans (Vans Half Cab). These two are some of the most popular brands of skateboarding and are known for their durable skate shoe line. Converse, on the other hand, improved the design of their skate shoes with leather or suede rather than use canvas.

Converse introduced a skate-specific shoe line called the Converse CONS. This line was a revival as the first CONS were for basketball players in the 1980s. Meanwhile, the new Converse CONS has the same classic style but with additional features that make them the best for skateboarding compared to the Chuck Taylor All-Stars classics.

What Are the Qualities of a Good Skateboarding Shoe?

You can skate on any kind of shoe, even an old pair of athletic shoes or running shoes but you need to consider factors like comfort, reduced chances of suffering from an injury, and improved board feel. For skateboarding, you need skate shoes that are lightweight so you won’t feel heavy when you perform tricks. 

Your shoes must be flexible as you’ll be moving your feet often on or off your skateboard. The right shoe is durable as you’ll frequently move over rough surfaces like the floor and the skateboard surface. You need a shoe that will let you feel the board well. By doing so, you’ll be able to have full control and you’ll be safer while you ride. 

You can’t wear heavy skate shoes as this will only make it hard to move your feet. Heavy skate shoes will also slow you down and you’ll have poor control over your board. Lightweight skate shoes improve board control.

The Skate Shoe Outer Sole

The outer  rubber sole is a crucial part as it must be thick enough to endure scrapes and constant pressure but not too thick that these won’t be flexible enough. Skate shoe manufacturers often rely on vulcanized rubber which is the most durable. This type of rubber can decrease the amount of rubber so you’ll have a thinner sole and lighter vulcanized shoes’ outer sole. 

Almost all manufacturers have a proprietary blend of rubber that’s more durable and flexible compared to regular vulcanized rubber. Skateboarders need the best skate shoes with an enhanced sole to better absorb shock. In skate shoes like the Converse CONS, this shock absorption feature is located in the middle sole and the inner sole. This is where cushioning all around the heel and pads are found. If you have flat feet, a good comfortable, well-supported insole is the best. 


Are Converse shoes great for skateboarding? Indeed, the Converse CONS line is designed for real skaters as it has an improved sole, insole, and overall design and is not just for skate fashion. This durable shoes  are made from the best material that can withstand the pressures of skateboarding so you can guarantee that the CONS is more durable than any other skate shoe. 

Many skaters prefer these shoes for that real board feel. It is also best for street skating as it provides protection for the foot, heel, and ankle. The CONs will never go out of style. There are other skater shoes from Nike, Adidas, etc. but the CONs will continue to shine.

What do you think about this article? Do you agree that the Converse CONS is the best skate shoes for skateboarding? Tell us from the comments section below. Like and share this article with anyone looking for a good skateboarding shoe. 

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